What Size Urn Will You Need for Your Dog?


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It used to be that if your dog died, you would simply bury them at home on your property. That has slowly but steadily become less common in the past few decades. Now, many families opt to cremate their dogs instead of burying them. The reasons for this are manifold. 

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Many municipalities no longer allow people to bury pets, even on their own property. Even if your city allows it, you may worry about leaving your pets behind if you have to move away. Many people also reside in apartments or urban areas where pet burials aren’t a possibility. 

Cremation is a great alternative option. If you’re leaning towards pet cremation, you may be unsure about what to do with their cremated remains. Most people opt to select a special urn to showcase their late pets. Here, we talk more about what that selection process entails. We also provide inspiration as you select creative urns for your beloved family dog.   

How to Figure Out What Urn Size You’ll Need for Your Dog

If this is your first experience with pet cremation, you may feel overwhelmed. You might have no idea what size urn you might need or what styles are available. It’s actually easier to figure out urn sizing for dog’s ashes than you might expect. We’ve broken down the steps for you here:

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Step 1: Figure out how much your dog weighed 

The amount that your pet weighed in life will affect the amount they weigh in death. A large dog like a Great Pyrenees will generate more ashes than a small dog like a Maltese. Most people work with their vets to cremate their pet’s remains.

Even if your vet office doesn’t offer that service, they often contract with pet crematoriums. Find out from your vet how much your dog weighed at their death, or at least at their most recent vet visit. That will inform you as you look at urn sizes.  

Step 2: Do the math

There’s a fairly standard equation to keep in mind when it comes to calculating what your pet’s ashes will weigh.

Some people calculate that a pet’s ashes will be approximately 3.5% of their pre-cremation weight. This means the ashes of a 50-pound dog will weigh about 1.75 pounds.

A more precise equation goes as follows: for each pound your pet weighed, you will need one cubic inch of space. Then, you should add an additional ten cubic inches to that number. So if your dog weighed 20 pounds, you would need an urn with 30 cubic inches of room for ashes. If your dog weighed 100 pounds, you would need an urn that featured 110 cubic inches of space.

As you can see, there’s a big difference depending on your dog’s size.

Step 3: Check the description

Once you know what style of urn you need, begin looking at the product descriptions. Urns should include descriptions that specify how many cubic inches are available for ashes.

Find something that falls into the right size range for you. 

Popular Types of Urns for Small and Large Dogs

Now that you know what size urn you need, it’s time to look at the types of urns that are available. A lot of your decision will come down to personal style. Some people choose to have an unobtrusive urn that blends in with their existing design style. Other people want something more personalized.

You can always create a customized, one-of-a-kind urn with a service like Foreverence, but you can also search for ready-made dog urns online. The choice is yours. 

Here are just some of the types of urns that are available. 

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1. Biodegradable pet urns

When people opt to have their dogs cremated, they don’t always plan on keeping the remains on display. For instance, if you’re planning a scattering ashes ceremony, for your dog you might just want an inexpensive temporary urn. Or if you want to return your pet to nature but can’t bury them, you may be interested in biodegradable urns. 

A biodegradable pet urn will naturally break down in the air, underground, or in water. If your dog loved to swim in a particular lake, you can set float a biodegradable urn containing his ashes out into the water. Or if he loved playing in your yard, you can bury his ashes at the root of a tree which can then serve as a living memorial. 

2. Traditional urn

If you want a pet memorial that blends into your home decor, there are many websites that can accommodate you. Several companies and artisans craft beautiful, elegant urns that are a subtle part of your decor. Look for urns made out of marble or stoneware or any other material that matches your personal taste.

Don’t just go to a home goods store, though. You want to be sure to select a vessel that is intended to store remains. It should seal up tightly so the ashes don’t get accidentally spilled. It should also be sturdy enough that it won’t shatter if it is accidentally knocked down. 

3. Stained glass urn

If your dog brought a lot of color and joy in your life, you should select an urn that reflects that.

A stained glass urn is a bright and bold choice for cremation ashes. It brings an element of light and color to what might otherwise be an overly somber memorial object. You can even pick a design that you think captures your pet’s personality. 

4. Stuffed animal urn

If your dog was a beloved family pet, your children may struggle with their loss. They might miss being able to pet or cuddle their furry friend. Many companies make urns that are encased inside stuffed animals.

They can bring comfort to young kids dealing with a loss. But even adults can find peace in cradling a soft stuffed animal in memory of their dog.

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5. Wooden urn

A lot of people like to use natural materials when selecting urns for their dog’s ashes. Dogs are often very connected to nature. Materials like wood can feel very meaningful. For instance, if you used to take your dog on hikes through the woods, a wooden urn might feel more personal.

There are several different designs. Some feature a place where you can mount a photograph of your dog. Others feature laser-etched pet portraits. You can further customize them by incorporating your dog’s name and the dates he was alive. This type of urn is infinitely customizable and makes for a beautiful keepsake.

6. Statue urn

Several companies and independent artisans offer urns that are shaped like a pet. It might just be a dog curled up to look like they are sleeping. Or the dog might be sitting up on a pedestal. They can be made out of a variety of materials, but are frequently cast out of resin.

The statues themselves can be finished in a variety of ways. You might opt for a stately pewter or bronze finish so that it looks like it’s made out of metal. Or you might send a photo to the artist so they can hand paint the statue to look like your dog. If you get a statue with a base, you can have your dog’s name inscribed. You might also include the dates he was alive or a memorial quotation. This is another kind of urn that can be intricately personalized. 

7. Cremation jewelry

In addition to a larger urn, you can also place some of your dog’s ashes into urn-shaped cremation jewelry. There are several different shapes for cremation pendants that can help you keep your dog’s ashes close to your heart quite literally.

For instance, if you had a hunting dog, you could carry some of his ashes in a bullet-shaped pendant. This is a great way to preserve a small portion of your dog’s ashes if you opted to scatter their ashes or do a biodegradable urn.  

A memorial diamond is one of the most popular types of memorial jewelry. Eterneva makes it easy to customize the size, shape, and color of your dog's memorial diamond. This is a work of art you can wear with you everywhere in honor of your furry friend.

Urns To Help You Honor a Deceased Family Dog

Urns for ashes are a popular way to display the cremains of a loved family pet. But if you’ve never had a pet cremated before, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. You may be unsure of what size urn you need.

You might also not know what styles of urns are available for your pet’s remains. The tools here will help you select the perfect urn to serve as a final resting place for man’s (or woman’s) best friend. 


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