How to Turn Cremation Ashes Into Crystal Keepsakes


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After cremating someone who’s passed on, loved ones often like to keep their remains closeby. This offers a sense of comfort and peace.

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While many people traditionally choose to store ashes in an urn, that’s not the only option. For instance, various companies can turn ashes into crystals. After turning ashes into crystals, the company or a loved one can then incorporate those crystals into jewelry or keepsakes.

Consider this option if you’re not sure what to do with the ashes after a loved one’s cremation. Although you’ll certainly have to be very careful with these items to avoid misplacing them, by turning ashes into a crystal for a piece of jewelry or special keepsake, you’ll be able to carry a part of someone you’ve lost with you wherever you go.

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What Are Crystal Cremation Keepsakes and Jewelry?

What Are Crystal Cremation Keepsakes and Jewelry?

Cremation jewelry and keepsakes come in a variety of forms. This includes necklaces, rings, pocket charms, and many more.

All these different forms have one thing in common: they either include or consist solely of crystals that were once cremated remains. For example, after turning someone’s ashes into crystals, you could use those crystals as part of a necklace pendant. Or, you might decide to make a pocket charm out of them, so you can easily carry your loved one’s remains with you.

Anyone might decide that turning ashes into crystals after cremating a loved one is an appealing idea. That said, this idea might particularly interest someone who travels often. If you’re frequently away from home for long periods, keeping an urn at home doesn’t allow you to keep your loved one close.

On the other hand, constantly bringing an urn with you when traveling isn’t practical. Turning someone’s ashes into crystal jewelry or a keepsake offers an ideal solution.

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How Much Do Crystal Cremation Keepsakes Cost?

The price of crystal cremation jewelry or keepsakes can vary depending on a range of factors, such as size and color. Some cremation crystals go for as little as $500. Others can cost as much as $1,000.

It’s also worth noting that, along with crystals, you could turn ashes into memorial diamonds. These usually cost between $3,000 to $20,000. A memorial diamond uses the actual ashes of someone's cremation remains to make a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind diamond replicating the natural diamond pressurization process. Eterneva is the leading provider of unique, stunning memorial diamonds that honor loved ones.  

You need to account for your budget when planning to turn your loved one’s ashes into crystals. While you naturally want a piece of jewelry or keepsake you believe will do their memory justice, you also don’t want to put yourself in a stressful financial situation by spending more than you can afford.

That said, it’s still important to research a company’s reputation before deciding which vendor to order memorial diamonds or crystals from. You shouldn’t work with a company that will deliver sub-par service merely because their pricing is attractive.

How Do Companies Turn Ashes Into Crystals?

How Do Companies Turn Ashes Into Crystals?

The specific process for turning ashes into crystals can vary from one company to another. Many vendors explain that their methods are proprietary, and thus, they may not be exactly the same as those of another company.

However, a common version of the process for turning ashes into diamonds includes the following key steps:

  • Collection: Most vendors won’t ask you to send all your loved one’s ashes to them. They usually only need a small amount. Each vendor’s website or representative will explain their specific process for sending your ashes. This process will also typically involve explaining details about how you want the finished diamond to look.
  • Heating: Once the craftspeople have the ashes, they’ll expose them to extreme heat in a special crucible that can withstand very high temperatures. Over time, the heat will turn the carbon in the ashes into graphite.
  • Completion: Once all the carbon is removed, the craftspeople will insert the graphite into a core, along with a diamond seed crystal and a metal catalyst. A diamond press will then exert pressure that turns the graphite into a crystal. The process ends with cutting the diamond to your specifications.

Just keep in mind that the above steps describe the process of turning ashes into diamonds, which isn’t the only option. A more affordable option is to turn ashes into glass crystals.

This may involve hand blowing glass and inserting the ashes into the glass when it’s reached a certain temperature, then allowing the glass to harden into a crystal. Regardless, the process will always take several weeks, so you should be prepared to wait some time before receiving the finished product.

What Types of Crystal Jewelry or Keepsakes Can Be Made From Ashes?

You have many different options to consider when choosing what to do with a cremation crystal or diamond. The following are just some of the more popular options.

1. Lockets

Lockets of various shapes and sizes can feature crystals made from the ashes of a loved one. Inside the locket, you could store a small picture of your loved one, more of their ashes, or anything else that fits.

2. Charms

You can also incorporate a cremation crystal in a charm. As with lockets, you have many different shapes from which to choose. For example, some people opt for heart-shaped charms, symbolizing the love they still feel for the deceased. Others might choose angel wing charms, butterfly charms, or more abstract shapes.

You should also know that turning pet ashes into diamonds or crystals is an option as well. For instance, if you turned your beloved dog’s remains into a crystal, you could insert it into a pawprint-shaped charm.

3. Necklaces

Again, it’s very common for people to insert cremation crystals into necklace pendants. This allows them to keep a loved one close to their heart whenever they wear the necklace.

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4. Rings

Inserting a cremation crystal into a ring is another popular option. You could insert the crystal directly into the band itself, or you could use a ring mount.

Either way, the result is a small but meaningful piece of jewelry you can wear whenever you please. Some prefer this option over a necklace, as there are some occasions and situations when wearing a necklace isn’t practical.

5. Bracelets

It’s also possible to make bracelets featuring cremation diamonds and crystals.

The crystal can attach to the bracelet as a pendant, or you could insert it into a mount on the bracelet. 

6. Paperweights

Do you work at a desk most of the day? If so, you might want to keep your loved one nearby.

Luckily, many companies allow you to insert cremation crystals into small paperweights of various shapes. Some resemble actual objects, such as teardrops or hearts, while others are more abstract.

7. Keychains

Keychains featuring cremation crystals are very similar to charms. They can range in shape and size, and they can easily fit in your pocket.

Popular shapes for cremation keychains include polished cylinders, religious symbols, flowers, hearts, and many others.

8. Roses

Some companies turn cremated ashes into larger glass objects, often in shapes such as roses. This is another option to keep in mind if you’re still debating turning ashes into crystals.

That said, even if you do decide to turn a loved one’s ashes into a crystal, you can still insert the crystal into a rose-shaped charm, paperweight, or basic desk item.

Where Can You Buy Crystal Cremation Keepsakes?

Because cremation jewelry is becoming more and more popular, it’s not difficult to find a company from which to buy it. The following are some options to keep in mind:

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Online vendors

A quick Google search for “cremation crystals” will reveal there’s no shortage of vendors offering to turn ashes into crystals. In many instances, these companies will also supply the jewelry or keepsake for the crystal.

Research your options thoroughly if you decide you’re going to order a cremation crystal from a vendor you find online. Along with the cost, you want to account for such factors as:

  • Location: The farther away a vendor is from your home, the longer it will take to get the finished crystal.
  • Reputation: Read reviews and testimonials from former customers before choosing a vendor. You want the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve chosen a company that offers quality service and products.
  • Options: Some companies specialize in offering one or two types of cremation jewelry, while others offer a variety of options. Research a few to find one that offers precisely what you’re looking for.
  • Guarantees: A vendor must guarantee they will treat your loved one’s ashes with the utmost care. They also need to guarantee the finished product will genuinely feature your loved one’s ashes.

Urn suppliers

Many (but not all) urn suppliers also offer keepsakes and jewelry for cremation crystals. If the company that turned your loved one’s ashes into a crystal didn’t offer the specific type of keepsake or jewelry you were looking for, an urn supplier might.

Just remember, you still want to do your research to make sure you’re buying a keepsake from a supplier with a good reputation. One trusted provider of custom urns is Foreverence, an urn designer that understands the importance of making an urn as unique and special as your loved one. 


Some jewelers are also willing to make jewelry or keepsakes with cremation crystals. However, if you decide to entrust a jeweler with this type of crystal or diamond, make a point of choosing one that specifically offers this service.

While a talented jeweler will be careful with any type of crystal a customer entrusts to them, you’ll be more confident they’ll treat your crystal as the important item it is if they specialize in working with cremation crystals.

Online marketplaces

Many cremation keepsake and jewelry artists and suppliers sell their work through Etsy and Amazon.

You may want to browse a few shops on such a platform to see if an artist is offering exactly the type of keepsake you have in mind.

Turning Ashes Into Crystals: A Way to Keep a Loved One Close

Turning ashes into crystals gives you the opportunity to create a piece of jewelry or keepsake that will always have a particularly special place in your heart.

It’s an option worth considering if you’re wondering what you should do with a loved one’s remains.

If you're looking for more cremation jewelry ideas, read our guides on cremation art and creative urns.


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