Turtle Cremation Urns: Types, Cost & Where to Buy


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After cremating a loved one or a pet, many choose to keep their ashes in an urn. However, urns for ashes come in many forms. You have a wide range of options from which to choose when selecting one.

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For example, perhaps a loved one who passed away had a fondness for turtles. Or, maybe you’ve cremated a beloved turtle pet, and you’re looking for an appropriate urn.

In either circumstance, you should know there are plenty of turtle urns available through numerous suppliers. This guide will help you begin searching for one. It explains what a turtle urn may cost, what types of turtle urns are most common, and where you may purchase them.

What Are Turtle-Themed Cremation Urns?

A turtle-themed cremation urn is simply an urn that either comes in the shape of a turtle or features the image of a turtle. As this overview will cover later, there is by no means just one type of turtle urn. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing you to choose one you find most appealing.

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How Much Do Turtle-Themed Cremation Urns Cost?

The cost of a turtle-themed cremation urn can vary based on several factors. They include the following:


The material out of which an urn is made will play a significant role in its price. For example, the average cost of a marble, ceramic, or wood urn is typically about $200. A biodegradable paper urn may run from $40 to $100.

A material will cost more than most others if it’s quite durable. Additionally, if working with the material to create an urn requires a substantial degree of craftsmanship and skill, an urn that consists of such a material may be on the pricier side.


There are many urn sizes to consider when choosing one. Some urns are small keepsakes that you can take with you virtually anywhere. Others are the size of large vases (and sometimes they’re even larger than that). In general, the larger an urn, the more it will cost.


You may be purchasing a turtle-themed urn for the ashes of someone who loved turtles. Because you’re not content with a generic urn that would theoretically be suitable for just about anyone, you might have some specific ideas about how the urn should look and feel.

You could ensure your loved one’s urn aligns with your vision by hiring an urn designer to create a custom urn for you. This will cost more than buying an urn that already exists, but it’s an option you may consider if you can justify the expense.

Additional features

Even if you don’t order a custom turtle urn, you may still order a premade one that gives you the option to add some degree of personalization, such as engravings or images. Adding these features usually increases the price of an urn.


Do you plan on ordering an urn online? If so, you need to account for shipping costs when budgeting for one. The further away a supplier is, the more money it will cost to ship an urn to you.

What Are the Different Types of Turtle-Themed Cremation Urns?

There’s no single type of turtle urn that’s universally right for everyone. Options to consider when choosing a turtle-themed urn include the following:

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Traditional turtle urns

Many turtle urns are not that different from traditional styles of urns. They may come in familiar vase or cylinder shapes, featuring images of turtles. This is an option to consider if you want a turtle urn that’s fairly conventional (as some feel this is the most respectful choice) while also honoring the unique qualities and interests of your loved one.

Box turtle urns

Some turtle urns come in the form of boxes or box-like containers with a figurine of a turtle on the top. They may also have space on the front for engravings. 

This is a type of urn you might consider for the ashes of a pet. However, it’s still an entirely acceptable choice for a person’s ashes too.

Turtle-shaped urns

Urns that come in the shape of turtles also come in a wide range of materials, such as bronze and ceramic. They’re often the approximate size of a turtle as well.

Additionally, they may resemble different types of turtles. For example, some resemble sea turtles, while others resemble the kinds of turtles you may be more likely to find inland. Choose one that appeals to you!

Keepsake turtle urns

A keepsake turtle urn is usually a small turtle sculpture or figurine with a compartment inside where you can store a portion of a loved one’s or pet’s ashes. This is an option some consider when they travel often. Because a keepsake urn tends to be very small, you can use it to keep a part of a lost loved one or pet with you at all times, regardless of where you may be traveling to.

Jewelry turtle urns

Jewelry turtle urns are very similar to keepsake turtle urns. They’re small, they may come in a variety of materials, and they have compartments where you can keep small amounts of ashes. The key difference between the two is that, as the name implies, these types of urns can serve as pieces of jewelry.

For example, a small turtle urn may be a necklace pendant. Wearing such a piece of jewelry is another way you could keep the ashes of a pet or loved one with you throughout your day. This may provide a sense of comfort that you can’t get from a traditional turtle urn, which may have to remain in your home when you’re away.

Glass art turtle urns

It’s becoming increasingly common for artisans to mix ashes with molten glass when creating “urns.” Because the finished products often aren’t technically urns, as they don’t necessarily have compartments for ashes, they qualify more as glass cremation art.

That said, knowing that a loved one’s or pet’s ashes are an essential component of a keepsake may bring you some comfort. These types of keepsakes are often small, but that’s not always the case.

Photo turtle urns

Photo turtle-themed urns usually come in the shape of a box. The box is often relatively tall compared to some other box-shaped urns because its front facade will usually need space for a photo of a turtle. Along with a photo, the front area might also include text, such as the name of a lost loved one, a meaningful quote, or any other text you choose.

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Biodegradable urns

Did your loved one care very much about protecting the environment? If so, you may want to purchase a turtle urn that’s biodegradable.

These urns consist of materials that break down in the soil over time when you bury them. Some also break down in the ocean or a lake. You can thus use this type of urn if you plan on burying it or casting it off to sea.

Just be sure to research local laws regarding this practice. In some areas (both on land and at sea), disposing of a person’s ashes in the soil or in water is illegal.

Where Can You Buy Turtle-Themed Cremation Urns?

Knowing how to buy an urn online can be very helpful when purchasing one. This is true regardless of whether it’s turtle-themed.

Before the Internet, purchasing an urn often meant choosing from the options available through local suppliers. This could make it difficult to find the exact type of urn one was looking for.

That’s no longer the case. You can now search through a wide range of online shops to find an urn that’s perfect for your budget and goals. Start by browsing these online urn stores:

Stardust Memorials

Stardust Memorials is one of the most popular online urn suppliers due to their wide range of options. They offer urns for virtually any budget, and their online store’s inventory boasts a decent selection of turtle urns. Stardust Memorials also sells related items, such as cremation jewelry.


Would you prefer to know you’re supporting an individual artist instead of a larger company when purchasing a turtle urn? If so, consider buying one from Etsy. Again, although it will cost more, you could probably find an artist on Etsy willing to create an urn according to your specific instructions.

Just remember to check a seller’s reviews before purchasing an urn from them. Because Etsy is a platform for artists to sell their work, everything from the quality of the products to the reliability of the shipping can vary on a case-by-case basis when you order from Etsy. You want to be confident you’re buying an urn from a trustworthy seller. That said, Etsy is certainly a platform to explore if you’re looking for creative urns that may be difficult to find elsewhere.

Urn Garden

Urn Garden is another popular online urn shop. Like Stardust Memorials, this shop offers many different types of urns, plenty of which feature images of turtles or come in the shape of turtles. Urn Garden also offers such memorial gifts as garden stones, mourning wreaths, photo pendants, and many others.


You should be aware that Amazon also sells turtle urns. You may choose to buy one from Amazon if you frequently purchase items through the online retail giant.

However, this is also an instance when it’s important to research a seller’s reputation before placing an order. In many cases, Amazon itself merely facilitates orders. As is the case with Etsy, some of Amazon’s sellers are less dependable than others. Guard against headaches by doing your homework before placing an order.

Perfect Memorials

Perfect Memorials is yet another general urn and memorial keepsake supplier that offers a selection of turtle urns worth browsing. As is the case with many online urn suppliers, you can also find such items as jewelry, wind chimes, memorial ornaments, and more via Perfect Memorials.

Turtle Urns: A Creative Way to Keep Ashes

Hopefully, this guide has helped you better understand how to go about finding a turtle-themed urn that you’ll both love and be able to afford. Such an urn is ideal for a pet turtle’s ashes as well as the ashes of someone who simply adored turtles in life.


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