15+ ‘Until We Meet Again’ Poems for a Funeral or Memorial


For hundreds of years, [poetry has been used to fill in the gaps in human emotion that are hard to put into words. This is why funeral poems are such a popular way to honor someone’s life, legacy, and memories. 

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With so many poems to choose from for a eulogy or funeral, how do you decide what’s best for your situation? One of the most popular themes is ‘until we meet again’ poems. These poems and quotes about being reunited are a reminder that the ones we love never truly leave us. We’ll see them again in heaven, the afterlife, or even in our memories. 

Because there are so many poems to choose from, we compiled 15+ of the best “until we meet again” poems for a funeral or memorial. These are the perfect tribute to love that exists even after death.

Uplifting ‘Until We Meet Again’ Poems for a Funeral

Not all funeral poems are sad. In fact, some are quite the opposite. Having an uplifting message behind the funeral poem is a powerful way to bring people together in a time of grief and loss. 

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1. “To Those Whom I Love & Those Who Love Me" by Anonymous

This poem is a common choice for funerals because of its heartfelt, hopeful tone. It’s written from the deceased’s perspective, who outlines just how much they have to be thankful for. 

Though their life might have come to an end, they are thankful for “so many good years.” Most of all, they’re happy knowing that when the time comes, they’ll greet their loved ones with a warm welcome. 

2. “Gone From My Sight” by Henry Van Dyke

In this poem, the dead are symbolized by ships in the sea. Though those who love the ship can see “her white sails to the moving breeze” in the distance, they know they soon won’t be able to see the ship at all. However, this isn’t sad because there’s a new set of loved ones waiting on the other shore. 

3. “Death, be not proud” by John Donne

“Death, be not proud” personifies death as a person. Though they might seem strong, they can’t actually kill anyone. They can’t erase the memories and the experience and all of the things that truly make someone a person. Because of this, the narrator defeats death itself. 

4. “Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep” by Mary Elizabeth Frye

This poem is commonly used in short eulogy examples since it’s so well-known. “Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep” encourages the reader not to mourn a loved one’s death. 

Their soul is no longer confined to the grave. Rather, it’s all around them. They never died, they’re simply “the soft stars that shine at night” and a mixture of other living things. They’re all around them, and they’ll live forever.  

5. “Footprints in the Sand” by Anonymous

Each memory is a footprint in the sand, leading the deceased to the afterlife with the Lord. This religious poem emphasizes that even in death, we are never alone because we are with God. For a Christian funeral, this poem offers peace and comfort. 

6. “Sonnet 30” by William Shakespeare

The famous Shakespeare himself even dabbled in ‘until we meet again’ funeral poems. The narrator of this sonnet finds great peace when he remembers “things past.” 

Though he thinks of many sad things, he also remembers his dear friend and feels less alone. It’s as though all “losses are restor’d, and sorrows end.” 

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7. "Aloha’oe (Farewell to Thee)" by Queen Lydia Kamakaeha Lili’Uokalani

This poem captures the beauty of goodbyes. Though we might be separated from our loves, they are never really gone. Because you loved them in the first place, you always have the capacity to remember and honor them. 

Sad ‘Until We Meet Again’ Poems for a Funeral

There is sometimes a reason to be intentionally sad at a funeral. Sad, mournful poems about meeting with loved ones again can be therapeutic, releasing pent-up feelings for good. 

8. "Let Me Go" by Christina Rossetti

“Let Me Go” is a poem about moving on after a loss. Though this might be a sad time, we are all traveling on our own master plan through the universe. Life is nothing but borrowed time, but that doesn’t mean the narrator and her loved ones won’t meet again through their happy memories. 

9. “As Long As Hearts Remember” by Anonymous

Though this poem is only four lines, it’s still just as powerful as any of the others on this list. The message is simple: because we love and honor those who leave us, they are always with us. 

10. “My Mother’s Sleep Is Deep” by Margaret Wilmot

This modern poem describes a mother’s death as though it was nothing but sleep. This sleep becomes a life of its own, becoming every atom in the universe. The poem, though somber, implies that we are all a part of something greater that doesn’t end when we pass. 

11. “Farewell My Friends” by Rabindranath Tagore

“Farewell My Friends” is a poem written like a heartfelt letter to friends. Written from the perspective of the deceased, the narrator explains how beautiful and fulfilling their life was. 

Though they are parted from their friends, for now, they bid a goodbye that’s free from tears. Farewell isn’t forever. When you live in the hearts of those you love, you’re never apart. 

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12. “Near Shady Wall a Rose Once Grew” by A. L. Frink

This poem describes a rose that once grew on a wall. The rose is a metaphor for a loved one. Though the rose died after blossoming, it now lives on the “other side.” Though you can no longer see the rose or smell its fragrance, you will see it again once you’ve joined the other side. 

13. “Precious Memory” by Anonymous

The world can take a lot of things from you during your lifetime. It can take your pain and dry your tears, but the memories are what stay forever. When you love someone, you mark them permanently. You’ll never be apart, no matter what lies between you. 

14. “Our Memories Build a Special Bridge” by Anonymous

Another anonymous ‘until we meet again’ funeral poem is “Our Memories Build a Special Bridge.” In this poem, the narrator describes how he remembers loved ones when they’re gone from this world. 

The memories themselves are what builds a bridge between the land of the living and the dead. This bridge holds them together and “preserves ties that bind.” 

15. "You’ve Just Walked On Ahead of Me" by Joyce Grenfell

Grief is a complex, challenging emotion. Though you want more than anything to feel the touch of your loved one, it’s important to not dwell too much on this feeling and forget to live. This poem encourages readers to “release the ones you love.” 

Though this might be sad, it’s not really the end. Your loved one has moved on, and they’re doing fine. They’re not gone, but you’ve simply walked ahead of them. From time to time, you can still feel the brush of your loved one’s hand in yours. 

Honor Someone’s Life Until You Meet Again

Losing a loved one is never easy, but knowing that you’ll meet again in your memories or the afterlife can help you find peace. Including one of these touching poems above when planning a memorial service is the best way to put these feelings into words. 

Writers from modern times and centuries ago all grappled with these same feelings. In many ways, our grief is what makes us human and ties us together. These poems are a form of kindness, comfort, and sympathy when we need it the most. 

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