17 Unique Funeral Flower Arrangement Ideas


Fresh flowers are one of the best ways to add a touch of life to a funeral or memorial service. Professional event planners use flower arrangements to add ambiance, incorporate color, and help tell the story of someone’s life and legacy. But you don’t have to be an event planner or florist to create unique funeral flower arrangements. 

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With so many types of funeral flowers to choose from, it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. While standard arrangements are easy to find, creating or requesting something unique is a powerful form of remembrance. 

You can elevate even a simple venue space with the right flower design. As a sign of both life and mourning, there are so many ways to share someone’s story through blooming arrangements. Here are the best unique funeral flower arrangement ideas. 

Unusual Flower Arrangements to Display at the Funeral

Flower Arrangements to Display at the Funeral

Whether you’re hosting a themed funeral or you’re simply looking to add something creative to someone’s final sendoff, these unique arrangement ideas are truly remarkable. 

Each idea below includes a unique way to display flowers at a funeral or memorial service, as well as the best flowers to use. As with every other part of a memorial, you should feel free to customize your floral arrangement as you see fit. 

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1. Birdcage

Birdcages are becoming an increasingly popular form of decoration, and they’re a unique pick for flower arrangements. These dramatic, elegant displays are perfect for resting flowers in and around. Opt for traditional funeral flowers like roses or tulips. 

2. Teacup and teapot arrangement

For the avid tea drinker or someone who has a flair for vintage design, a teacup and teapot arrangement is a great idea. Upcycle an antique teapot and some teacups to create a blooming bouquet. 

You can opt for something colorful, paint your own, or even use the deceased’s own pots. It’s best to use something small for the teacup arrangements, like baby’s breath, and a larger flower in the pot, like sunflowers or roses. 

3. Basket

This option is perfect for spring or summertime. It’s especially powerful if you’re hosting a funeral or memorial service outdoors, but it’s also an easy option to DIY for an indoor funeral. 

Create an arrangement directly inside a large wicker basket. With a bit of floral foam, you can have blooms overflowing from the sides like the most magical picnic decoration. Choose vibrant, bright flowers like roses, lilies, and carnations. 

4. Lanterns

Lanterns carry a lot of symbolism. They’re literally a bringer of light, and light can be seen as hope, remembrance, and legacy after a loss. 

Vintage lanterns are classic, elegant, and inexpensive. Fill each lantern with flowers or use a simple candle. From there, surround the base with flowers like lilies, orchids, and chrysanthemums. 

5. Book arrangement

For an avid bookworm, nothing is better than getting lost in the pages of a new novel. And a book flower arrangement is easy to make. 

By cutting out the interior pages of a large tome, you have an easy space to secure flowers like carnations, hydrangeas, and roses. They’ll appear to be spilling from the pages like the stories from an amazing read. 

6. Watering can

This is the perfect idea for someone who loved tending to his or her garden. A watering can is the perfect size for a funeral flower arrangement, and it’s easy to put together yourself. 

Choose an older, metal watering can in need of a bit of love. Fill it with floral foam and flowers of differing sizes. Great choices are gladioli, peace lilies, and baby’s breath.

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7. Log vase

For an outdoor-themed funeral or memorial, a log vase adds another reminder of nature. By hollowing out a small log, stems can easily be placed inside for a pretty, natural-looking bouquet. This is a great chance to use non-traditional funeral flowers like succulents and other plants. 

8. Citric arrangements

Another idea that smells as great as it looks is a citrus arrangement. This is when you include slices of oranges or lemon within a glass vase, allowing the citrus fruit to be seen below the flowers. 

This adds a unique texture to the arrangement, and it also smells great. Choose simple flowers that won’t overwhelm the display, like chrysanthemums. 

9. Rain boots

A rain boot might not seem like the perfect vase, but it’s easy to transform into just that. Beloved rain boots are often an important part of someone’s wardrobe, especially if they loved to venture outside. Like the sun that follows a rainy day, these boots are a touching tribute at a funeral. 

Fill the boots with bright, upbeat flowers like daisies or tulips. Add a ribbon and tie a bow to add even more texture. 

10. Paper bag

Last but not least, a simple yet rustic touch for any funeral is a bagged floral arrangement. These not only are low-cost, but they’re easy to transport after the service. 

A colorful or classic brown paper bag easily comes to life with a gorgeous bouquet of roses, greenery, and more. Add a bow or string to bring the look together. 

Unusual Sympathy Flower Arrangements to Send to a Funeral

Flower Arrangements to Send to a Funeral

If you’re planning to send sympathy flowers to the funeral, consider making a statement with your arrangement. While you’ll want to be mindful of the host family’s theme or funeral reception ideas, here are some unique arrangements perfect for sending. 

11. Rainbow flowers

For someone who was as colorful and lively as the rainbow itself, create or send a rainbow arrangement. 

While most people try to stick to one or two colors in an arrangement, there are truly no rules. Choosing something that shines bright is a beautiful reminder of life and happy memories. 

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12. Ombre flowers

A similar option that’s a bit more subdued than a rainbow arrangement is ombre flowers. This is when you have the flowers transition from one color to the next. This is perfect for classic flowers, like roses, but you can choose any bloom that has meaning to you. 

13. Mason jar vase

Large, extravagant vases can be costly. An inexpensive alternative is a mason jar. These come in all colors, shapes, and sizes, and they can easily be dressed up with the right string, twine, or bows. Mason jars are perfect for classic flowers like roses, lilies, and daisies. 

14. Wildflowers

If you live in an area where wildflowers grow naturally, why not create your own unique funeral arrangement? These are usually seasonal blooms, and their untouched appearance is reminiscent of nature itself. 

15. Stickers

Flower arrangements don’t have to only include flowers. An inexpensive yet creative way to add more definition is to add a variety of 3D stickers or inserts. 

These easily stick to the side of smaller flowers and stems, and they add an unexpected touch. Butterflies, hearts, and stars are all great designs. 

16. Paper flowers

In recent years, paper flowers have become a more common choice for both weddings and funerals. Paper flowers are more eco-friendly than real flowers, and they can appear just as gorgeous and lifelike. 

Paper flowers also help answer the question of what to do with funeral flowers since they’re easy to save after the event. You can make your own paper flowers with recycled paper or purchase some from an artisan. 

17. Mini bouquet

Last but not least, sometimes the family requests other things instead of flowers. They might also be supplying their own arrangements to the reception. If you still want to send flowers as a sign of support, you might choose a mini bouquet. 

These are smaller bouquets designed to be sent with a card, and they’re still the perfect symbol of life and legacy. These come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, and they’re easy for the family to store. 

Create a Unique Flower Display

Flowers are a common way to show sympathy and support. Having a funeral home filled with flowers is a reminder that someone was loved during their lifetime, and it also symbolizes life and remembrance. 

If you’re preparing flowers for a funeral or to send to someone after a loss, don’t be afraid to get creative. The ideas above highlight the power of flowers to help tell someone’s story. From an avid bookworm to a beloved gardener, there’s a way to bring their passions to life even after death. How will you use flowers to tell your story?

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