12 Popular Places You Can Buy Urns Online


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You may only buy one or two cremation urns throughout your life. Let us help you with the process of purchasing an urn by giving you a list of popular online retailers that sell them. You may also benefit from reading this guide to buying urns

Before you make your purchase, it would be helpful to know the urn’s final resting place. If the urn is to be buried in a cemetery plot, you may want to purchase the type of urn that would not require the additional purchase of an urn vault. If the urn will be placed in a columbarium niche, you might check the size restrictions. If the urn will only be used as a temporary receptacle before scattering the cremains, you may want to think more about the item’s design instead of its durability.

Here are some online retailers that sell urns. 

1. Foreverence

Foreverence is unique in the online marketplace because the company specializes in customizable and creative urns. In fact, they pride themselves in that each of their urns is 100 percent unique. 

If you can dream it, Foreverence can make it. The company uses a 3D printer to make your design into reality. Do you want your cremated remains stored in an urn that looks like an African elephant? A space shuttle? Ballet slippers? Foreverence can make this happen. They even designed a custom-made urn to hold the cremains of rock legend Prince.

Since each urn is customized, we can’t give you an exact price range for these creative pieces, but assume that they will be at least $2,000. Their website says to reach out to them for a free quote. The final project can be delivered two to three weeks after the design is approved.

2. Perfect Memorials

Perfect Memorials also offers customized urns, but unlike Foreverence, its urns are not one-of-a-kind designs. 

Regardless, Perfect Memorials is a great company to turn to if you would like an urn shaped like a piano, electric guitar, slot machine, motorcycle, gardening equipment, or a duck. Please understand that they cannot be customized to the point of looking exactly like your muscle car or duck, but they are much less expensive than the exact replicas that Foreverence can create.

Perfect Memorials also sell urns shaped like religious symbols or figures and traditional-looking urns as well.

The urns can be further personalized with a photograph of the individual, birth and death dates, and a quote, poem, or verse. 

Pay attention to the size of the urn you order, as a small urn may only hold a portion of your loved one’s cremains. Also, the price listed on the website doesn’t include a plaque, photograph, or other engravings. 

A large urn from Perfect Memorial ranges between $200 and $400. Add another $60 for personalization costs. 

3. Amazon

Yes, America’s favorite online retailer also sells urns. Some of the online stores that we mention in this article (Perfect Memorials, for example) have a store on Amazon, as well. 

A wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors are available from Amazon. Amazon makes it easy to organize your search so you don’t have to scroll through dozens of pages to find the right urn for your situation. 

One benefit of purchasing an urn through Amazon is that if you choose a product that is not customized, Prime Members may be able to get free one-day shipping. Most are affordable — the price ranges from around $80 to $300.

4. Etsy

As you search for an urn online, consider checking out Etsy. This online marketplace specializes in items handmade by artists, as well as vintage items. 

While you can purchase traditional-looking ceramic urns on Etsy, you can also buy wooden urns engraved with your loved one’s name. 

Like on Amazon, the price of urns on Etsy varies widely. An urn large enough to hold the entirety of your loved one’s cremains is typically over $100. Make sure you are aware of the urn’s size before you order one through any website, as some are made only to hold a portion of your loved one’s ashes. 

5. Urns.com

As you would expect, Urns.com sells a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes of urns. The company offers biodegradable urns, which aren’t easily found on other websites. 

The company offers wood urns, pet urns, cremation jewelry, and traditional vase-like urns in every design and color imaginable. You can purchase urns made from wood, brass, metal alloy, marble, glass, cloisonne, and ceramic urns. The urn you are buying can raise awareness for a disease or show that your loved one enjoyed motorcycles. 

The urns sold on this website range from $120-$300, but they offer luxury urns as well that can cost near $1,000. Free ground shipping is included in the cost. 

6. Stardust Memorials

Stardust Memorials also has a wide variety of urn-related products available on its website. You can buy urns made from many different materials, keepsake urns, cremation jewelry, and urns in every style, color, theme, and size. They also sell urn vaults, which you may be required to purchase if you choose to bury the urn of your loved one in a cemetery. You can also buy urns made specifically for water burial.

Stardust Memorials offers free shipping but personalization costs extra. Look for a coupon code on the website to save money on your purchase.

7. One World Memorials

One World Memorials is another online marketplace you should consider consulting before purchasing an urn. It offers box urns as well as those that display photographs. Many urns are engravable, and these come in a wide variety of colors and styles. It also offers hand-painted cremation urns and those made with Himalayan salt (which are biodegradable). 

We like how One World Memorial organizes its website. You can search for urns by how they will be used. Once you know if you will keep, scatter, bury, or share the ashes, you can find an urn appropriate for your situation. They offer environmentally friendly urns as well. 

Check out its clearance page on their website to find urns at a low price. 

8. Costco

Although you probably won’t find urns sitting on the shelves at your local Costco, you can purchase an urn through the website. To purchase the item, you have to have a Costco membership. 

There aren’t many urns offered through this big box retailer, but purchasing them would be simple if you already have a Costco account. You can also buy caskets through Costco’s website.

9. Walmart

Like Costco, do not expect to go to your local Walmart store and find an urn sitting on the shelf. America’s largest retailer does have a lot of urns available online. In fact, One World Memorial sells urns through Walmart. Prices for all urns range between $60 and $400. 

Check out Walmart’s website to also see its selection of cremation jewelry.

10. Urns Northwest

Although Urns Northwest offers a wide variety of traditional urns, you may want to check out its website if you are looking for wooden urns with an intricate carving. Be prepared to pay more for these beautiful pieces, as the wooden urns cost from $200 to $700.

They also offer ceramic, stone, and glass urns in shapes and designs that you would not be able to find on many of the other websites we mentioned, but the prices are a bit higher than the other mass-produced products. 

11. Memorials.com

You’ll find a wide array of products available on Memorials.com. The prices on its typical urns are low, but they offer uniquely shaped urns as well. You can also purchase urn pendants to hang around the lid of an urn on a chain. You’ll find urn vaults, TSA-approved urns, and engraved urn nameplates as well. 

Check out the sale section if you are purchasing an urn on a budget. Going through the website will take time, as it offers 10,000 different styles of urns and all will be shipped to you for free. 

12. Eterneva

Do not get Eterneva mixed up with other companies that offer cremation jewelry pieces. While you can purchase rings, pendants, or bracelets with hidden (or obvious) compartments to hold a small amount of your loved one’s cremains, Eterneva’s business model is entirely different. The company uses your loved one’s cremains to grow a diamond, which it will set in whatever type of jewelry you would like.

As you could imagine, growing a diamond out of cremains (or fingernail clippings or strands of hair) is an expensive and lengthy process. The price depends on the color and carat of the diamond and can range between $3,000 and $50,000. The process can take between seven and ten months. 

We know that this website doesn’t sell urns, but it deserves a shout-out for offering a unique service for those who would like to make a family heirloom out of a loved one’s cremains. 

Things to Think About When Purchasing an Urn

Besides looking at the cost of the urn, you need to pay attention to the material it is made from, and the size. Glass or marble urns can break if they fall from your mantle. Some urns you see at a reasonable price are actually small keepsake urns, not full-sized urns. 

Think about when you will need the urn. If you plan to use the urn as a part of your loved one’s end-of-life service, you’ll need to find a company that offers a quick turn-around time. You might even have to forgo the personalization to get the product in time for the service.

You may consider purchasing an urn for you to use in the future. Ensure your loved ones know where you are storing the item, so they can use it when needed.


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