18 Best Feel-Good & Uplifting Podcasts to Listen This Year


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You might find yourself looking for a breath of fresh air among the constant negativity in the news and the same dozen songs on the radio. A podcast (coined from the words “iPod” and “broadcast”) is a great option and offers a variety of genres. 

We’ve compiled a list of the 18 best podcasts to turn to this year to put a smile on your face — one might make a difference in your life in the process! 

1. Ten Percent Happier

Ten Percent Happier, by Greg Harris, talks about training your mind as he brings in professionals each episode to discuss the science and specifics behind being happy.

Enjoy this podcast to unlock the secret to your ultimate happiness.  

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2. Happier Podcast

The host, Gretchen, offers content from blogs to her podcast that discusses happiness and works to understand how we can make our lives better.

This award-winning podcast offers stories, tips, tricks, insights and more so you learn to become the happiest version of yourself. 

3. The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

Feeling good doesn’t mean ignoring the tough stuff. This podcast is full of girl talk and discusses the good, bad and ugly.

You can’t help but feel uplifted after sitting in on a talk between Jamie and her guest as they turn to religion for guidance. 

4. Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

Is there anything Oprah doesn’t do? Not really. There are few platforms Oprah hasn’t found to share her light and spread positivity, and her podcast episodes do just that.

Each episode delivers uplifting messages and helps listeners become their best selves by learning about life from experts and speakers from across the world. 

5. Phil in the Blanks

Dr. Phil is a psychologist well-known for his daytime talk show where he brings in highly dramatic, controversial guests. That show is probably not ideal if you’re looking for a place to wind down and get some positivity.

On the other hand, his podcast offers a space to hear inspiring stories and perspectives that can get you thinking. Dr. Phil promises listeners will leave each episode with some new insights at the least and at most, can offer life-altering breakthroughs. 

6. On Purpose With Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty goes viral with his videos that put a spotlight on moral questions and social media posts with thought-provoking questions.

His wise guests discuss their purpose so listeners begin thinking about their own. Episodes will leave you feeling fulfilled and grateful for what you have in your life. 

7. Lauren Conrad: Asking For a Friend

Lauren Conrad, from “The Hills,” can help you escape the constant social media barrage that makes you feel inadequate. The pod’s description talks specifically about this phenomenon and that what we see on social media isn’t always the truth.

The podcast features guests with real stories and positive anecdotes to remind you that you aren’t alone in the social media struggle. Conrad and her positive attitude lift you up and make you smile with each episode. 

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8. Live Happy Now

The Live Happy Now podcast is a branch of the Live Happy magazine. Podcast episodes share research and ideas for how to live a happier life.

Each episode brings a variety of guests, from celebrities to psychologists. Learn the science between happiness and implement it into your everyday life. 

9. Help Me Be Me

This podcast is described as “self-help for people who hate self-help.” If you’re looking for a podcast by a person who feels like a friend instead of a therapist, this might be it.

Sarah is not a professional, and she is not licensed, but she shares her tools for a happy and healthy life that work for her. Episode names include, “Being Treated Like Crap — What to Do, How Much to Take,” and “Painful Perfectionism.” 

10. The Positivity and Prosperity Podcast

Victoria’s podcast talks to listeners about mindset, entrepreneurship, the law of attraction, manifesting your wants and needs and more.

This podcast is a great resource to get the courage to follow your dreams and help you to believe you have what it takes to be where you want to be in life. 

11. Affirmation Pod

Josie Ong hosts the Affirmation Pod to guide you to believe in yourself each day. Listeners will find freedom, relief, and confidence through each self-love-infused episode.

Start your morning with these 10-minute episodes. 

12. Where There’s Smoke

This podcast stands apart from the rest on this list in its format and delivery. The hosts base episodes around current events in an NPR-style storytelling manner and approach material in a positive way.

The end goal is to offer you ways to believe the world and their lives can be made better and offer simple ways to make it happen. 

13. Inspire Nation

Michael and Jessica are the hosts of the Inspire Nation podcast, which offers a variety of listening options to uplift you.

Michael shares his personal story of overcoming a near-death experience and finding comfort in similar content he shares with his listeners. Episodes span topics from meditation to spirituality to love, wealth and beyond. 

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14. The Brendon Show

Brendon is the host of this popular podcast. He reaches millions across the country as a public speaker, motivating and inspiring as he teaches the strategies he uses in his daily life. His episodes can help you improve your life. 

15. Good Life Project

The Good Life Project is more than just a podcast. It has many layers and modes of content with a uniform aim to help people live a more meaningful, connected and vital life.

The podcast offers weekly candid conversations that discuss important topics and bring listeners closer to a purpose-driven life. 

16. Feel Better, Live More

This podcast, by Dr. Chatterjee, discusses all things health and how you can lead a happier and healthier life. Dr. Chatterjee says when we are healthier, we are happier because when we feel better, we live more.

Episodes debunk health myths and give tips that can help you to start new routines and break bad habits. This podcast can help you to feel good in your body and mind each day. 

17. Press Send

Chinae Alexander may consider herself the girl next door. Send your questions to her website and she and her weekly guest dish their best advice on beauty, career, love or something in between.

Alexander and company will help you tackle whatever it is that has you rattled. Come for her light humor and smart wit and stay for the body positivity. 

18. Anna Faris is Unqualified

Anna Faris hosts this light-hearted podcast and brings on a rotation of similarly famous comedian friends to tell stories and not take anything too seriously.

Faris creates a feeling of togetherness so you understand that nobody knows exactly what they’re doing in this thing called life — not even rich and famous people. Listen to this pod for a definite laugh. 

Tap into Uplifting Podcasts

Podcasts can be the background to your nine-to-five day at the office, your treadmill entertainment, or your car ride playlist.

These podcasts are sure to leave you with some positive thoughts and even offer some steps to a happier, healthier life. Give them a listen instead of the radio or news and feel uplifted this year.

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