16 Beautiful Urn Necklaces to Hold a Loved One’s Ashes


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Coping with the loss of a loved one is never an easy experience. Thus, some people manage their feelings by keeping a part of their loved one close to them after they pass. This serves as a reminder that, although they may no longer be here, their spirit and memory live on.

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One way to keep a loved one close after their passing is to store their cremains in an urn necklace. Cremation jewelry options are becoming more and more common, and if you’ve cremated a close family member or friend, you don’t have to store the cremains in a traditional urn. You can instead opt to take them with you wherever you please in the form of jewelry. 

Keep reading if this idea interests you. The following are some of the various types of beautiful urn necklaces you can choose from.

Types of Urn Necklaces for Pet Ashes

Pets offer some of life’s greatest joys. When they pass, we want to remember that joy. These types of urn necklaces can help:

1. Photo engraved pendant

Many people find that looking at a photo of their pet for a mere instant is enough to put a smile on their face. If you’re such a person, and you’re sadly mourning the loss of a pet, you can order an urn necklace pendant featuring an engraved photo of your furry friend. 

2. Animal shape

Numerous urn necklace pendant suppliers offer pendants in the shape of various animals, including birds, fish, horses, and many others. Such pendants are perfect for storing the cremains of a pet.

3. Dog bone

Remind yourself of a lost dog’s appetite for life with an urn necklace pendant in the shape of a dog bone. You can find these pendants from a variety of suppliers.

The cute design can help ease the pain you might otherwise sometimes feel when looking at your urn necklace and thinking about the times you spent with your pet.

4. Pawprint

A popular urn necklace pendant design is a basic rounded pendant with a paw print in the center. It’s a cute way to store a dog or cat’s cremains!

Types of Urn Necklaces for a Parent’s Ashes

Parents offer us guidance, support, love, and so much more. Honor the memory of a lost parent with one of these options:

5. Guardian angel (or another religious icon)

Children (of any age!) who lose parents sometimes cope with their loss by imagining them as their guardian angel. If you know someone with strong religious beliefs, they might want to store a parent’s cremains in an urn necklace pendant that resembles a traditional guardian angel. Plenty of suppliers offer pendants in this style.

Similarly, if a child wants to honor the memory of a religious parent, but doesn’t necessarily resonate with the guardian angel idea, they can choose a pendant with the image of praying hands. These types of pendants are also relatively easy to find. Other types of common urn necklace pendants that symbolize religion include Buddhas, saint medallions, Stars of David, and numerous others. These are all options to consider if you’re mourning a parent who valued their religious beliefs.

6. Hobby-themed

Numerous urn necklace pendant options may correspond to lost parent’s hobbies. You can find pendants in the shape of motorcycles, fish hooks, golf balls, boxing gloves, and much more.

If a certain hobby played an important role in your parent’s life, you might want to see if anyone offers an urn necklace pendant that symbolizes their passion.

If you're looking for something very unique (think a favorite toy, their motorcycle, or instrument of choice), you can custom order an urn from a store like Foreverence. You submit a design idea or sketch, then the company designs and 3D prints your urn, so you get a 100% unique container.

7. Cultural iconography

Parents often pass down certain cultural values and beliefs to their children. When a parent passes away, a child can honor that tradition by wearing an urn necklace featuring a pendant that symbolizes their parent’s culture.

The specific type of pendant you’d choose would depend on your own cultural background, but popular options include four-leafed clovers, flags, and even bullets for those with a military background.

Types of Urn Necklaces for a Spouse or Partner’s Ashes

Romantic love can be so strong that it transcends death. Anyone who has sadly lost a partner or spouse may want to keep them close with one of these urn necklace styles:

8. Memorial diamond

This is a unique entry on this list because memorial diamonds don’t technically qualify as urns, as they aren’t actual containers for storing cremains. However, this is still an option worth considering if you’re mourning a lost romantic partner. Various companies can extract the remaining carbon from a loved one’s cremains and use it to create a diamond. They essentially turn a partner’s cremains into a symbol of enduring love.

Some companies, like Eterneva, create lab-grown diamonds and allow you to pick from several cuts and colors for your gemstone. 

9. Heart

Although it’s an obvious choice, it’s also perfectly appropriate for storing the cremains of a spouse or partner. Many companies offer small heart-shaped pendants that hold a small portion of cremains.

10. Flower art

Flowers often inspire urn necklace designers to create pendants that also serve as cremation art. They typically consist of pendants with transparent resin or glass front sides, displaying artistic designs that resemble flowers. This could be the ideal urn necklace pendant for someone remembering a lost romantic partner.

11. Initials

Sometimes partners and spouses show their love by getting tattoos of their significant other’s name or initials. This is a similar idea. Many urn necklace suppliers offer pendants in the shape of letters, allowing customers to wear the initials of lost loved ones whenever they wish.

12. Holding hands

If you search through the options various urn necklace suppliers offer, you’ll eventually find several types of pendants that resemble two people holding hands. You might choose such a pendant to store the cremains of a deceased spouse or partner.

Types of Urn Necklaces for a Child’s Ashes

The pain of losing a child is tremendous. It’s not an easy thing to overcome. Some may find it easier with one of these urn necklaces.

13. Classic cylinder

Someone who wants to keep a lost child close in the form of an urn necklace might want to do so in a subtle way. In other words, they might not want the necklace’s pendant to be so unique that people who don’t know the story behind it ask about its purpose. Luckily, many urn necklace pendants come in the form of generic cylinders that serve their purpose without attracting too much attention.

If you don’t want people asking about your urn necklace pendant frequently, but you also feel a generic cylinder isn’t dynamic or visually-appealing enough to properly honor your child’s memory, you can also find pendants in various contemporary styles that don’t resemble any particular object, but merely look like attractive pendants you might wear with any piece of jewelry. They’re unique enough to stand out, but not so flashy that they’ll attract constant questions.

14. Angel wing

Many people who lose children take comfort in the idea that their children have become angels after their passing. Such a person might want to keep their child’s cremains in a pendant that resembles an angel wing. Fortunately, many suppliers offer this design option.

15. Butterfly

Parents who outlive their children often find it important to reassure themselves that their children still live on in some capacity.

That’s why pendants in the shape of butterflies are also popular choices for parents wearing urn necklaces. In many cultures throughout the world, butterflies symbolize resurrection and hope, themes that may naturally appeal to a mourning parent.

16. Footprint heart

Another common pendant design for urn necklaces is a heart shape with the shape of two footprints in the center. Because parents often keep casts of their children’s footprints during the early years when they’re growing quickly, this is an option that might appeal to a parent who lost a young child.

Foreverence specializes in creating unique, customized urns for any loved one. They can create one-of-a-kind, wearable creators to match any style or legacy. 

Urn Necklaces: Keeping Loved Ones Close

Urns for ashes don’t merely need to take the form of large containers. Sometimes, people want the option of taking cremains with them wherever they go. These are just a few urn necklaces that will allow them to do so.

If you're looking for more types of cremation jewelry, read our guide on white gold cremation jewelry and cremation gemstones.


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