I didn't receive the signup confirmation email. What now?


When you sign up for a Cake account, you are required to open the confirmation email you receive from Cake and click on the enclosed confirm link. If you signed up for Cake but didn't see the confirmation email come through to your inbox, please try the following:

  • Search your inbox for the following text:  support@joincake.com
    This will help you find the confirmation email. If your search yields no results, this means your email was not delivered.

  • Look in your "promotions" or "spam" folders
    Some email service providers can occasionally mistake our emails for either of these.

  • Check again in 5 minutes
    While the email confirmation is usually delivered seconds after signup, there can be occasional delays.

Still no luck? 

  • Try signing up one more time
    Ensure you enter the correct email address.

  • Contact Cake Support
    If you've tried all of these methods without success, please do the following:
    • Send an email to support@joincake.com with the subject line: "Didn't receive confirmation email."
    • If you signed up with an email address that is different from the one you are emailing us with, be sure to include it in the body of your email.
    • We will investigate your issue.


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