What’s Tractor Supply Co.’s Current Senior Discount?


If a store wants your return business, they are likely to offer coupons, deals, or even a senior discount. Not only does Tractor Supply Co. offer a senior discount, but they also have many options for you to save, including military veteran fellowship funds.

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On top of that, you’ll also find extra ways to save when you check out their flyers and online mailers. Plus, next time you change your oil at home—or replace your car battery—you may find some extra incentives to stop by. Just call your nearby store to discover offers and opportunities. 

Let’s have a look at the discount benefits at this farm, ranch, and rural lifestyle store, a business founded in 1938.

Tractor Supply Co.’s Senior Discount Day Explained

Rather than offer a single day discount program, customers who are 55 years of age or older receive a 10% discount off regularly priced items as long as the item is in stock every time they shop at Tractor Supply Co. When you head up to the register with your items, personnel at the store may ask to see your ID, so bring it along just in case. 

A couple of exclusions do apply to your discount. First, the 10% can’t be combined with another offer, such as a sale or clearance from a flyer. If the items you’re buying are advertised in the flyer, then your cashier will determine the better deal, and you will receive the greater of the two discounts. 

Other exclusions include those items that are already on clearance, or things like animal feed, salt, “hot buys”, as well as any ammunition. Also, the discount does not apply when purchasing gift cards whether they are third-party, E-gift, or Tractor Supply Co. Finally, if you have a commercial account with Tractor Supply Co., you will not be able to apply the discount toward any pending or previous balance. 

4 More Ways to Save at Tractor Supply Co.

Whether you are about to make a big purchase, pick up some supplies for your nonprofit, or recycle some harmful substances, your local Tractor Supply Co. may have some more options for you to save. Have a look below for a few more deals we found to help you save money at Tractor Supply.

Bulk buying

Tractor Supply Co. rewards bulk buying purchases in two ways. The first is the bulk buy itself. This applies to certain advertised fencing, feeds, supplements, livestock equipment and panels, equine supplies, truck/lubricant products, and heating products. 

After the bulk pricing discount, you will also receive a secondary 5% back in rewards on your TSC credit card. The Tractor Supply Co. website explains that minimum quantities do apply.

Tax-exempt status

If you have a tax-exempt ID, you may be able to use it at the Tractor Supply Co. To qualify, gathering your information and use it to create an online Customer Account. If you already have one, you’ll find a link in the My Profile section of your account where you can click on Tax Exemptions. 

After answering a few questions, you will be redirected to a third-party website where you can register your Tax ID. If there is an issue with your application, you will receive an email where you will have a chance to correct any errors and resubmit your application.

Corporate responsibility and giving back

Better stewardship for the environment has been on everyone's mind. Tractor Supply is no exception, and they offer incentives for their battery and oil recycling programs. Check with your local store to see what kinds of batteries and oil they recycle and what the benefits are. 

Tractor Supply Co. also makes a point to reach out and offer employment to our nation’s veterans. They’ve developed a Veteran Fellowship Fund to support new veteran farmers through a small grant program. They also include links on their website for farmers and ranchers to apply for and receive grant funding assistance.

TSC personal credit card

When you open a Tractor Supply Co. personal credit account, your first purchase may be eligible for an initial reward. To be eligible, you must first open an account and then enroll in the Neighbor's Club. These terms and conditions do change, so be sure to check their website for signing bonuses.

With the card, you will receive various mailings regarding any seasonal rewards, members-only discounts, as well as birthday offers.

Another benefit to this card is the potential for interest-free financing. For example, when you use your card to finance a purchase over $399 and pay it off within 12 months from the original date of purchase, you will be eligible for interest-free financing. Wait an extra day and you will lose out on this deal.

The company website repeats that the purchase must be "qualifying", so check with the store to make sure your purchase counts. The website also says that there is a cardholder agreement, which includes good standing but can't be combined with other card promotions.

Savings, Deals, and Stewardship

Who doesn’t love a good bargain? Next time you need to pick up some supplies for your rural lifestyle, whether that’s your farm, home, garage, lawn and garden, livestock, or pets—check out the deals at Tractor Supply Co. Not only will you be able to find discounts that help keep your budget in line, but you’ll also be able to give a little back to the planet.

If you’re a senior thinking about retirement, now might be a good time to start end-of-life planning. Getting your affairs in order today can be a way to save your family and loved ones the stress and grief of doing it without you.


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