20+ Simple Urn Engraving Ideas for a Loved One or Pet


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Depending on the material or what the vendor is capable of doing, you’ll need to have an urn engraved for a loved one or pet at the time it’s ordered. If that service is unavailable, take the empty urn to a trophy shop for the engraving and then return it to the funeral home. Another option would be to have a nameplate inscribed, then attach it to the urn. 

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Terms of endearment don’t have to be drawn out to be meaningful. Whether partner, parent, child, or pet, you can articulate great meaning with just a few words.

Look below for some simple urn engraving ideas to express your love well.

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Short Cremation Urn Engraving Sayings for a Loved One’s Ashes

Children, partners, and parents impact our lives in very different ways. When in grief, it’s difficult to find the best words to sum up those feelings. Here’s a shortlist of potential engravings or rest in peace quotes to help you honor their legacy.

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1. “My Heart’s Ocean”

This message will work for a son or daughter as it speaks to the vastness of love that a parent feels. Maybe you never understood unconditional love until you heard their first cry, but from then on you knew you’d go to any length to keep them safe. 

2. “Love of My Life”

Engrave a song title if you’d sing to them. Match it with the one you’d sing to them in the quiet moments when it was just the two of you. Every time you read the inscription, you’ll hear it in your head and feel it in your heart.

3. “My Favorite Everything”

They were at the top of your list from sunup to sundown and never took a back seat to anyone or anything else. Whether it applies to a partner or a child, the saying captures every last bit of love you felt for them. 

4. “First Date, Only Love”

From the moment you met in school to that first nervous teenage date, you knew they’d be your only one. Some people are lucky to meet their one true love when they’re just kids. Others wait a lifetime to have what you have.

5. “Wind in My Sails”

She kept you afloat when you struggled, and you kept her aloft with your love—the two of you fully supported each other and through every endeavor. From college sweethearts to parenthood, you never let each other down.

6. “No one could compare”

You have no ambition to ever try marriage again. Besides, no one else could match their strength or tenacity; it’d just be disappointing. After all, sometimes one great love is enough in the journey of life.

7. “Moon of My Night”

Your wife lit your way when you were lost and made you feel connected to every part of her hopes and dreams. This is the kind of message saved for the best of the best when you’ve experienced the worst of the worst.

8. “Sun of My Day”

Their energy and light made them the sun of your day. They made you laugh and drove you crazy; they tested your limits and surprised you with their kindness. Your child was everything, and you’d do it all over again even including the struggles. 

9. “Once Was Enough”

You’d prefer to be a confirmed bachelor—again. You like your free time, your fishing days, and you don’t want to keep a schedule with anyone. Not only was there was great love but loving another might make you forget your perfect life together.

10. “You inspired me”

The loss of a supportive, understanding and wholly giving parent leaves you will immeasurable heartbreak, but can also inspire you to emulate them and continue their legacy. Every time you read it, you’re guaranteed to remember the words of wisdom which helped you become who you are.

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11. “Meet you on the porch”

Together, you enjoyed the new rains; watched the earth grow; saw your children return from school. During the dark nights of winter, that porchlight welcomed everyone home. As a metaphor or an actuality, no other symbol remarks of the love and home you shared. 

12. “Save a Dance for Me”

You met her at a dance hall so many years ago and after one dance, she stole your heart. Not an anniversary went by where you didn’t celebrate that chance encounter by dancing to that same first song.

13. “Still”

“Still” can mean so many things. It’s just one word plucked from a sentence of many. It could mean that you’re still in love; that your heart has stilled; or, that the moments are dreadfully still since they’ve gone.

14. “Every Minute, Every Hour”

Sometimes the days blended together, but without them now, the minutes and hours seem to stand still. Without the looks, smiles, laughter, and words, the time has a new meaning. And for that reason, you understand that littlest of moments now hold a different meaning. 

Short Cremation Urn Engraving Sayings for a Pet

Generally, cats, dogs, horses, and even gerbils are cremated. But any and all sentient creatures can be honored well. From dogs and cats to amphibians or mollusks, look here for some ways to honor each and every one of your pets when inscribing urns for ashes.

15. “Baby Girl”

Here’s one for the little angel that caught your eye at you in the shelter. Once home, she nestled into your life, capturing your heart with every sweet little meow. Though tiny and darling, maybe she had just enough sass to warn you about lovers by peeing on their clothes.

16. “Sweet Boy”

This message works for the pup who was relaxed about everything and everyone, including the stray critters that wandered into your yard. He knew that pets and scratches came from humans, but that so much fun could be found when playing with friends.

17. “Purr Master”

Some cats know how to use the purr to their advantage. From extra pets to extra food, they had you dialed in and wrapped around their paws. But you didn’t care one bit, because you gladly gave in to their whims.

18. “Never Forgotten, Always Missed”

The little myriad of moments shared seem so tangible but so far away. Maybe you look at the pictures and videos remembering the goofy moments or the ones that melted your heart. Though stilled by death, you vow to be unwavering in your steady thoughts of them. 

19. “I wish we had more time”

They ingrained themselves into your heart and you wanted more time with them but that wasn’t an option. Sometimes you’re lucky enough to adopt a pet who lived a long life, while others know that you’re just there to turn a bad beginning into the best life scenario while time permits.

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20. “Devoted to You Always”

Even though they were a pet and not a child, you made personal decisions to increase their happiness. While this may have meant a few extra struggles with your job, you decided that giving them a life they deserve was more important than anything else.

21. “Free Spirit”

No matter how secure the fence was, he always managed to escape for some adventures on his own. Even though he was an untamable free spirit, he knew where his bed was, and when he was needed at home.

22. “My Boy”

He was perfect in every way—your boy—from the goofy responses he had when you returned from work to the frustrations during grooming times. He’d look for comfort in a thunderstorm but take the lead on any trail adventure. Your boy was one in a million.

23. “The boss”

She managed you, made sure you were okay but demanded attention at feeding time to show you gratitude. If you were out on adventures, she stuck by your side to take care of you. When at home, you kept to her schedule and fulfilled your promises.

24. “Momma”

Your little girl came into the household last but dominated the group. Although the youngest, she quickly became the caretaker, educating the other pets when they did wrong. Her love was without limits, but her needs were strong.

25. “My cat, Levi”

Your cat was a typical cat. They were fiercely independent but loving to a tee, requiring personal space yet needing you at every turn. You relished their love when it was given yet laughed when they turned their nose at you. Honoring their “cat-ness” honors their life. 

26. “Gentle Giant”

Your horse wasn’t a Ferrari, he was a Cadillac. He preferred a slow and meandering gate but didn’t expect to get anywhere fast. He made all of your travels as comfortable as any horse ride could be, but you knew your time with him was about the experience versus the result. 

27. “Loyal Maniac”

He listened to a point, but the adventure was all about him. You had to keep up—cuz he wasn’t messin’ around! A dog like that has ambitions, a job, a drive, and a distinct measure of needed outcomes. Sniff here, chase a squirrel there, jump in a river twice and leave only when tired.

28. “Adventure Buddy”

From urban hiking and coffee houses to kayaking and camping, your best friend went everywhere those paws (and you) would take them. Today until forever, your fondest recollections will be sprinkled with the memories inside those adventures.

Inscribing the Urn of a Loved One or Pet

If the inscription is short, the words you use still can be impactful. From the options above, perhaps you’ve seen how even when using just a few words, you can articulate great meaning. Hopefully, we’ve helped inspire you to come up with the appropriate words for your loved one’s urn.

Another beautiful option for keeping a loved one's memory alive is a memorial diamond created from ashes. Some companies, like Eterneva, create lab-grown diamonds and allow you to pick from several cuts and colors for your gemstone.

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