List of 20 Things You Can Be Grateful For, No Matter What


It’s easy to get bogged down by life’s everyday frustrations: A broken garbage disposal. An unexpected bill. Your child comes down with strep throat. 

But even in the darkest of times, there is true beauty and wonder in the world. If you try hard enough, it’s possible to find things to be thankful for every day of the year. 

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Keep reading for great reminders about all the things you may have to be grateful for. 

Everyday Things to Be Grateful For

The author Paulo Coelho said, “It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.” It’s so true! Here are just a few examples. 

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1. Being alive 

Right? Being alive is always No. 1 on the list. 

2. Your accomplishments

It’s easy to beat yourself up over all the things you haven’t accomplished yet. But you probably have a lot of things to be grateful for. A traditional bucket list is a list of activities you want to do before you die.

A reverse bucket list can help you identify the dreams you’ve already achieved. Take a break from dwelling on what you haven’t gotten to yet and be thankful for all the things you’ve done. 

3. The view

Even if you’re stuck inside, you can see something beautiful outside your window. Maybe it’s a mountain. Maybe it’s the trees. Maybe it’s your neighbor’s garden.

Maybe it’s a puffy cloud that looks like a cartoon character. Take a moment to take in the sights and be grateful for the lovely things in your line of vision. 

4. Online shopping

Stuck at home or feeling too lazy to go out? Online shopping is a gift. Order yourself some shiny jewelry or organize a grocery delivery without leaving your couch. 

5. Self-care items

Get a pick-me-up with some self-care items. This could mean different things to different people. It might involve a glass of wine or a pint of ice cream. It might involve scented candles and a hot bath. Self-care can help you with gratitude.  

Humorous Things to Be Grateful For

Having a good sense of humor is a great attribute and can color all your reactions in life. Here are some humorous things you can be thankful for. 

6. Pets

Sure, pets are cute and cuddly — and entertaining. Take some time to enjoy their funny personalities. Maybe it’s the way your cat likes to chase his tail.

Maybe it’s the way your dog wiggles her whole body with joy when she sees you. Pets have a lot of funny actions and personality traits you can be grateful for. 

7. Memes

There are a wide variety of memes online for any occasion. Whether you’re exchanging memes about viral Netflix documentaries or making memes about cabin fever, this form of humor allows you to blow off steam. It’s also a great way to feel connected to people with similar interests.  

8. Uncontrollable giggle fits

What happens when you and a friend or family member get the giggles at the same time? It can explode into uproarious laughter.

It might be triggered by an inside joke or a reaction to something funny on TV, but something could hit you both in the funny bone at the same time. Be grateful for those moments when you can laugh with someone you love until your ribs hurt.   

9. TV shows and movies

In today’s world, there are a plethora of streaming services carrying comedic movies and TV series. With just the click of a button, you can settle in for a laugh at the classic movie Clue or binge-watch the afterlife-themed sitcom The Good Place.

10. Nostalgic comic strips

Newspapers aren’t as ubiquitous as they once were. But you can still get compilations of your favorite childhood comics. Curl up with a treasury of “Calvin and Hobbes” or “The Far Side” for a giggly trip down memory lane. 

Things to Be Grateful for at Work

Work can be stressful. Work can be tedious. But work can also be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. Here are some things you can be grateful for at work.

11. Good coworkers

Many people spend as much as a quarter of their lives in the office. You may spend as much time with your coworkers as you do with your family members.

When you do that, it’s important to be able to get along. When you find the right coworkers, it can turn work from a place you merely tolerate into a place you love. 

12. The right company culture

Because you spend so much time at work, it’s important to find an environment that works well for you. If you prioritize a good work-life balance, you want to find a job that values that, too.

If you want to be able to climb the ladder, find a place that promotes from within. If your company culture dovetails with your own ambitions, that’s something to be thankful for. 

13. An excellent boss

A good boss is instrumental to a rewarding work experience.

You want someone who will mentor you without being condescending. You want someone who expects the best but also does what he or she can to make your job easier. You want someone that finds people that work well together and fosters people’s talents. It’s hard to have the aforementioned good coworkers and top-notch work culture without an excellent boss. 

14. Salary and benefits

Even if you don’t love your job, it provides something valuable. It funds your entire life. The place you live, the food you eat, your hobbies — all of it is paid for, thanks to your efforts at work. It’s great to have a job you find personally fulfilling, but some people enjoy being able to clock out and leave work behind to focus on their “real” lives. In that case, you can at least be grateful for the paycheck your job provides. 

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15. The work you do

We just talked about people who don’t mind if they aren’t personally fulfilled by their jobs. That’s a perfectly valid mindset! But it’s also an amazing feeling when you do work that you’re really proud of.

Maybe you work in a nonprofit organization that does important work in your community. Maybe you’ve found a job that allows you to express your creative side. Whatever it is, it’s a great feeling to do something that you’re proud of and excited by.  

What You Can Be Grateful for with Your Relationships or Family

Friends, family, and romantic partners can make bad times better and turn good times into something special. Here are just a few of the reasons you might be grateful to have your loved ones in your life. 

16. Unconditional love and support

Family members and partners are often there for you no matter what. Family support means everything. Family members can be a sounding board if you need to complain and they can give you a hug when you need physical comfort. That kind of support means everything. 

17. Special meals

One of the best things about family gatherings is those delicious recipes that only get made for special occasions.

Christmas might be your annual time to indulge in prime rib and Yorkshire pudding. Thanksgiving might feature homemade cranberry relish and your grandma’s green bean casserole. Birthdays might feature a cake recipe that’s been passed down from your great-grandmother. Every tasty bite and family tradition is something to be thankful for. 

18. Fun family stories

Every family has its own quirks. Family gatherings often feature tales told time and time again. You might retell the story of how your grandparents met.

You might joke about the time family game night got a bit too competitive and culminated in thrown Scrabble boards. These family stories become woven into the fabric of your family’s history and are something to be cherished.  

19. Family vacations

Many families like to make annual trips together. You may have a summer home where you all congregate. Maybe you like to go on cruises and take advantage of all-you-can-eat buffets.

Either way, it’s great to be able to spend time together as a family and get away from the pressures of day-to-day life. 

20. Shared experiences

Even your closest friends often won’t have the depth of shared experience that you have with your family members. You start forming memories with your family from the time you’re a child.

You and your siblings grow and evolve together. Even families that aren’t super-close have an unparalleled connection due to shared experiences. 

Find Gratitude in a Variety of Situations

Finding gratitude is easy when things are going well. It can be a little more challenging when things aren’t going your way. Get in the habit of expressing gratitude in the good times to help you in challenging times. Keep a gratitude journal to remind yourself of all the things you’re grateful for.

Send a thank-you note to a friend or loved one when he or she has helped you out. Most of all, remember to take a minute when you need it and take in the world around you. If you pay attention, you may discover even more things to be grateful for.


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