What to Send Loved Ones Spending the Holidays Alone: 20+ Ideas


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Spending the holidays alone isn’t always easy, especially when you want to be close to the ones you love. If distance, health, or circumstances keep you apart, there are still ways to show you care no matter where you are. 

Let’s face it — holidays are hard no matter where you are. Sending a gift to a loved one spending the holidays alone reminds them that they’re loved and supported. When paired with a thinking of you message, this is the perfect way to celebrate togetherness during the holiday season. 

If you’re looking for a gift to send a loved one who is spending the holidays alone, these 20+ ideas are ideal for every situation. From close friends to people you don’t know very well, everyone deserves to be remembered during the holidays.

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What to Send a Close Friend Who’s Spending the Holidays By Themselves

List of what to send a close friend who's spending the holidays alone over an image of holiday decorations

You’re not always able to be with close friends during the holidays, especially when you’re kept apart by a large distance between you. Luckily, small gifts for friends go a long way to showing that you’re thinking of them. 

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1. Candle

A candle is a small token of warmth a friend can use whenever they need something to brighten their day. Though simple, a candle is a symbol of light and togetherness. They elevate everyday occasions, turning even a regular dinner into something more noteworthy. 

2. Puzzle

Puzzles are regaining popularity when it comes to spending time alone. A puzzle not only helps you pass the time, but it’s a calming activity that’s perfect for chilly nights inside. Gift yourself a puzzle as well for a virtual activity to do together. 

3. Self-care package

A self-care-themed care package is an excellent way to remind your friend to take some time for themselves. The holidays can be exhausting, even if your friend is spending this time alone. Including some self-care favorites in a single package reminds them to take a few moments for themselves. 

4. Craft kit

When it comes to spending the holidays alone, a useful gift is something that keeps someone busy. A craft kit lets them put their hands to use, whether they’re painting by numbers or crocheting a blanket

5. Meal kit

Last but not least, everyone appreciates a warm, home-cooked meal. If you can’t cook together in person, gift a meal kit so they can put together something special in their own kitchen. This is perfect if you’re planning to call or chat together over a holiday meal. 

What to Send a Family Member Who Will Be Alone for the Holidays

List of what to send a family member who will be alone for the holidays over an image of holiday lights

If you have a family member who will be alone for the holidays, make sure they know you care. The holidays are all about spending time with family, so taking the time to honor these ties is key to making memories. 

6. Blanket

A blanket is one of the coziest gifts imaginable, and it’s something you can’t possibly have too much of. If your loved one will be spending a holiday alone, make sure they have something warm and thoughtful to wrap themselves in on those chilly nights. 

7. Baked goods

Baking a few sweet treats for a loved one is the perfect way to show that you care. Not a good baker? You can purchase sweets online or at a local bakery. The more you include, the merrier!

8. eGift card

If you’re not sure what to get your loved one, a virtual gift card is likely the best fit. These digital gifts are easy to email, text, or DM to loved ones so they’re perfect for last-minute occasions. Let them pick out something special for themselves this holiday season, on their own time. 

9. Favorite book

Books are the best kind of company. Help your loved one lose themselves in a great story this holiday season. Perfect for curling up on the couch or reading in bed, sending your favorite book or a recent bestseller is the perfect thing to keep them busy this holiday season. 

10. A heartfelt letter

Though simple, sending a heartfelt, thoughtful letter is likely one of the best things you can send someone who is spending the holidays alone. While you might talk to your family member often, writing is an art form in itself. Taking the time to put your thoughts into words goes a long way. 

What to Send a Romantic Partner or Spouse Who Will Be Alone 

List of what to send a romantic partner who will be alone for the holidays over an image of holiday decorations

While it’s hard, sometimes you’re not able to be together in person with your romantic partner or spouse. Keeping this connection alive means sending a gift that’s truly from the heart. 

11. Photo frame or album

Remind your partner just how much they mean to you by sending them a photo frame or handmade album this holiday season. Choose your favorite photo of the two of you together, and write a touching message to complete this gift. They’re sure to keep it close. 

12. Friendship lamp

Friendship lamps are a pair of two smart lamps. When you change the color on one, it changes the color on the other. This is the perfect way to let your partner know you’re thinking of them, no matter how much distance keeps you apart. 

13. Weighted blanket

A weighted blanket is a perfect companion for nights alone. Not only are these proven to help your body relax, but they can mimic the feeling of being hugged or held. Your partner will fall asleep faster and sleep better, even if they can’t be with you. 

14. ‘Open when’ letter

‘Open when’ letters are a collection of letters that are opened on certain occasions. For instance, you might send a few letters to be opened on specific holidays or when your partner feels a certain emotion. Either way, it’s sure to bring you closer together. 

15. Countdown clock

A countdown clock is exactly what it sounds like: a clock that only counts down the minutes, hours, and even the seconds until you see your partner again. You can set this anywhere from 1 minute to 1999 days. Having something to look forward to always makes the holidays brighter. 

What to Send a Coworker or Acquaintance Who Will Be By Themselves for the Holiday Season

List of what to send a coworker who will be alone for the holidays over an image of trees and snow

If you know of a coworker or acquaintance who is spending the holiday season by themselves, lift their spirits with a gesture of kindness. You don’t have to give anything large or complicated to put a smile on their face. 

16. Plant or flowers

Another simple gift idea is to send plants or flowers. These small tokens of kindness are a reminder of brightness, warmth, and life. They cheer up anyone’s space, and they’re easy to care for. 

17. Cozy socks

Socks are a gift idea that everyone loves to receive. Sending a high-quality, warm pair of socks to keep them warm on winter nights is sure to make their holiday season a bit brighter. 

18. Coffee or hot chocolate

Warmth is proven to offer comfort, especially during the holiday season. Gift your coworker or acquaintance local coffee or hot chocolate. Better yet, pair this gift with chocolate, treats, or a new mug. It’s sure to be the sweet treat they need during the holidays. 

19. Journal

A journal is a companion in itself. It’s a way to get your thoughts out without worrying about judgment or how things sound. Whether your coworker chooses to make a bullet journal, write notes for work, or just use it for spare paper, this is always a thoughtful gift idea. 

20. Beer or wine

Last but not least, beer or wine is a good gift idea if you know your coworker or acquaintance enjoys a glass or two to unwind. You don’t need a fancy bottle to warm their spirit for the holiday season. Even better, include your favorite recipe for a wine or beer cocktail. They’re sure to put this to good use all season long! 

Make the Season Bright 

Distance can’t keep people apart in spirit during the holiday season. Even if you’re unable to be together with your friends, family, and the ones you love, you can still make sure they feel special and cared for. These ideas above are the perfect gifts for long-distance friends or loved ones. 

How do you make the season bright no matter where you are? A bit of thoughtfulness goes a long way. This list above proves that you don’t need to spend a lot to make the time special for the people in your life. 

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