34 Short Quotes About Being Together Forever


Do you need some short but poignant quotes about "being together forever"? Fortunately, there are a lot of authors who have written about this and can help. So, we scoured the libraries and Internet to find some famous and not-so-famous authors to help. 

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Whether you need a quote to send online, write in a card, or read at a funeral, we’ve found some interesting quotes that’ll suit just about any necessity or situation at hand. 

Quotes About Coming Together

There are paths to coming together and equally staying together from passion to science, fate, magic, or hard work. 

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1. "My precious Alyssa, share reality with me. Give me forever. We will wreak such beautiful havoc together." by A.G. Howard

Howard's quote is for those intense relationships that are about to burn like a hot flame.

2. "Speak to me: I will spend my lifetime trying to understand you." by Kamand Kojouri

Some people seem to want to dive deeply into the soul of another, swimming in their endlessness.

3. "In the existence of our lives, there are many coincidences that bring people together, but there's only one person that will own your heart forever." by Jessica Sorensen 

The author's quote suggests that no matter how many people you'll meet, there is but one that will inhabit your heart.

4. "He is always there for her, always waiting. The most constant companion anyone could pray for. One of these days she will return to him. She will feel that desire again, that need beyond human comprehension, and they will be together forever." by Carrie Ryan

Ryan's quote is about the timeliness of love—and that two people can be seeking the same destination on different paths.

5. "We were particles that came together to form into star after star after star until almost forever passed, and instead of a star what formed was life ... This is why for you, anything is possible. Because you are made of everything." by Augusten Burroughs

Existentially, Burroughs's quote could mean that it's impossible to be separated by a simple matter of science.

6. "He could leave. I could leave. We could both end up heartbroken, sitting on the floor of our souls and trying to piece together our lives again. But, we could also find forever. We could take the next steps together—toward a year, five, or maybe, forever. And that was a game worth playing." by Kandi Steiner

Steiner offers that the easy path to take would be to leave; the rewarding path would be to find a way to make it work. 

7. “A binary star is created when two stars are drawn together. Once they come near enough, neither one can resist the other’s pull. They’re stuck together forever, destined to spend eternity revolving about each other, like…like dancers in a waltz, I suppose.” by Tessa Dare

Love seems like a magical connection, according to Dare. One that can’t be broken once formed.

Quote About Growing Old Together

Concepts of fate, destiny, transcendence, and love are each mentioned below.

8. "If there ever comes a day when we can't be together, keep me in your heart. I'll stay there forever." by A.A. Milne

No matter what, when, or how, you'll always manage to be together.

9. "It's okay, girl, we'll make it till the sun goes down forever. And until then what you got to lose but the losing? We're fallen angels who didn't believe that nothing means nothing." by Jack Kerouac

Old is subjective. Maybe your lives are so wild or unearthly that age is an unknown transcendence. 

10. "My dearest friend, if you don't mind, I'd like to join you by your side. Where we could gaze into the stars, and sit together, now and forever. For it is plain as anyone can see, we're simply meant to be." by Tim Burton 

Best friends get married all the time—walking hand in hand towards the given sunset.

11. "We will read books together inside the blanket and stay warm. And keep writing poetry in our respective journals. Time will fly, but we will still remain inside the blanket forever." by Avijeet Das

Here, marriage is the blanket, and poetry balances the idea that you experience life separately but together. 

12. "He and I were two stars in the same constellation, destined to shine brightly together each night of forever." by Kerri Maniscalco

Maniscalco's quote is about how destiny has the most significant power over the future.

13. "We were made to be together. No one will ever take your place, not in my heart or in my life … What we have is the forever kind of love." by J.B. Salsbury

And if you believe in fate, then Salsbury's quote speaks of the power that it has over the present.

14. "You don't love her because you two have been together forever; you'll stay with her forever because you love her." by Park Dong-shik

Park's quote highlights that love keeps people together, not time.

Quotes About Being Better Together

The authors below have found that there's always room for improvement in a relationship's beginning, middle, or endlessness.

15. "Boredom between two people doesn't come from being together physically. It comes from being apart mentally and spiritually." by Richard Bach

Bach's quote is a call to action to ensure that couples become better guides to each other.

16. "We are one, after all, you and I, together we suffer, together exist, and forever will recreate each other." by Teilhard de Chardin

Two people absorb each other's frequencies so much that they can do both harm and good over time.

17. "Humanity can no longer stand by in silence while our wildlife are being used, abused, and exploited. It is time we all stand together, to be the voice of the voiceless before it's too late. Extinction means forever." by Paul Oxton

The strength of many have power—humanity in action together can be a catalyst for greatness.

18. "But if we make it through this together, we'll be stronger. If we make it through this alone, we'll just be better at being alone." by Priscilla West

Strength is found in numbers, even if that's as few as two.

19. "Falling in love is not based on the length of time you spend together; it's based on the innate mindfulness of each other's joy. If you are true soul mates, you never meet as strangers, you meet feeling like you've known each other forever. You feel at peace, calm, happy—you feel complete." by Char Sharp

According to Sharp, being better together starts with paying attention to the other person's needs.

20. "If you discuss your values around trust and make a commitment together to respect those values with your actions, your relationship will flourish." by John M. Gottman

Gottman's quote is about respecting a person's space, time, interests, and more. 

21. “What has mattered, always, is that they're together, and everything else falls away.” 

Some people are just better because of each other, and nothing matters outside of their relationship.

22. "Whatever problems we might be facing - and I knew there were plenty - we were together. Forever. And that was enough." by Diana Gabaldon

Gabaldon's quote includes so many tenses that it seems the relationship is nowhere and everywhere at once.

Quotes About Family Being or Sticking Together

Family doesn't have to be shared bloodlines; family can also be shared histories. Take a look.

23. "Augustus wasn't driving the wagon very fast because he had his family together again and all time was now spread out before him over the valley and the mountains forever and ever." by Edward P. Jones

For Jones, family togetherness is so critical of a concept that it has enveloped space and time in endlessness.

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24. "Stop breaking families. Start building them" by Jill Telford

Telford's quote is about correcting behaviors and mending fences to remain together. 

25. "He wasn't just my father, but my friend. We did things together, talked about things, and formed a bond that was undeniable but indescribable at the same time." by E.L. Todd

Here's a quote with a moral or a lesson—communicate, and you'll find strength in your bond.

26. "Sieges weathered, fight together, friends forever." By Mary V. Snyder

A family is nothing if not the fortress or sanctuary of peace against all the troubles in the outside world.

27. "Let our stand be together, shoulder to shoulder, hold hands with every human of every color, because together we rise, and we shall stand with justice & power forever so we can breathe in peace." by F.M. Sogamiah

Here, family is an abstract idea that has foundations on a shared cultural history.

Funeral Quotes About Being Together

In some of the quotes below, you’ll note that death has a strange way of keeping people together while life wants to force people apart.

28. "I will always be here. We will walk the skies together forever." by Erin Hunter

Hunter's quote makes you believe that death is neither the end nor a disruptor. 

29. "Like Artemis and Orion, fate was working against us, and we couldn't be together in this life. But he will forever be immortalized in my heart." by A. Zavarelli

Comparing the previous quote and Zavarelli's, one would think that life has deception and can keep people apart, whereas death unites. 

30. "Like the sun and the moon loved each other, / Like the sky loved the stars, / The sun and the moon couldn't shine together, and the sky couldn't have stars forever." by J. Sarraf

There's almost a lamentation for how life (tragically) does everything it can to create limits to our search for happiness.

31. "Souls bound together can't be forever torn apart by distance and neither by death." by Patti Callahan Henry

A fitting quote for a funeral of a beloved family member and friend, whose life touched the hearts of many.

32. "In our time together, you claimed a special place in my heart, one I'll carry with me forever and that no one can ever replace." by Nicolas Sparks

Some are lucky enough to find that special someone, and when they do, nothing and no one will ever match the fortune of knowing that kind of love.

33. "Love is not being together forever...But is to remember the moments together forever..." by Rakhi Verma

Verma's quote seeks to satisfy those who have lost someone by suggesting that your love for them will keep them alive even after death.

34. "I will hold her hand at the end, and I will pass soon after, for we are one heart, and neither of us would be of use without the other." by Dean Koontz

In the funeral context, one could use this Dean Koontz quote for grandparents who passed within a short time of each other.

‘Forever’ Quotes for Anyone or Any Situation

Love is the glue that bonds us in life and death, no matter how magical or complicated relationships can be. From partners to friends, family, and communities, sticking it out together forever isn’t difficult; it’s just finding the right one who’ll make all the trouble worthwhile.

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