21 Unique Vilomah Tattoo Ideas to Remember a Loss


Losing a child is never easy. It can feel like the world is completely falling apart at the seams. Finding peace after a loss like this seems impossible, but it helps to honor those no longer with us. In Sanskrit, the word “vilomah” sums up this type of loss: against a natural order. 

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In the past years, the term “vilomah” has become a popular way to describe a parent who has experienced the loss of a child. It’s expected that parents will outlive their children. When this doesn’t happen, parents are experiencing vilomah. This is understandably a traumatic experience, and it can take quite a toll on affected parents. 

However, finding ways to honor a child after a loss can bring its own peace. This is a reminder in loving memory of the special child. It keeps him or her close no matter what the future brings. In this guide, we’ll highlight unique vilomah tattoo ideas to remember a loss. Tattoos are a highly personal way to honor a loss. Do any of these vilomah design ideas speak to you?

Simple or Minimal Vilomah Tattoo Ideas

For some, simple or minimal tattoos carry a lot of significance. These are typically more subtle, and they can be easier to hide if you want something more personal and private. If you’re not confident you want a large design, these are a great fit. 

1. Flowers

Flowers carry their own language. For a simple and subtle vilomah tattoo idea, consider choosing flowers that mean something to you. From a simple sunflower to a bouquet of roses, this is a symbol of a beautiful, fleeting life. 

2. Heart

Hearts have long been used to symbolize loss. Those we love never leave us, and their memory makes an imprint on our hearts for the rest of time. A single or double heart is a minimalist way to represent the heart you take with you everywhere. 

3. Baby’s breath

Baby’s breath is an herb that bears small, scented pink or white flowers. This is the perfect symbol for the loss of an infant or small child. Forever your baby, this meaningful tribute is subtle yet powerful. It also looks beautiful when done by a skilled artist. 

4. Angel wings

Losing a child of any age is like losing an angel. Full of innocence, honor this loss with simple angel wings. Though subtle, most people are aware that this is a universal sign of remembrance and loss. You can get the tattoo in your child’s favorite color or stick with traditional black and white. 

5. Ribbon

There are different ribbons to symbolize awareness about all types of things, from cancer to miscarriage. A ribbon tattoo not only highlights your loss, but it is also a way to connect with others who are going or have gone through the same difficult experience. Together, we can raise awareness around loss, grief, and mourning. 

6. Birthstone

A birthstone is a way to honor someone’s birth month. Most people are familiar with the different stones and the months they reflect, but they also are tied to their own special meanings. To keep a child’s memory alive, honor them with a simple birthstone tattoo. 

7. A moon and stars

Parents love their children to the moon and back. The night sky has long been a symbol for the heavens and what comes after this life. A moon and stars tattoo is a way to reflect on this change, reminding us to always look to the heavens for those we love. 

Vilomah Tattoo Ideas With Quotes

Finding the right words after a loss is never easy. Including memorial tattoo quotes in your design brings special words to life, helping you make sense of a heartbreaking tragedy. Borrow from the experts to find the words that speak to you the most. 

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8. “In this together”

If you’re a couple who experienced the loss of a child, it can be easy to feel like a gap is forming between you. An “in this together” tattoo is a reminder that this is a connection bound together forever. You can pair this vilomah quote with a symbol, like two birds on a branch, two hearts, or anything that makes sense to you. 

9. “The hardest goodbye”

There’s no such thing as an easy goodbye. Saying goodbye to a child feels impossible. This is most certainly the “hardest goodbye,” but it’s not goodbye forever. It’s just a goodbye for now, and you’ll be together again someday. 

10. “Too beautiful for earth” 

For a child who is gone too soon, honor their memory by thinking of them as too beautiful for earth. Some souls are too pure, and their time might come sooner than we expect. Though they’re no longer here, their memory lingers on in those who love them. 

11. “Always in my heart” 

When we lose a special person, they’re always with us. They stay forever in our hearts until we meet again. An “always in my heart” tattoo nods at your loss while still remaining personal and private. 

12. “Forever and always” 

Love doesn’t end when we leave this earth. It’s something that lives on through our memories, legacies, and those we knew. A “forever and always” tattoo honors a connection that lives on no matter what life may bring. 

13. “Nothing loved is ever lost”

This famous quote is about how love is the strongest thing we have. It goes beyond the limits of death. Though we might not have those we love close physically, they’re always there in spirit. Those we love are always a part of us, and that love is a very real thing. 

14. “Your wings were ready but my heart was not” 

After a loss, you might recognize that it was someone’s time to leave this earth. They were called elsewhere, but that doesn’t make this loss any easier. It’s hard to prepare yourself for separation from someone so special. This tribute quote honors your own timeline for grief. 

Vilomah Tattoo Ideas With Dates

Dates also carry a lot of significance. From the day we’re born to the day we leave this earth, every moment counts. These vilomah tattoo ideas include dates that are important to you. From birthdays to death dates and anniversaries, these moments carry their own meanings. 

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15. Halo 

A halo is another simple vilomah tattoo idea, and it’s easy to add dates. You can include a date under the halo or within the design itself. You can also add wings, a footprint, or a name to make it more personal. 

16. Feather

Feathers are seen as a symbol of remembrance. When you spot a lone feather on the ground, it’s a sign that an angel is watching over you. A feather tattoo with a special date is a small yet powerful tribute. 

17. Cross or religious symbol

If you’re honoring someone who held their religion closely, a cross or other religious symbol is a great way to combine a date with something meaningful. Religion is one of the ways many people find peace after losing a loved one, especially a child. 

18. Dove

Doves are a common symbol of grace, remembrance, and peace. Perfect for honoring a child, dove tattoos are simple enough to include special dates. Whether you choose a realistic design or a stylized work of art, this is something you’ll hold close. 

19. Tree

Another common symbol of life and death is the tree. These come in all shapes and sizes, and the linear style makes it easy to add important dates. Though trees naturally change throughout the seasons, their beauty and strength remain. 

20. Heartbeat

A heartbeat is a way to symbolize someone’s life. Even when they’re gone, their heartbeat can still be felt through those they love, their memories, and photos. A heartbeat tattoo with an important date, like a birthday, reminds you that every person is connected. 

21. Roman numerals

Lastly, a subtle way to include numbers and dates in your tattoo design is by using Roman numerals instead of traditional numbers. This is less obvious, and it turns the date itself into the design. Simple tattoos truly can be the most meaningful. Like all things, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

Vilomah Tattoos for a New Identity

Ultimately, after a loss such as this, it’s normal to feel as though you’re entering a new identity. This is a huge change, and it’s normal to take your own pace at recovery. Understanding the Sanskrit word for vilomah is one of the ways to heal. Sanskrit is a highly religious language, and it is a fine example of the fact that sometimes we have to turn to other cultures to understand humanity’s shared experiences. 

A tattoo honoring a loss that goes against the “natural order” is one of the many paths to healing. Depending on this new identity can help you connect with others in a similar situation, or simply feel closer to your child. Whether you choose a memorial wrist tattoo or another meaningful placement, this is something to hold onto.


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