25+ Alternatives to Saying ‘Thank You’ or ‘Thanks’


Finding the right way to express yourself is a key ingredient in better relations across the board. So, if you are seeking to zhuzh up your gratitude vocabulary either professionally or personally, then you have found the right page. 

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Below you’ll find some better options for expressing gratitude, plus you’ll find a few ways to polish up being a good neighbor, patron, or friend. Take a look at the options below so that next time someone impacts your life positively, you can reciprocate with the right words and actions.

‘Thank You’ Alternatives for an Email 

Expressing gratitude in an email is key to being a great professional communicator. Not only will the best choice of words reflect back on you, but they will also sum up the value of the objective at hand. Here are a few options to get you started.

1. “Thank you in advance.”

Are you looking for ways to get better customer service? If so, then offering gratitude in advance (generally) works like a charm. Even if your problem is not solved, you’ll at least receive some excellent service with a positive attitude.

2. “Thank you, I appreciate you looking into this matter.”

Here’s another way of ensuring better service said more formally. You might consider using this when requiring help while looking into matters of finance, insurance, warranties, and the like.

3. “I’m very grateful for all you’ve done.”

Just because it’s in someone’s lane or occupational role to help you, it doesn’t mean that people don’t want recognition for a job well done. The sentiment is well-received in any personal or professional environment.

4. “I appreciate your support in this matter.”

Here’s a way to let someone know their voice or signature is critical. This professional show of gratitude works for matters such as garnering philanthropic or political support, child advocacy, and even community-based actions.

5. “I appreciate your assistance in this matter.”

In writing, nuance is everything. So, where this one differs from the last “thank you” is that you’re getting more of the boots-on-the-ground kind of support. It’ll work for when you must designate different legs of the journey to other people, no matter what that journey might be.

6. “You have gone above and beyond.”

Are you overjoyed at the help and response you received, but want to appear adept and calm? If so, here’s a great way to downplay the elations, yet stand out with a professional demeanor. 

7. “I appreciate your help, even though we came up short.”

Sometimes reasonable solutions take time and perseverance but still require gratitude for the work that did get accomplished. This quote stays in the lane of advocacy and politics but can also apply to those occasions when peering down rabbit holes for obscure information. 

8. Email a thank you note to the company owner.

If there’s been someone who went above and beyond in helping you out, the best way to thank them is to offer praise in the form of an email sent straight to the owner of the business. Here’s how to write a professional thank you note if you’ve never done so.

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‘Thank You’ Alternatives for a Card or Letter

Cards and letters offer a more personal way to provide sentiment and gratitude to loved ones. Still, there’s always a curve in getting the appropriate nuance down to say more with less. Hopefully, if that’s what you’re hunting for today, you’ll discover what suits your needs below. 

For extra oomph, you may want to consider adding some famous thank you quotes.

9. “With gratitude.”

Have you been on the receiving end of support from family, professors, neighbors, or friends lately? If so, here’s a great way to sign a letter or card to let those advocates know how grateful you are for all of their support.

10. “I’m so grateful for you.”

Intimate sentiments suit inner circle members like a parent or grandparent. They also work for spouses who’ve been keeping your world in order, especially if you’ve been sacrificing sleep for that second degree.

11. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” 

Has someone made you feel the fullness of gratitude so much so that it reached the core? If so, reserve this sentiment for that feeling, otherwise, it’ll just sound like unnecessary fluff.   

12. “Your kindness is appreciated.”

This saying works when responding to letters of condolences. You may also find it works for support after a medical scare or when moms band together at the next PTA meeting. Either way, it recognizes both someone’s heartfelt support as well as your reaction to it.

13. “You’re the best.”

Unfortunately, this saying got hoodwinked by the overly sarcastic crowd. However, it does have merit as long as you include the right before and after messaging. Since this is the case, reserve it for the people that know your heart but won’t be scratching their heads

14. “Your support during this time has meant the world to me.” 

Have you recently gone through an arduous or gut-wrenching event? Perhaps your spouse handled your rollercoaster emotions while you grieved the loss of a parent? If so, this saying works well because, during your time of need, they never abandoned you.

15. “I’ll always remember how much you supported me.”

Reciprocating love and support is part of being in any relationship, so this saying works when you want to mention you intend to pay back the favor when it comes around.

16. “I am eternally grateful for your support.”

Here’s a saying that will work for those times when someone came out-of-the-blue to lend a hand, or maybe they caught you just in the nick-of-time. Either way, it feels like what they did was both incredible and timely.

17. Don’t forget your mail carrier and barista with seasonal greetings.

Anyone who is dynamite at their jobs deserves some accolades around the holidays. Plus, paying it forward will ensure great service throughout the coming year.

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More Ways to Say ‘Thank You’ In Person

Expressing gratitude in person is a powerful way to connect with people. With that, there’s just so much you can say, but in many cases, you’ll find that the most powerful statements are the one with the fewest words. Or, the biggest tip. 

18. “Thank you for thinking of me! That made my day.”

Did a coworker bring you coffee on the way to work? Perhaps a neighbor dropped off a bouquet just because they felt like it. Whatever the surprise addition to your day, here’s an easy way to say thank you.

19. “I appreciate how hard you work. It doesn’t go unnoticed.”

Here’s a great saying if you’re looking for ways to show gratitude at home or work. After watching someone commit to doing a good job, it’s going to feel great if you have room in your day to share some positive feedback. 

20. “Thanks for having my back.”

If you’re looking for ways to keep building a personal support structure, this is a saying that gets other people motivated to continue showing up. It works for those times when you have worked hard to find more light than darkness and maybe overcome a few hurdles along the way.

21. “Cheers!”

There’s no reason to be separated by a common language when you can borrow a few popular expressions from time to time! So, this is the UK’s most popular way to say thank you. Try it on and see if it fits.

22. “I owe you.”

Here’s the less formal way of telling someone you’re going to reciprocate their kindness. You might find it more useful in friendship situations rather than parental ones. 

23. “I couldn’t have done this without you.” 

Use this common expression whether or not you needed their help. If it’s an important relationship, some of the nuances don’t really matter.

24. “I can’t thank you enough.”

Did someone watch your house while you were on vacation?  Has someone helped out during a family emergency? No matter what, it's a great expression to keep in your quiver when the absence of help would have changed the whole dynamic.

25. “Let me know how I can return the favor.”

Knowing how to ask for help is as essential as knowing how to assist. Saying this works when you've received support and know that you need to reciprocate in some way. 

26. Tip extra.

If you’re a regular at any establishment that is a tip-based industry, padding the tip by a few percentage points around the holidays is the best way to say thank you.

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Going the Extra Mile

There’s always time for a basic thank you in day-to-day living. But when someone takes the time to be impactful for you, going the extra mile with words and actions can stand out against the rest. 

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