How to Upload Multipage Paper Documents to Your Cake Profile


Problem: You have a multipage paper-based document you need to digitize and upload to your Cake profile. 

Solution: Create a PDF of your document before uploading it to Cake (up to 30MB in size). Choose an option below:

Option 1: Use a PDF app to create a PDF of your document
We recommend installing a free PDF app like Genius Scan onto your mobile device or tablet. This software will allow you to use your device camera to snap photos of paper documents to create multipage PDF documents for easy uploading to your Cake profile. 

​Get Genius Scan for Apple devices:
​Get Genius Scan for Android devices:

Please note that while this is a free app, some features may require a purchase to access (like exporting your PDF to Google Drive, Dropbox or other file storage sites). You can avoid a fee by choosing the "Email PDF" export option to send the file to your own email address. Just be sure to open the email and download the file to your device before returning to Cake to upload it. 

Option 2: Use a scanner to create a PDF of your document
If you have a scanner or a multi-function printer with a scanning device, use it to create a PDF of your multipage document on your computer. Follow your device's instructions. Once you create the multipage PDF of your document, you can upload it to your Cake profile. 

If you don't have documentation for your scanner device, here is a general "how to" article about using scanners to make PDFs:


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