What to Write in a Money Gift Card: 30 Message Ideas


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New to money gift cards? Not sure if they’re considerate enough? Then check out the ideas below because we’ve discovered some ways for thoughtful gift-giving that will change your mind.

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Whether in times of great joy or sorrow, you may be surprised at the opportunities for you to show what’s in your heart. Plus, you’ll be able to see how artistic and imaginative giving a money gift card lets you be.

Tip: If you're worried about shipping times or travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can always send a digital gift card with a custom message. We recommend using a service like GiftCards.com so you can text or email the card instantly. 

Money Gift Card Message Ideas for Birthdays

Example of a money gift card message over an image of a classroom

It’s next to impossible to find a gift card that doesn’t suit the recipient with so many options available. So, whether you are getting one for your child, sibling, or boss, there’s sure to be one that suits any taste or concern.

1. “Happy Birthday! Dinner is on us.”

Even if you can’t be there to sing happy birthday in person, you can still make sure the dinner goes off with a bang. Just give their favorite restaurant a call and then have them drop the card in the mail.

2. “If it’s the wrong size, you can’t return it.”

Giving eGift cards means that you’ll never be late getting that birthday gift out again. Plus, you don’t even have to worry about whether it’s the right size or color because the gift recipient gets to make those choices.

3. “I couldn’t make you a cake this year, so make a wish and blow out the dollars!”

Is your child away at college? Or, have they just moved away for the first time? If so, you might be missing those special birthday moments with them. So, here’s a cute way to remind them to miss you.

4. “Our kids think you are an awesome teacher!”

Do you and the other parents think your kids have the best teacher around? If so, why not put a pool together to help them out. Depending on the resources collected, you might be able to put a few cards together.

5. “We tried but couldn’t fit a new golf club into the envelope.”

If you know that your boss loves golf, but don’t know what brand of golf clubs they use, here’s a great way to let them know that someone is paying attention to the little things.

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Sympathy Money Gift Card Message Ideas

For some, it’s traditional to send money in a sympathy card. With the advent of eGift cards and other easily accessible cards to mail, it’s now possible to send those same condolences, but with more options to send money or designate it towards specific items. 

Tip: Before you send a sympathy gift card, check to see if the family has an online memorial page with fundraising. If they do, that's a often a better way to donate money as a sympathy gift. Cake's online memorial pages are a great option for family members who want to raise money after their loved one passes away, either for funeral expenses or to donate to a charity. 

6. “Sending you warmth and love in your time of need.”

Do you want to send something particular, but aren’t sure of the decorating style of the recipient? Then send a money gift card but include a link to what you were thinking about buying for them. If they like it, the purchase will be a snap. 

7. “Our deepest condolences to your family.”

Much like a typical sympathy card, money cards act as vehicles of expression. So, if you commonly offer condolences that way, there’s no reason to alter what you would ordinarily write.

8. “Because you may not feel like cooking right now....”

Are you looking to make sure someone is still eating even though they are experiencing deep grief? Then here’s an option to let them know you care about them staying healthy.

9. “We hope this helps out right now.”

Funeral services are expensive, and it’s not yet common for people to prepay for their funeral. If you would like to help the survivors with the expenses, messages like this get the point across without being financially intrusive.

10. “From our family to yours.”

It’s not unusual for a spokesperson to send a sympathy card on behalf of their entire family. However, if you’re concerned about the clarity, you can sign the names of each family member at the bottom.

Tip: Try one of these creative ways to give money if you want to write more than a card or letter.

Post-planning tip: If you are the executor for a deceased loved one, you'll be receiving many of these sympathy messages, and handling them plus many other tasks can be overwhelming. We have a post-loss checklist that will help you ensure that your loved one's family, estate, and other affairs are taken care of.

Money Gift Card Messages for the Holiday Season

Example of a money gift card message over an image of holiday decorations

Religious and non-religious traditions can be tricky to navigate during the holiday season. So, here’s a few message options that go along with religious and non-religious beliefs.

11. “Santa said he uses email for all of your gifts! Text a picture of what you pick out.” 

Here’s a useful message for kids of any age. Plus, when you communicate on their level, you’re taking the time to be part of their world and it will mean a lot.

12. “Don’t wait to buy those new snowshoes. Go get them!”

If your ambition is to be generous during the gift-giving season, then it’s okay to leave any indication of the holiday or religion off of the card altogether. Just mention what they’ve been talking about and pick out the best store or agency where they can purchase it.

13. “Happy Hanukkah! This is for your next family adventure.”

While Hanukkah is more about spending time with your family than receiving gifts, day four leaves open the idea of a family gift. On this day, you could send your friends or extended family a money gift card for something they could do together.

14. “Happy Kwanzaa! May your celebration with family bring you peace and happiness.”

Typical gifts, or zawadi, given during Kwanzaa are either educational or artistic, both of which can be very personal choices. So, instead of going out on a limb, a money gift card and some links to a few websites will allow them to decide what works best in their home.

15. “Happy Holidays!”

If you don’t know which religious belief your friend follows, then a simple holiday greeting is the best way to address a gift card during the holidays. They’ll appreciate the generosity no matter what you write on the card.

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Money Gift Card Messages for Graduation  

Listed here are some gift card and message ideas for both college and high school graduates. Whether they are headed straight to college or off to find their first post-school job, there are many ways to celebrate their achievements and choices. Here are just a few.

16. Personalize it!

Just because it’s a money card doesn’t mean it has to be boring. So, find your favorite photo of the graduate and order up a personalized gift card. Remember, they’re going to use it in public, so choose something sweet but not embarrassing. 

17. Search for ‘practical’ stores nearby and link those stores in an email.

Look for office supply stores, grocery stores, and someplace to have the oil changed. When they get into a last-minute pickle, they’ll be glad for your practical thinking as well as the gift cards.

18. “For hotels and food.”

Do you know a recent high school graduate who is backpacking for a year rather than going to college? If so, get them Airbnb or Hotels.com gift card help support their choice, but also make sure they’ve got some safety nets. 

19. “Congratulations Graduate! Don’t spend it all on pizza.” 

If you know that the recent graduate is about to head off to college, then you likely know from experience that routines change considerably. So, have a little fun with the messaging.

20. “We’re all so proud of you.”

While there are many ways to express that you are beaming with pride for the recent college graduate, the shorter the statement, the more impact it will have.

Money Gift Card Messages for a Baby Shower or New Baby

Example of a money gift card message over an image of baby clothes and toys

Baby showers are the perfect way to welcome the little bundles of joy into the world. But if you can't make it, we've got some ideas for both.

21. “Welcome to the world, little one!”

Sweet, simple messages are perfect every time. Most likely, everyone else has done enough worrying about all the things they still need.

22. Send a plush bear with a gift card tied to it.

Who needs wrapping paper when a cute stuffed animal works so much better? Just find a plush toy that is baby-safe and use the prettiest ribbon you can find. 

23. Give the balloons a job. 

When you're at the store, ask to have the balloons stuffed with gift cards before the helium goes in.

24. “I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it to your baby shower.”

If you’re unable to attend the baby shower, you can still send flowers with a gift card. The mom-to-be will be appreciative no matter what.

25. Get crafty

Attach the gift cards to paper flower art that will serve as decorations for the baby’s room. 

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Money Gift Card Messages for a Wedding

Money gift cards are permission slips to skip the popcorn popper and choose something unusual. Check out some of our ideas and then see what you can come up with, too.

26. Give a journal and a gift card.

Couples that have been previously married often have most of the things they already need, but what they have yet to acquire are stories. Give them a nice hard cover journal as an easy way to help them on that path.

27. “For One Sleigh Ride”

Some couples set up honeymoon registries instead of wedding ones. So, just pick one that sounds like fun.

28. “Enjoy your honeymoon!” 

Here's how to let the new couple know you want to contribute to their honeymoon, but without having anything specific in mind.

29. “Congratulations to the beautiful couple! We hope this helps decorate your new life together.”

If you're in a time crunch and don't know the new couple's preferred decorating style, then skip the headache. After all, money cards act as stylish accessories for any room in the house.

30. “Open in one year.”

The couple is receiving so much love for their wedding, so why not think of the big picture? Ask them to hold onto the envelope for one year so they can have some cash on their anniversary. Read our guide on how to write open when letters for more ideas.

When Money Gift Cards Make Better Sense

If you like getting creative in your gift-giving, then sometimes gift cards make better sense. Hopefully, you’ve discovered a few extra ways to set your imagination free.

And if you’re on the receiving end, don’t forget to send a thank you note!

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