30+ Different Ways to Say ‘Thank You’


There are so many reasons to express gratitude, and just as many ways to do so. It’s always wonderful to receive a ‘thank you’ after giving a gift, providing a service, offering moral support, or helping someone in a professional setting. 

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If you are tasked with writing a thank you note, you may be wondering how to make it unique. If you are feeling stuck on what to say, or are writing tons of thank yous after an event is getting monotonous, we’ve got you covered. 

Keep reading for some funny, creative, and professional ways to say thank you. Plus, we’ve included some ways to show your gratitude when a card just won’t cut it.

Funny Messages to Say ‘Thank You’ 

If you want to spruce up a thank you note, make it funny. You can go for a message that’s cheesy, silly, cute, sarcastic, or anything that you think will make them laugh. 

1. “If you could see me now, you’d be watching cartwheels and happy dances. That’s how grateful I am!”

No matter who you are, when we imagine you doing cartwheels and dancing out of excitement, we can’t help but crack a smile.

2. “All I can say is Wow! Fabulous! Incredible! Amazing! Turns out I have a lot of things to say, but most importantly, THANK YOU!”

This is a very cute way to show how grateful you are. It’s especially funny if you’re known for being a big talker. It might be even funnier — in an ironic way — if you’re super shy. 

3. “Guess who’s grateful for you! The same person who’s grateful for you every single day. Me! But today is different, because today you get a card.”

This has a pinch of dry humor and a dash of silliness, but it’s also incredibly sweet.

4. “Thank you! Gracias! Grazie! Merci! Arigato! Mahalo! Toda! Spasiba!”

This is a fun way to say ‘thank you’ in multiple languages. You can use any languages you like. Listed here are English, Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese, Hawaiian, Hebrew, and Russian. 

5. Send a gag gift.

Make it really cheesy, like a cheeseboard. The message could read: “This is the cheesiest way I could think of saying thank you!”

6. If all else fails, send them this article. 

Forward this article, and let them choose how they want you to thank them. That’s sure to get a chuckle. 

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Creative Messages to Say ‘Thank You’

It’s always a good idea to send a thank you note. If you’re finding it difficult to get those creative juices flowing, here are some messages to get you started. 

7. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

This one’s simple and sincere. You can make it creative by capitalizing on the heart theme. Draw a beautiful heart on the card, include heart-shaped candies, or get fancy and knit them a heart-shaped pillow. 

8. “I am blown away by your generosity of spirit. As always, you’ve outdone yourself. Thank you!”

People generally give gifts out of their generosity of spirit, and it is really thoughtful to acknowledge this. 

9. “Once again, you’ve saved my life! Thanks for always being there for me.”

It’s okay if they didn’t literally save your life. If you want to make it slightly more casual and a bit funny, you could always say something more along the lines of, “once again, you’ve saved my butt!” 

This works for a coworker you have a close relationship with, a good friend, or a family member who stepped in when you needed a helping hand. 

10. “I can’t thank you enough! Have a drink on me!”

Slip a 5 or 10 dollar bill into your thank you card and suggest they have a drink (or dessert) on you as a token of your gratitude. 

11. Say thank you with a quote.

If writing isn’t really your forte, you can always say ‘thank you’ with a quote. Here’s a creative list of thank you quotes for some inspiration. 

12. “I’m truly speechless. There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude.”

If you’re completely stuck, you can say so. Sometimes letting someone know you’re at a loss for words is the best way to say ‘thanks.’

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Professional Ways to Say ‘Thank You’

When a colleague, supervisor, or client is particularly helpful or goes above and beyond for you, it’s important to let them know you are grateful. 

13. "I appreciate your time and help."

Sometimes simple is best. If you know the person is busy, don’t write them a lengthy note. Keep it short and simple, but be specific about what they did for you that you appreciate.

14. "I want to express my sincere appreciation."

This is a professional and articulate way to begin a thank you note. Let them know why their help was so valuable. 

15. "I am grateful for your guidance."

Use this message if somebody spent time helping you get a new job, move up in your career, or support you through a difficult issue at work. 

Be specific about what guidance made a difference for you. Perhaps it was reviewing your resume and cover letter. Maybe it was honest feedback or valuable advice. 

16. "I am truly grateful for this opportunity."

This is a perfect and professional way to say ‘thank you’ to an employer for a new job, to a supervisor for a promotion, or to a new client for choosing you or your company.

17. "Thank you for sharing your expertise."

If someone has taken time to help you with a project that was a bit outside of your scope, this is the perfect message of gratitude. Letting someone know you appreciate their expertise is thoughtful and will make them feel valued. 

18. "Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to meet with me."

You can use this with a prospective employer, client, or anyone else who is doing you a favor by meeting with you. You are acknowledging that you are thankful and that their time is valuable. This speaks volumes. 

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Ways to Show You’re Thankful Instead of Saying It

Sometimes someone has truly gone above and beyond for you, and a simple note isn’t enough. Here are some ways to show how grateful you are. 

19. Send flowers

Flowers are a classic way to say ‘thank you’. It is such a thoughtful gesture and a nice surprise. This is a great gift of gratitude for both a professional setting and also for friends and family.

20. Put together a basket of favorites

If you know the person loves baked goods, pull out the flour and sugar or head to your local bakery and put together a delicious basket. Maybe they love movies, and you can make a basket of popcorn, candy, and a gift card to the local movie theater. If beverages are more their thing, a wine and cheese or craft beer and jerky basket is sure to be a hit.

21. Make a DIY thank you

Get creative! You can design your own card, make a personalized GIF, knit them something useful, or even paint a picture or write a poem to express your gratitude. 

22. Treat them to a meal

Nothing says ‘thank you’ quite like a home-cooked meal or dinner at their favorite restaurant.

23. Buy a round of drinks

If after-work drinks are a common occurrence in your office, a great way to say ‘thank you’ to a colleague is to treat them to a round of their favorite drink. 

24. Give them the gift of an experience

There are lots of options for this. If they love the museum or the zoo, buy them a pass. If it is someone you travel with, plan a vacation with them. Maybe they’ve always wanted to try zip lining or sky-diving — plan a day!

25. Treat them to a spa day

Sometimes when people are incredibly generous, they think of themselves last. Return their generosity by insisting that they take care of themselves for the day. A spa day might be just what the doctor ordered.

26. Gift desk decor

If you want to thank a boss, colleague, or mentor, gifting them something special for their desk is a nice way to say thank you. A personalized pen, zen garden, a beautiful paperweight, or printed quote are all options to consider.

27. Send a plant

A plant is a great thank you gift, because it is long-lasting and brightens up any space. You can always make this a funny gift by sending a succulent and writing a note like, “You don’t succ, but my life would succ without you!” You could also say something a little more professional, but still punny such as, “Thank you for helping me grow.”

28. Send a thank you video or picture

This is a personal favorite of ours if you are thanking someone for a gift. Particularly if the gift was for a kiddo. Send a picture or video of you or your little one enjoying the gift and shouting your thank yous!

29. Pay it forward

Donate to their favorite charity, help out a mutual friend, or volunteer at an organization they care about. Make sure to let them know you are paying it forward in their honor. 

30. Return the favor

If the situation presents itself, return the favor! If you can support your friend or coworker after they’ve done the same for you, there’s no better way to express your gratitude. That’s what friends are for after all!

Thank You Note Etiquette

It’s important when sending a thank you note or gift to follow some basic etiquette rules. Most importantly, it’s a good idea to be specific, personalize, and be timely. The last thing you want to do is offend someone when trying to express your gratitude! 

Here are some helpful thank you note etiquette guidelines for your reference.  

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