20 Tweets or Twitter Threads About Death


The internet is a place where people turn to express ideas and connect with others. While it’s usually thought to be full of memes and jokes (largely because it is), this isn’t all it’s used for. 

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In reality, social media websites like Twitter are a safe space to share ideas about life, death, and everything in between. With many laugh-out-loud memes about death and grief, poking fun at these uncertainties is one of the many ways to find peace in one’s mortality. 

We gathered our favorite Tweets or Twitter threads about death, grief, and funerals. Some are funny while others remain serious and insightful, but they all promise to talk about mortality with openness and confidence. 

Tweets or Twitter Threads About Funerals

Funerals can be uncomfortable no matter who you are or how you’re related to the deceased. They’re a chance to say our final goodbyes, and thinking about your funeral in advance can sometimes bring a lot of laughs. These Tweets or threats about funerals are sure to give you a chuckle.  

1. “Making sure everyone is crying” 

Twitter user @joshuagxekwa shared this hilarious image of a man peeking over a coffin with the caption “me at my funeral making sure that everyone is crying.” This is definitely one way to look at remembrance!

2. “We will...miss you”

In what is either a gorgeous triumph of sound or a longstanding tribute to Freddie Mercury, this Tweet from @murrman5 encourages funeral guests to DIY a rendition to “We Will Rock You” by Queen. 

3. “Couldn’t find your phone”

Everyone can relate to the horror and panic of not being able to find your phone in your pocket where you left it. When juxtaposed with the grief of a funeral, the visual is downright hilarious—and very human. Twitter user @M_bosting shares this funny tale on his page, leading his followers to wonder if it’s supposed to be funny or serious.

4. Jumping photo

User @mdob11 shares a laughable funeral idea: jumping photos. Though funeral photography is a very real thing, a jumping family photo might not be the right fit. Or perhaps it’s the perfect sendoff for someone who was always looking on the bright side?

5. “I’m not dying”

A lot of people have strong opinions about the music they want to be played during the service. User @CinnamonBo1 feels so passionately about the artist Lana Del Rey that they’re refusing to die without her music present. This sparks a lively thread about which song is the best for funerals. 

6. “The girls at my funeral” 

We all want our most trusted friends to be present at our funeral, and this meme from @kellicopter shows what that might look like for friends who would rather be somewhere else. Funerals are an important way to honor someone’s life, but it’s also OK to laugh a bit at the ordeal of it all. 

7. Thoughts and prayers

Funeral director @DirFuneral shares this hilarious meme about what happens when prayers don’t work. While thoughts and prayers are always welcome, it’s true that life (and death) happen anyway. 

8. Hey now, you’re an all-star

In true Smash Mouth fashion, Twitter user #Obiiieeee pokes fun at a son giving a eulogy for a father. Instead of a heartwarming, touching speech, he shares the memorable lyrics to Smash Mouth’s “All-Star.” 

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9. “I have better things to do”

Some of us are always busy, and what’s to say that ends at the time of death? User @frenchielaboozi urges her would-be funeral guests not to say her spirit is with them. She won’t actually be there because she has better things to do in the afterlife. 

10. Summer funeral specials

In many cultures and throughout history, hiring professional funeral mourners was a common practice, especially for the wealthy. Nowadays, it’s certainly less common, though one man is still promoting his own funeral crying services. Luckily, as user @Janiqua_ballard shares, he’s offering “summer specials” to help make it more affordable. 

Tweets or Twitter Threads About Death

The death positive movement has found a strong place on Twitter, with users of all backgrounds sharing their own perspectives. Though usually funny in nature, these posts always shed a light on the reality of mortality. 

11. “Three certainties in life”

It was Benjamin Franklin who first said there are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and learning new things. Twitter user @WallStMemes has a new perspective, this time implying that we can always count on cryptocurrency investors sharing their earnings (and death, of course). 

11. “Literally can’t right now”

This might be an oversimplification, or perhaps it’s the most accurate Tweet of its time. It’s true what user @tylerschmall says—the deceased really can’t do much of anything. 

12. Final Tweet

While having a will is always a good idea, Twitter user @Smethanie isn’t that off-base with her last Tweet idea. More and more people are giving thought to their last Tweet and sharing these messages with loved ones just in case. 

13. “Burn my journals for me when I die” 

Just as we all had the impulse to read our sibling’s diaries when we were little, there are some friends who still stay true to this idea today. User @sadiegib explains that her friends fall into two categories: the ones who will hide her journals when she dies and the friends who will be sure to read them all. 

14. “Air fry me”

There are more options than ever before when it comes to your final resting place, but this idea from @ZelinDaMelon is a new one. When he dies, he wants to be air fried. 

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15. Styled casket

We don’t always give thought to what we want our casket to look like or if we want a casket at all. User @Dashiellsilva goes against the grain with his wishes, and he wants his casket to look like a classic Viennetta treat. 

16. Bath and Body Works mahogany candle

Another user who has given thought to his final resting place is @Nick_worth11. Though he doesn’t want a traditional casket, he feels so passionately about the scent of the Bath and Body Words mahogany teakwood candle. 

17. Funeral goodie bags

It’s not uncommon to give funeral guests a memento to leave with. These are typically family photos, memorial programs, and so on. User @MPSmithy37 has a new idea—goodie bags like what you’d get at a children’s party. We can’t deny that this is a fun (and tasty) idea!

18. Wear a dress to the funeral

Though this is a devastating and intimate look at raw grief, this Twitter post from @MythandFact proves that friendship goes beyond death. Two close friends made a pact that whoever dies first, the other has to wear a dress to the funeral. 

19. Scare grave robbers

In the past, people were seriously concerned about grave robbers disturbing the final resting place of loved ones. User @JPwarhorse comes up with an innovative solution—dress in full vampire regalia to scare the socks off any robbers who come digging. 

20. Death and aftermath

Who doesn’t want to make an impact with their time on earth? @KenJennings argues that his death should be so profound that it leads to a special addition on his Wikipedia page. That’s one unique way to look at legacy!

Mortality, Twitter, and the Internet

Cyberspace is wide enough for discussions around both life and death. With so many users taking their own perspective to the digital world, there is no shortage of conversations on mortality. From laughing at one’s funeral plans to sharing tales of real-world grief, this is a safe place to connect with others over life’s great equalizer. 

Everyone will die someday. Finding a way to laugh along with one’s mortality is a powerful way to cope with the reality of existence. Memes are so funny because they reveal a very true part of ourselves, and that’s why this list is so worthwhile. 

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