15 Loving Tribute Ideas for a Deceased Husband


If your husband has passed away, you may want to pay tribute to him both immediately after his death and on special occasions. Or you may think, “How in the world can I create a tribute to my deceased husband?” 

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We’re here to help. These tributes can be simple and subtle or they can be more elaborate events. We’ll explore some memorial tribute examples that pay homage to a beloved husband.   

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Ideas for a Tribute to a Deceased Husband on His Birthday

Even after your husband dies, you may find yourself wanting to observe his birthday in some way. He may no longer be a part of your daily life, but you can still feel grateful that you had him for the amount of time you did. Birthdays can be a great day to celebrate the qualities you loved about your husband. 

1. Hold a memorial birthday party.

Did your husband love gathering with family and friends on his birthday? If so, a memorial birthday party is a great way to honor his memory. Invite all the family and friends he might have invited when he was alive to come for a backyard cookout or a dessert potluck. You can all spend time together and share stories. 

2. Have a fundraiser in his honor.

If your husband had a particular cause that was important to him, his birthday is a great day to put together a fundraiser in his honor. People can make donations to a particular charity on behalf of your late husband. You can even organize online fundraisers to easily rally support. 

3. Have a movie night.

Something as simple as renting his favorite movie keeps those memories alive. Invite the rest of your family to join you or use it as an opportunity to have some quiet time alone to think about him.  

Ideas for a Tribute to a Deceased Husband on Father’s Day

Ideas for a Tribute to a Deceased Husband on Father’s Day

If you and your husband had children together, his death will affect your whole family. Father’s Day can be extra hard on children because it often serves as a painful reminder that they’re missing an important figure in their lives. Take some time with your children to plan out a tribute for their dad on Father’s Day. It can help them remember happier times. 

4. Spend some family time together.

If you and your kids can no longer spend time with their father on Father’s Day, you can at least spend time with each other. What that time together looks like will depend on you. You may want to pull out old family photos and look through them. Seeing the visuals of a deceased loved one can accompany some of your favorite memories and stories. 

5. Have your kids write letters to their father.

Younger kids can often feel like they’re missing out on meaningful experiences with their deceased parents. On special occasions, you can encourage them to write a letter to their late father, talking about what’s going on in their lives. It can help foster that sense of connection your kids may be missing and it’s also a sweet way to pay respect. 

6. Do an activity he loved.

Another great way for you and your kids to feel closer to the memory of a deceased husband is to participate in activities that he once enjoyed. It could be a lengthier activity, like a weekend camping trip, or something short and simple, like a trip to the movies. Recreate those experiences you might otherwise let fall by the wayside.  

Ideas for a Tribute to a Deceased Husband on His Death Anniversary

It’s difficult to face the anniversary of a spouse’s death. No matter how much time passes, that date can serve as a jarring reminder. On the anniversary of a loved one’s death, you can still honor the life you once shared. These somber tributes are a respectful way to pay homage to your partner’s memory.  

7. Visit his grave.

You don’t have to do anything extravagant when remembering a loved one on the anniversary of his death. You may not feel up to planning a special event or even being around other people. Going for a graveside visit is a simple task and there’s enough ceremony behind the gesture to make it meaningful. You can bring flowers or other graveside decorations if you want to add a bit more formality to the occasion.   

8. Write him a letter.

Every year, you have to face the date your husband stopped living, yet you have to continue living without him. Each year, it’s good to take some time and write about how far you’ve come and the milestones you’ve achieved. Writing letters about your progress helps you stay on track and makes for an easy ceremonial activity.  

9. Watch home videos.

On the anniversary of someone’s death, some loved ones like to focus on remembering how their husband lived. Watching videos is a great way to remember your husband when he was happy and in his element.  

Ideas for a Tribute to a Deceased Husband for the Holiday Season

Ideas for a Tribute to a Deceased Husband for the Holiday Season

No matter how many people gather around the dinner table or the Christmas tree, certain absences can feel impossible to overlook. Planning activities around deceased loved ones as part of your holiday traditions is a beautiful way to pay tribute. 

10. Place a memorial ornament on the tree.

Many couples and families enjoy decorating the Christmas tree together. Buying a special memorial ornament in honor of your late husband is a great way to continue including him in this tradition. You could have his name engraved on an ornament or do something that’s more representational. For instance, if your husband was a guitar player, you could buy an ornament shaped like a guitar. 

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11. Set a place for him at the table.

Did your husband always sit in a particular seat? If so, you may be tempted not to put a place setting there. But going ahead and putting out silverware and a plate can be a comforting gesture. You can even put a little reserved sign there to symbolize that you’re holding space for him in your life. 

12. Make his favorite meal or treat.

Food and memories bring about a strong connection. Eating something that reminds you of happier times can actually improve your mood and help make your memories feel even sharper. 

Ideas for a Tribute to a Deceased Husband for His Memorial or Funeral Service

You may feel incredibly disoriented during the immediate days after your husband’s death. You really feel like a large part of yourself has gone missing. His funeral or memorial service may seem like your last chance to pay tribute to him. Remember that you’ll have many opportunities to honor his memory in the future.  

13. Deliver a tribute speech.

At funerals and memorial services, people often eulogize their late loved ones. A eulogy is a speech or piece of writing that praises a person’s accomplishments after their death. You may not deliver a eulogy for a closer family member such as your husband because it may feel too overwhelming.

But for many people, a spouse truly knows best. If you think you’re up for it, it’s more than acceptable for you to eulogize your husband. Framing it as more of a tribute speech than a goodbye can help you with this process.  

14. Read a funeral poem.

It’s completely understandable if you don’t have the emotional wherewithal to write a speech immediately after your husband’s death. If you still want to speak up at his funeral, you can always deliver a reading written by someone else. Professional writers and poets have crafted many beautiful pieces of art that you can share at a funeral. Funeral poems for dads or husbands are already out there — just find the one that speaks to you. 

15. Make a memorial playlist.

If you have a more casual and relaxed memorial service at home, the music can help set the mood. Putting together a playlist of your husband’s favorite songs is a great way to honor his spirit and it may bring comfort to other guests. 

Celebrate Your Husband Even After His Passing

You’re lucky to have found a loving partner to walk through life with you. Even if your husband dies, he will remain a part of your life going forward. The people we love stay alive in our hearts and minds long after they’re gone. Paying tribute to your husband on special days can help you remember the joy he brought into your life.

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