25+ Things You Can Say Instead of ‘Good Luck’


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When you want to wish someone well during a life transition, important work or school event, or even prior to surgery, saying, “Good luck” can fall rather flat. Figuring out what to say, however, can be a difficult process.

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You might be wondering, “What can I say instead of good luck?” If you want a sincere way to wish someone well, communicate care or concern, or share your excitement for their new adventures, ditch the old worn-out phrase for one of the options written below instead.

How You Can Wish ‘Good Luck’ for Work or School

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Whether you’re talking to someone on the first day of school, the last day of an internship, or somewhere in between, you might need to wish that person well. “Good luck” can sound trite and uncaring, so if you need something more meaningful to say or write in a card, choose one of the options below.

1. “You’re going to be great in your new position. I can’t wait to hear all about it.”

“Good luck” often connotes a sense of uncertainty as to whether the person will succeed. This phrase does the exact opposite. Build the person’s confidence explaining how great you know they’ll do.

2. “You’ll do great today! Show them what you’re made of.”

This is a good phrase to say to kids who have a performance and have been talked down to by other students. Build their confidence before they go off to school and help remind them that they’re amazing just as they are.

3. “You’re totally ready for this. You’ve got what it takes.”

This is perfect for when you need to encourage a college student who has been studying hard, someone who is auditioning for a part in a play, or a person applying for an internship.

Any of these life events takes planning, preparation, and good old-fashioned blood, sweat, and tears. Encourage them by telling them that their hard work will pay off.

4. “Stand tall and proud and be yourself. You’ll do great today.”

Every teenager needs a good healthy dose of encouragement and boosted self-esteem.

Tell your teen to embrace who she is with all her individual uniqueness, and hold her head high. Remind her that her success comes from herself, not from what other people say about her.

5. “I hope today is the best one of the entire year. I’m rooting for you!”

Say something like this to someone during a special event such as graduation, the final night of a theatrical performance, or a promotion ceremony. Cheer him on and encourage him to live up the moment as much as possible.

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How You Can Wish ‘Good Luck’ for Surgery or a Medical Procedure

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Surgery and medical procedures can be scary and nerve-wracking. Offering a trite saying can come off as less than sincere. Instead of “good luck,” use one of these thoughtful phrases to communicate your care and concern.

6. “I hope everything goes perfectly for you today.”

This communicates your love and concern while recognizing that there is a level of uncertainty with surgery. Whether you say this in person or on a card, it’s perfectly acceptable when trying to decide what to say when someone is sick.

7. “You’re in great hands. I’ll see you as soon as you come out.”

This reminds the person going through surgery that the doctor is proficient in that type of surgery. It also helps the person focus on the fact that you’ll be there no matter what happens when he comes out of surgery.

8. “All the best during your surgery.”

This is short and simple and works well if you need a quick text or private message to send someone just before surgery.

9. “Here’s praying everything goes just as it should and you come out feeling great.”

If you or your loved one is religious, tell him that you’ll pray for him. These are very encouraging words before surgery for someone who holds onto faith to get through difficult times.

10. “I’ll be cheering you on today. All the best!”

This works best for medical procedures that are on the “simple” side or when the outcome is pretty much guaranteed. It’s a lighter way to wish someone luck for a semi-serious event.

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How You Can Wish ‘Good Luck’ in Someone’s Future Endeavors

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Making choices for your future can sometimes feel like leaping into the unknown. While it may be exciting, you may encounter feelings of uncertainty and nervousness. Encourage someone you know with these well wishes.

11. “I know you’ll be fantastic at your new job. Wishing you lots of luck! ”

Share your confidence in someone’s abilities and help him start their new job with a sense of purpose and excitement.

12. “I hope everything is just as good as you imagine it to be!”

Sometimes life can turn out differently than you expect. Say or write this phrase to wish someone all the best. Communicate your heartfelt wishes with enthusiasm.

13. “Here’s praying for a smooth transition and the best time of life ever.”

Whether someone is moving away, starting a new job, or getting married, a phrase such as this works well. 

14. “Have fun storming the castle! Go out there and conquer the world!”

Use this phrase for someone who is starting a first job. It’s a fun, lighthearted way of telling this person that you think he’ll be great at his chosen career.

15. “You’re going to take this world by storm. Remember me when you’re famous!”

This is perfect to say or write in a card when the person you know is given a raise or transferred to a new location and position.

Gift idea: Buy them an inspirational book, too! We recommend The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein or The Beekeeper of Aleppo by Christy Lefteri.

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How You Can Wish ‘Good Luck’ for Work-Related Ventures

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Changing jobs, accepting a new position, or moving up in business are all reasons for sharing your earnest hope for their best.

16. “I wish you all the best as you start your own business and become your own boss!”

Starting a business isn’t for the faint of heart. Encourage someone by wishing her well as she opens her new business. Pair this with a small gift for a friend to make the first day of a new venture extra special.

17. “May you enjoy your new job as much as you deserve.”

Share how much you hope she’ll love the new stage of life because you know how much she did to get there.

18. “Here’s hoping this new position takes you where you want to go.”

Say something like this if you are aware of the person’s hopes, dreams, and goals. This references the fact that you know what he’s aiming for and shares that you want this to be another step in the right direction.

19. “I’m wishing you all kinds of success in your new business venture.”

Explain how much you want your friend to succeed. People hear a lot of doubting voices, so let yours be encouraging and enthusiastic.

20. “May God be with you each and every step of the way as you rise through the company.”

Use this for someone who believes in God and uses faith for strength and courage. This works especially well when someone has received a promotion or takes a significant position in a company.

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How You Can Wish ‘Good Luck’ With Other Major Life Changes

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A person can encounter numerous life changes, and thankfully, you can say “good luck” for each of them.

21. “All the best to you in your new relationship.”

New relationships are always exciting. Wish someone the best as she journeys through uncharted waters.

22. “Congrats and best wishes on your move to a new country.”

Share your excitement and hope that someone’s relocation goes well.

23. “May your marriage bring you as much joy as you bring to others.”

This can be used to say when you greet a bride and groom in person or can be written in a card.

24. “You’re going to be great parents to your new little one. You were made for this!”

Put this in a card or send it as a message to encourage soon-to-be parents that they’re going to have a child.

25. “Wishing you all the best in the purchase of your new house!”

Purchasing a house is a big step in life. Share your best wishes.

26. “Many blessings to you as you take the leap into the unknown and forge your own path.”

This works well for any major life event. New situations always feel a bit like taking a leap into the unknown. 

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Share Words of Encouragement

Rather than sticking with “Good luck,” choose a phrase that better communicates your wishes for the one you love. The person you’re talking to will feel encouraged, supported, and loved when your words come from the heart.

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