What to Write on a Leg or Arm Cast: 30+ Short Messages


Many long-winded people out there can't write in short sentences even when sending a text message. So, we're here to help those of you who get stuck on the small stuff. 

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You're in the right place if you're looking for ideas about what to write on a leg or arm cast because we've got some great options for both kids and adults.

While I sprinkled the tame but funny stuff throughout this article, you'll find the final selection filled with more mature phrases.

What to Write on a Child’s Cast

Getting injured is no fun. But that doesn't mean the recovery has to be boring or uneventful. Whether you're a nurse, aunt, uncle, or even a kid sharing a hospital room with someone who has a cast, we've got a few unique ideas to make having a cast a little easier to bear. 

1. “My Armissaurus Rex”

Some children love dinosaurs and silly jokes; this message reflects both. It's lighthearted, has child-like wit, and it’s clean fun. These things combined make for the right kind of message for any kid in the dinosaur phase of their childhood.

2. “$5 per story”

Until the cast comes off, that child will have to respond to questions about the accident all day long. Here's a way to help them bypass the repetitiveness by making people cough up a few bucks for the privilege to ask them how it happened and if it hurts. 

3. “Small Cast Advisory, Big Deal in the Pediatric Ward”

As a pediatric nurse, you might get asked to sign a cast or two throughout your career. Here's one that will encourage a smile while boosting the child's morale.

4. “Superhero in Disguise”

Wearing a cast makes the job of being a kid difficult. Plus, it's irritating, itchy, and hard to work around. You may find that when a regularly upbeat child has to take it easy to heal, they become sad or even depressed. That's why fun and silly messaging matters.

5. “You are so brave!”

If your niece or nephew had some pretty scary surgery, let them know how brave they are to go through something like that. They may not feel like kicking around a ball right away, but you still sneak in some fun get well gifts or treats without mom or dad finding out. 

6. Marker mural

Ask the inured child if they would like a fun, colorful mural instead of random words or signatures. Do they like bugs? Flowers? Rainbows? Whatever they like best, share the markers with the other children in the hospital to draw a colorful mural all over their leg cast.

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What to Write on Your Child’s Cast

It's heartbreaking and even a little scary to see your child break their arm. When all is settled, you can think about a few funny things to write on their cast to improve their mood and start to heal.

7. “I do all my own stunts.”

Here's a great line if you've got a daredevil child aiming to be the next Evel Knievel or Hollywood stunt performer. They may not be trying to jump Caesar's Palace or the Grand Canyon, but the backyard stunts may be enough to make you pause a time or two.  

8. “I was fighting a bear.”

Winding up in a cast right before the end of school puts a serious wrench in the hopes and plans for a great summer vacation, especially with trips to the lake and pool parties. That's why some well-placed humor works well, especially with younger kids.

9. “g = 9.81 m/s²”

Name one thing that’s not your kid’s best friend when falling off her bike at lightning speed? Gravity. And it’s equal to 9.81 meters squared. So, if you’ve got a budding Sir Isaac Newton in the making who’s a little banged up, this equation is certain to make her smile.

10. “This isn’t the best way to get out of chores.”

Since you’ve probably had a few discussions about the pros and cons of helping out the family, here’s a lighthearted poke at those parent-child dynamics. After all, parents are well aware that kids love earning money, but that they hate doing chores.

11. “My hero”

Little ones need to hear (or read) that they're still the same tough little hero even if they're out of commission for a few weeks. Couple this with some fun activities where they can succeed, like board games and scavenger hunts, to help them get back their confidence.

12. Tic-tac-toe board

Tic-tac-toe is one of the oldest and easiest games to play. But instead of using a marker, pick up a package of round dot stickers at the office store. That way, you can use the board multiple times rather than just once. 

What to Write on an Adult’s Cast

When friends or loved ones work in a professional setting, you'll want to maintain a higher decorum level or suitability for the office. Below, you find a few fun ideas, including a few get well wishes

13. “Golf Countdown: __ Days”

It's one thing to sit out a weekend of golfing for work or business, but when it's your only source of relaxation during the summer, it's a huge deal. That turns this message a steady but positive reminder that they'll be back on the course in no time.

14. Art

As a graphic artist, you're talented both off and on the computer. And while cast covers are great, anyone can buy them. So, take some of that raw talent and draw something unique, so your friend doesn't have to stare down at a dull yellowy beige-colored cast for the next few months.

15. “You’re my favorite.”

If your partner is on the mend after surgery, write down one of those sweet sayings you’re not embarrassed to say publicly. Remember to be considerate of their jobs and keep the NSFW (not suitable for work) stuff to yourselves.

16. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner 

For the sake of art, this is the only exception to a short message! If you've got excellent penmanship, write a full poem to cover the entire cast. When finished, it'll look like newsprint paper mâché art. 

Add an artistic flair by sketching one of the characters, the albatross, over the words

17. “Feel better soon!”

Keep your message short so that others can fill up space with well-wishes, too. Draw a smiley face or doodle a cat face, for example, next to your words to personalize a commonly used message. 

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Funny Messages or Puns to Write on a Cast

If your loved one works remotely or doesn't have to worry too much about a professional setting, you don't need to worry about colleagues casting judgment. Here are several NSFW ideas to get you started.

18. “Ad Space Available. $180 Per Inch”

Any stuck with a cast will have it for a few months, which means that you want to save the best space for the right people—or ads. 

19. “Wrestler in Training”

If your dad is a massive fan of professional wrestling shows, including NJPW and Sumo wrestling, make sure to have some fun with his cast.

20. “Sasquatch is real!”

This message makes for a much less embarrassing conversation than how jumping a fence to catch a ball during a neighborhood flag football game seemed like a good idea at the time.

21. “Hiking Accident. Yes, it hurts. Up to 12 weeks. Whiskey.”

Answering the same questions over and over again is annoying. Luckily, as adults, the wording gets to be a bit more playful. You may decide to cast off the whiskey bit, but you get the point.

22. “Stuntwoman”

This message works for that time when your wife decides she's going to learn how to ride your teenager's longboard down the steep driveway. While it's exactly the kind of adventurous mom the kids need, it may not have been the best decision.

23. “Blast from the Cast”

For the adventurer who only slows down when they’re in recovery.

24. “Cast but not Least”

For the person who came in last but was a winner just by showing up at the starting line.

25. “The Cast and the Furious”

For a fan of the movie series.

26. “He who laughs cast laughs best.”

For the person who may have been injured, but still succeeded in their daredevil stunt.

27. “Famous cast words”

For the friend who said they were going to be okay—right before the accident.

28. “I know what you did cast summer.”

For the scary movie buff.

29. “Cast Car, Cast Lane”

For the person who’s need-for-speed outweighed their common sense.

30. “The Cast Judgment”

For the art critic.

31. “The Cast Samurai”

For the Tom Cruise fans out there.

32. “Ghost of Christmas Cast”

For when breaks happen around the holidays.

33. “Living in the cast”

For those whose past is fractious.

Short Messages for Arm and Leg Casts

Now that you've learned how to write concisely (with one notable exception), grab a marker pen and share some love, support, or laughter with someone who needs a smile today.

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