Urns for Ashes With Flowers: Types & Where to Buy


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Choosing an urn for the ashes of a loved one after their cremation doesn’t involve making one decision.

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You actually need to make several choices. What shape do I want? How big (or small) should the urn be? How much am I willing to spend? Do I plan on displaying this urn in my home, using it to scatter ashes, or keeping it tucked away somewhere? What material is best for my loved one’s urn? 

Luckily, making at least some of these decisions becomes much easier when you consider the personal tastes and qualities of the loved one whose ashes the urn will contain. For example, if the deceased had a passion for flowers or birds, you might naturally want to choose an urn with flower or bird designs.

The following are a few specific examples worth keeping in mind. They’re among the more popular and attractive types of urns with flowers or birds available.

Tip: If you're looking for something very unique (think a game, their motorcycle, or instrument of choice), you can custom order an urn from a store like Foreverence. You submit a design idea or sketch, then the company designs and 3D prints your urn, so you get a 100% unique container.

What Are Urns With Flowers or Birds for Ashes?

People don’t just choose urns with flower or bird designs solely because a loved one may have cared for flowers or birds in their life. Although that’s an entirely fine reason to choose this type of urn, some people also choose these urns because flowers and birds have symbolic power. 

Flowers can symbolize a blooming life. This is encouraging if you want to believe a loved one’s soul is still alive in some capacity. For some, birds can have a similar meaning, symbolizing the idea of a soul taking flight to another place. On top of that, both flowers and birds are beautiful. Urns featuring flower or bird designs reflect this beauty.

Fortunately, as the examples below illustrate, there are many, many specific styles of urns with flowers or bird designs to consider. Finding one you’ll love shouldn’t be difficult. Additionally, if you’re wondering “How much does an urn cost?”, you’ll be happy to learn these types of urns also range in price, and many are budget-friendly.

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How Much Do Urns With Flowers or Birds Cost?

A wide range of factors can influence the cost of an urn. They include size, material, and whether someone requests any custom features when making a purchase.

The cost of an urn can also be somewhat wide-ranging. Some urns are available for as little as $50. Others may cost as much as $2,250.

Because making an urn featuring flowers or bird designs will likely take a little bit longer than designing and manufacturing a plain urn, the presence of these designs will increase the cost to some extent. However, this factor isn’t likely to have a major impact on the cost of an urn. Again, significant factors like the material of an urn will usually play a more substantial role in the overall cost.

The following breakdown will help you better understand how much you might pay for an urn with a flower or bird design:

  • A ceramic urn will typically cost between $100 and $550
  • A glass urn will usually cost between $150 and $500
  • Marble and stone urns can range between $50 and $500 in most cases
  • Metal urns typically range between $50 and $300
  • A wood urn averages between $50 and $400
  • Companion urns may cost between $200 and $1,250

Types of Urns With Flower or Bird Designs

Knowing you want an urn with flowers or birds doesn’t mean you necessarily want the exact same design as someone else. Here are some options worth considering.

1. Traditional urns

You don’t have to do much research to learn there are seemingly countless types of urns available now. However, when most people picture an urn, they usually imagine a traditional vase-shaped container. It may be metal, ceramic, or a similar durable material.

This type of urn has remained popular for years because it conveys a traditional sense of dignity. Thus, it’s often an ideal option for someone who plans to display an urn somewhere in their house.

The overall designs of these urns can also vary greatly on a case-by-case basis. Some consist mainly of one solid color. Others boast a dynamic mix of colors. Others feature paintings, engravings, or other types of images.

These images can be of flowers or birds. If you’re thinking about purchasing a traditional urn featuring such a design, you may want to spend some time researching specific options, as there are many from which to choose. For example, some urns with bird designs feature detailed paintings of single birds. Others might depict the silhouettes of multiple birds “flying” upwards, suggesting a soul traveling to Heaven.

Those are merely two examples. The main point to understand is that, if you look long enough, odds are good you’ll find an urn with a design that perfectly matches what you have in mind.

2. Planter urns

It’s worth noting that urns with flowers don’t need to merely consist of those featuring flower-centric designs or patterns. Some urns can serve dual purposes, holding a loved one’s ashes while also serving as planters for actual flowers. Some families choose these urns because they symbolize the comforting idea that a lost loved one’s spirit remains alive in some way.

Along with urns in which you can grow flowers, you can also find urns in which you can grow small bonsai trees. This is another option you may consider depending on your tastes.

3. Flower biodegradable urns

An urn may not necessarily be something you keep forever. Some people prefer to scatter the ashes of loved ones, others return them to the earth with biodegradable urns. As the name suggests, biodegradable urns consist of materials that break down in water or soil over time.

Some come in the shape of flowers. You may want to use such a biodegradable urn if you’re planning on distributing a loved one’s ashes at sea, in the woods, or in a garden.

The peaceful image of a flower-shaped biodegradable urn floating away on the water is particularly striking. That said, you can also place biodegradable urns on or in the soil, where they will also break down over time.

Just make sure you research your local ash scattering laws if you choose to go this route. Because cremation ashes can negatively affect the soil in certain conditions, you need to make sure you’re distributing a loved one’s cremains responsibly.

4. Box urns with bird figurines

Another type of urn you may want to purchase if you’re looking for urns with bird designs is an ornate wooden box. You can engrave the deceased’s name on the front of the box, along with any other relevant text.

You can also purchase this type of urn with a bird painting or engraving on the front. However, these types of urns can also feature figurines of birds, which stand on top. People usually choose this type of urn for the ashes of a pet bird, as the bird figurine may resemble their lost pet. If your loved one was a bird lover, this could be a nice keepsake.

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5. Bird keepsake urns

Not all urns are large items you might display in your home. For various reasons, some people prefer to store at least some of a loved one’s cremains in small, keepsake urns. For instance, maybe you travel often and want to keep part of your loved one with you at all times.

A bird keepsake urn can help you do so. These types of urns come in a range of styles and designs, but most essentially resemble small figurines of birds, with compartments for ashes.

You can even attach a string or cord to some of these urns and hang them as ornaments. Doing so results in a symbolic image that suggests a loved one’s spirit has taken flight. That said, you need to keep in mind that an urn could fall if you display it in this manner. That might be a risk you’re willing to take, but it’s still essential to remember.

6. Rose keepsake urns

If you find urns with flowers more appealing than urns with bird designs, but you also like the idea of being able to store someone’s ashes in a small keepsake urn, you’re in luck. Rose keepsake urns are also easy to find like this one.

Specific designs vary. Some rose keepsake urns resemble entire roses, including both the petals and the stem. Others only resemble the petals of a rose. You can choose whichever you’d prefer.

7. Flower jewelry urns

Cremation jewelry offers another way to bring a loved one’s ashes with you wherever you go. For example, some necklaces feature flower-shaped pendants in which you can store cremains. This allows you to literally keep part of someone you’ve lost close to your heart.

This is another instance in which you might need to spend some time browsing various specific options before settling on the right one. These types of urn pendants come in a range of materials, colors, sizes, and shapes. You want to find one that is absolutely perfect. There are many other types of jewelry urns, like this beautiful birdcage urn necklace from Etsy.

Tip: Memorial diamonds are created from the ashes of loved ones, and are another beautiful option for keeping someone's memory alive. Some companies, like Eterneva, create lab-grown diamonds and allow you to pick from several cuts and colors for your gemstone.

8. Birdbath urns

You’ve already learned that urns with flowers can feature actual, living flowers, and not merely flower designs. The same applies to urns with birds.

Some cremation urns allow you to keep a loved one’s cremains in a beautiful birdbath to display on your lawn. This naturally attracts beautiful birds, ensuring you’re more likely to have a reason to smile any time you look at the urn and think of a lost loved one. 

Where Can You Purchase Urns With Flowers or Birds Online?

Finding a place to buy urns with flowers or birds is easier than ever thanks to the internet. No longer do customers need to choose solely from the options local suppliers and funeral homes offer.

There are many websites and platforms through which you can purchase an urn. The following are among the more noteworthy:


Memorials.com is one of the most popular websites through which to buy urns online. This is partially due to the site’s very large inventory. Customers of Memorials.com can choose from upwards of 10,000 urns. This makes finding what they’re looking for easier than ever. In addition to urns, Memorials.com sells such funeral products as caskets, keepsakes, flag cases, and numerous others.

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If you’d like to support an independent artist instead of a larger company when buying an urn, you can purchase one from Etsy. Many sellers on the site offer unique designs that can be difficult to track down elsewhere. 

Etsy is also a good choice to consider if you have very specific wishes regarding the design of your urn. Although many of the urns on the site come as-is, some Etsy sellers design custom urns on commission. Commissioning an urn design may cost you more than you would spend on one that’s already completed, but that might not bother you if you want your urn to perfectly match up with your vision for it.

Urns Northwest

Among the many reasons why you might decide to purchase an urn from Urns Northwest, the fact that the site makes finding the specific type of urn you’re looking for very easy may be a major one. Customers of Urns Northwest can easily search for urns by theme (such as birds or flowers), as well as material, cost, and other such factors. The styles of the urns available via the site range from traditional to remarkably unique, catering to a wide range of preferences.


If you’d prefer to buy an urn through a platform with which you’re already familiar and comfortable, you can buy one through Amazon. Just make sure you thoroughly research a seller’s reputation if you choose to do so. You want to be confident you’re purchasing an urn from a seller who’ll deliver a quality product in a timely manner. This is also a tip worth keeping in mind if you buy an urn through Etsy or a similar platform.

Everlasting Memories

Everlasting Memories is another fairly popular online urn supplier. Some people may choose to purchase an urn from Everlasting Memories because their options can range widely in cost. Both customers looking for affordable urns and those seeking premium urns can likely find a suitable item here. As with many online urn shops, Everlasting Memories also sells a variety of other types of memorial products.

Perfect Memorials

Perfect Memorials sells a variety of urns for both humans and animals. Like Urns Northwest, this site provides customers with the option to browse its inventory by category and theme, simplifying the process of finding an urn with a flower or bird design. Customers of Perfect Memorials may also request custom designs in some instances.

Urns With Flowers or Birds: Beautiful Reminders

There are many reasons you might want to store a loved one’s ashes in an urn with a flower or bird design. These examples prove that, regardless of your specific reasons for wanting such an urn, you have many options from which to choose.

If you're looking for more help with choosing an urn, read our guides on what size urn you may need and different types of metal urns.


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