How to Write a Tribute to Mom on Your Birthday


Your birthday is a special time when you may want to focus on thanking the various important people in your life for what they have done for you over the years. One such person may be your mother.

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An easy way to let Mom know you’re grateful for the role she has played in your life on your birthday is to write a tribute to her. However, you may not know where to start.

Don’t worry if so. This guide will cover how to write a tribute to your mom during this special day by breaking the process down into steps and providing examples of tributes to mothers.

What Can You Include in a Tribute to Your Mom on Your Birthday?

What you choose to include in a tribute to your mom on your birthday will depend somewhat on the type of tribute you choose to write. For example, perhaps you want to write a standard letter, social media post, or tribute speech to Mom. If so, you might include some of the following:

  • A list of reasons you are grateful for your mom
  • Thank you quotes
  • A description of your favorite memories with your mother
  • Your favorite picture of you and your mother

However, you might decide you want your tribute to be more high-tech. For example, maybe you want to deliver a tribute to Mom on your birthday in the form of a slideshow or video. If so, you can add a song that reminds you of your mother.

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Steps for Writing a Tribute to Your Mom on Your Birthday

There is no official way to write a tribute to your mom. Thus, you can modify the steps here to your liking. That said, the general process of writing a tribute to your mom on your birthday may include these steps:

Decide which type of tribute you want to write

The process of writing a tribute to anyone becomes much simpler when you begin by deciding which type of tribute you plan to write. This will help you decide which types of details and items to include.

For example, maybe you decide your tribute to Mom will be in the form of a speech. You might then search for popular thank you messages for Mom online to help you get inspiration. On the other hand, if you decide to create a video tribute to Mom, you will need to look for old video clips of her.

This is also a stage in the process when you might decide where you want to deliver or post your tribute. Further on, we’ll provide you with ideas to consider.

Gather your materials

You can now gather everything you need to have on hand before writing your tribute. These may include digital items, physical items, and even memories. Specific examples may be:

  • Photos and video clips
  • A list of mother-related quotes
  • Stationery or a nice card if you want to provide your mom with a physical tribute she can keep
  • Examples of other tributes to moms
  • In loving memory quotes, if you’re writing a tribute to a mom who has passed away

Get your materials together, and you’re all set to start writing.

Create an outline

Organizing your thoughts will ensure the process of writing a tribute to your mother for your birthday will be less overwhelming for you than it might otherwise feel. If you’re writing a letter or speech, break down the format into sections or paragraph ideas, along with a list of details or items you may include in those sections.

If you’re delivering your tribute as a video or slideshow, list out your ideas for how different sections may flow into one another and what those sections may consist of.

For example, maybe you want your video to consist of sections focusing on the different chapters of your life with your mother. You could thus write an outline explaining what those sections will be and what clips each section will include.

Write a draft

Now that you have an outline, you can begin writing the first draft of your tribute. During this stage in the process, it’s best not to focus too much on perfection. Your goal right now is simply to get your thoughts down on the page.

Check your draft

Once your draft is complete, you can check it for both technical errors and general weaknesses that you want to improve upon. Make a list of these problem areas. Once you have, it’s easier to go back and write a much stronger second draft.

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Finalize your tribute

After writing your second draft, you should check it again to make sure it satisfies you. You may also want to show it to other loved ones if you’re still not completely happy with it and you’re not sure why. They may have insights to help you address any imperfections before finalizing your tribute.

Examples of Tributes to Mom on Your Birthday

Again, reading basic examples of tributes to moms can help you feel more comfortable writing your own.

Example tribute to a mom who died

“Dear Mom,

I won’t lie. Every birthday since you passed has been a little bit painful. However, I’ve always known that I have the strength to overcome this pain. I know that because you gave me that strength. I can never thank you enough for that. I miss you and Iove you.”

Example tribute to a mom who’s still alive


I know it may be my birthday, but the only reason I am the person who I continue to grow into is because you have always been there to offer guidance, support, and most of all, love. So, I decided that it’s my special day, and I get to choose how to enjoy it. Right now, I want nothing more than to thank you and to let you know how much I love you.

Example tribute to a step-mom

“When you stepped into our lives all those years ago, I think you know I wasn’t ready to love my replacement mom. That changed fast. Through your love for me and the way you took up the mantle of helping raise my siblings and me, you became a genuine mother to all of us very quickly. Thank you for restoring what I thought was a broken family.

Where Can You Post or Recite a Tribute to Your Mom?

Choosing the best way to share a tribute to their mother on their birthday is as important to some as ensuring they write a fitting tribute. The following are some ideas to consider:

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Social media

Mothers often appreciate it not only when their children express their love and gratitude, but also when their children show they are not embarrassed to do so publicly. Thus, you may post a tribute to your mom on your birthday on Facebook or a similar social media platform. This will let your mom know that you want others to be fully aware of just how special she is.

A favorite restaurant

It’s entirely acceptable to deliver a tribute to your mom on your birthday either at her home or at your own. However, in some cases, such as when delivering a tribute in the form of a speech, it may feel awkward and informal to recite a speech at one of your houses.

You may thus want to consider a more formal location. A popular example is a favorite restaurant or similar place where both you and your mother shared important memories. If you are giving a speech and don’t want to interrupt the meals of other customers when delivering your speech, think about whether renting out a private party room will be a better idea.


An old-fashioned approach is sometimes the best approach when sending Mom a tribute. If you live far from your mother and are thus unable to see her on your birthday, remember that your mom would undoubtedly love to receive a mailed tribute as a surprise.

A custom tribute website

If you want your tribute to your mother to remain preserved digitally for years to come, you could (if you have the necessary skills) create a tribute website specifically for her. This gives you the option of including multiple tributes.

For example, the homepage could feature a general letter to your mother. Another page could feature a tribute video you created. Yet another could feature some of your favorite pictures of mom.

Again, you’ll need to know how to create a website or hire someone to help you create it if you decide to go this route, but it is an option to strongly consider if you can’t decide on what specific type of tribute you want to write or create.

With multiple pages, your tribute can be more diverse than it might otherwise be. Plus, you can bet Mom will love regularly visiting her special website whenever she misses you for years to come.

Writing a Tribute to Mom on Your Birthday: Ideas to Consider

Hopefully, this guide has made the process of writing a tribute to your Mom on your birthday less intimidating. Just remember, this is a general guide with the main purpose of providing you with ideas and inspiration. You can adjust the steps and ideas here to ensure your tribute to a loving mother is as genuine as possible.


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