15 Beautiful Urn Types to Honor Mom


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An urn is a place to store someone’s cremated ashes, but these have come a long way in recent years. There are now so many options to choose from to honor your loved one’s memory. This is especially important when you’re looking for creative urns for your mother, one of the most important people in your life.

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Today’s urns are about more than just function. They’re also stylish and include a number of different cremation art options. There are even non-traditional alternatives to really reflect your mom’s personality and passions. 

Like with all things related to end-of-life planning, there is no one-size-fits-all. It’s just about choosing the best option for your loved one. In this guide, we’ll share the best urn types to honor mom and her legacy. 

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What to Consider When Picking an Urn for Mom

There are a lot of things to consider before you pick an urn for mom. There is always a balance between style and function. This means you should have a plan for keeping the urn, burying it, or disposing of it in some way. You’ll also have to handle some practical elements, like the size. 

While your funeral home can help with specific questions, here are the top things to consider when picking an urn for mom:

  • Cost: Like with all things, the cost is one of the first concerns most people have. If you’re wondering how much does an urn costs, you’re in luck. There is a lot of flexibility, and you can even create one on your own with a bit of DIY know-how.
  • Size: You’ll need to have enough space to fit your mom’s ashes in your urn. This is something the crematorium can provide direction in, but if your mom was taller or larger, she might need additional space considerations. In addition, if you’re dividing ashes between family members, you also might choose a smaller urn. 
  • Style: Do you want a biodegradable urn for a water or land burial, or would you prefer something you can keep in your home for years to come?
  • Personality: Last but not least, did your mom have any passions or personality quirks that you’d like to honor with an urn? These are fully customizable, so consider how she’d like to be remembered. 

Now that you know what to keep in mind, it’s time to share some of the best options for urns. You might be surprised by just how diverse this list is!

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Traditional Urn Types for Mom

First, let’s start with more traditional urn types for mom. These are things you can easily store within your home or display on a shelf. They become a precious heirloom for years to come, and they keep your mother close. 

1. Micro urn

A micro urn is exactly as the name implies. It’s an urn that’s built much smaller than the norm, usually intended if you’re dividing up the ashes amongst family members.

Because it’s so small, this is easy to take with you throughout your life and fits in with existing decorations. 

2. Traditional vase

The most traditional urn style is the vase. These come in all types of styles, materials, and sizes. Most choose a stone or natural finish to symbolize the return to nature, but feel free to get something out-of-the-box if the design speaks to you. 

3. Flower vase urn

Urns are typically shaped like vases, but some actually are designed to hold flowers or other plants. These vases blend into your home’s design, and they allow you to honor your loved one’s favorite flowers. 

4. Wall mount urn

Recently, wall mount urns have gained popularity as a traditional choice. These urns are built similarly to vases, only they’re intended to adhere to the wall. These are often made of wood, and that allows them to be customized with personal information, designs, and more. 

5. Outdoor urn

Lastly, outdoor urns are heavier, and they’re usually made of granite or stone. These rest outside, similar to a headstone. This is cheaper than a traditional burial, and the urn can rest in your home, within a garden, or in a traditional graveyard. 

Types of Keepsake Urns for Mom

For many, an urn is a way to feel closer to a loved one after they’ve passed. These keepsake urns for mom below are intended to stay in your home, a reminder of your mother’s legacy for years to come. 

6. Candle urn

Lighting a candle is a wonderful symbol of life and memory. Many choose to light a candle yearly upon a loved one’s death, so it’s easy to see why this type of urn makes a great keepsake. A candle urn has a built-in candle holder for displaying a memorial candle. 

7. Book urn

If your mom was an avid reader, a book urn is a powerful way to honor her memory. These can be custom made, or you can DIY one yourself. Within the book, there’s a container for securing your loved one’s ashes. From there, you can display the book on its own or keep it safe on a beloved bookshelf. 

8. Portrait urns

Many artists create what’s known as a portrait urn. This is when your loved one’s ashes are mixed with paint to create a portrait, whether it’s an image of them or something they loved. Knowing that your loved one is embodied in this image is a cherished keepsake. 

9. Rock urn

If your mother loved being outside, honor her legacy with a rock urn. This is a real or artificial rock that containers a secure space for your loved one’s ashes. Then, it’s easy to store the rock outside in a favorite garden, sunny spot, or under a beloved tree.

10. Diamond urn

Diamonds really are forever, and one way to keep your mom’s memory alive is to have her remains turned into a diamond. Eterneva creates real diamonds using cremated remains over a period of a few months. Though more expensive than most urns, this is a touching way to hold her beautiful memory close. 

Other Unique Types Urns for Mom

Finally, there are many unique types of urns for moms that put a spin on the traditional cremation method. These ideas are more affordable than you think, and they’re also quickly growing in popularity. 

11. Water urn

For the mother who loved the ocean, a water urn is a touching tribute to a life of freedom and peace. Water urns are made to slowly scatter her ashes throughout a body of water, whether you choose the ocean, a local lake, or even a backyard pond. 

12. Tree or flower urn

This is a non-traditional take on a burial urn. By mixing the ashes with the seeds for a tree or flower bed, you can grow your mother’s legacy into a gorgeous array of new life. This is a beautiful reminder that rebirth can come from anywhere. 

13. Jewelry urn

Aside from diamonds, there are many types of jewelry designed to act as literal urns. Things like urn necklaces and bracelets have secure compartments for storing your loved one’s ashes close to your heart. You’ll always feel them with you, and this makes a powerful family heirloom to pass down for generations.

14. Memorial tattoo

Many people choose to get a tattoo in honor of a loved one, but you can even take this a step further. It’s now possible to use special ink and process to use the cremated remains within the ink itself. Talk about feeling closer than ever before!

15. Vinyl record

Last but not least, say it with a song. Ashes can now be used to create a vinyl record. No matter what music your mom loved, you can honor her life and legacy in this way.

Honoring Your Mother’s Legacy

An urn is more than just a place to store your loved one’s ashes. It’s a reminder of the impact they had on you, other family members, and the world. While there used to only be limited options, the choices are growing by the day. You can find the perfect urn to suit your mom’s life and legacy with ease. 

How do you think your loved one wants to be remembered? How can you honor their legacy with an urn that fits your needs and their wishes? There is no right answer, so choose what feels best to you. 

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