30+ Short Messages for a Funeral Wreath or Wreath Ribbon


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You can find numerous rules and rituals to guide your understanding of funeral flower etiquette. Attend enough funerals or memorials and you’re bound to see a nearly endless array of flower styles, bouquets, wreaths, arrangements, and ribbons.

Our Top Picks for Funeral Wreaths and Wreath Ribbons

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If you or someone you know must write a message on a funeral wreath or ribbon, the task can feel daunting. What do you write on a funeral wreath in a few short words that is poignant, meaningful, and a loving tribute to the one who passed away?

Here are some suggestions to help you pen the perfect saying on a funeral wreath or ribbon of someone you love.

Tip: Creating or buying a funeral wreath is one of the many tasks you might be facing after the death of a loved one. Our post-loss checklist can help you decide what to do next. 

Funeral Wreath Messages for a Parent

Writing a message for a parent can be a difficult process. It can seem like a tremendous challenge to wrap up a lifetime of love, care, friendship, memories, and laughter on a wreath or ribbon. Though you only have space for a few words to go with your funeral flowers, it’s possible to write a message that is both meaningful and poignant to honor your parent who has passed away.

1. Always in my thoughts, forever in my heart.

Simple and succinct, this message rings true for many people. Those we love may be gone but they’ll never be forgotten.

2. Your wisdom, kindness, hugs, and laughter will always be remembered.

Writing a few words about what made your parents so special is an appropriate form of tribute on funeral flowers.

3. [Mom/Dad], I will always be your boy/little girl.

Whether you’re a daddy’s girl or a mama’s boy, if you share a special relationship with your parents, include that on a wreath.

4. I’ll always remember what you taught me, how you loved others, and how you lived.

Speaking about the ways your parents impacted your life is a loving tribute to their memory.

5. You are loved, you are missed, you will always be remembered. 

Declaring that a parent will be missed and remembered is a beneficial part of the grieving process.

6. You will be missed more than we can say. Until we meet again.

This short message is ideal for parents and children who believe in heaven or an afterlife where you will see each other again.

7. You were the light, the love, and the laughter that made our lives bright.

This is a loving tribute to a parent who was the proverbial “patriarch” or “matriarch” of a family, or the one person an entire family was centered around.

8. Every time I see a [name of object], I’ll think of you.

Use this to remind yourself and others of something special in relation to your mom or dad, such as something they loved or did. For example, “Every time I see a firefighter, I’ll think of you,” or, “Every time I see yellow daisies, I’ll think of you.”

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Funeral Wreath Messages for a Partner or Spouse

If you’re looking to write a message for your partner or significant other on a funeral wreath, a casket spray, or even a wreath on the door meaning death, use one of these short messages to communicate your sorrow, love, and loss.

Virtual funeral tip: Even if the family is hosting a virtual funeral with a service like GatheringUs, you can still send them a funeral wreath. Just make sure the funeral invitation doesn't ask for donations in lieu of flowers or gifts. 

9. My love, I miss you more than I can say and look forward to seeing you again.

If you and your partner believe in heaven or an afterlife and you look forward to seeing each other, this message communicates both your sorrow at being separated but your hope for when you will reunite.

10. You may not be here, but you will live forever in my heart, my darling.

Even though someone may not be physically present, your loved one can be remembered and held close forever.

11. This is not goodbye, my dear husband/wife. Until we meet again.

This is a short option for spouses or partners who are religious and believe in heaven or an afterlife.

12. In loving memory of my precious soul mate, best friend, husband/wife.

If you had a marriage where your spouse transcended his or her role as husband or wife and became your best friend and the sole object of your life, use a message like this.

13. You have forever changed my life for the better. Thank you.

Use a message such as this for those whose significant others have tremendously impacted their lives, helped them through a trial or encouraged them to reach a nearly impossible goal.

14. Thank you for bringing love, laughter, and joy to our lives. You will be so missed.

This message is ideal for a spouse writing on behalf of the whole family. Longer messages like this are especially appropriate for ribbons and funeral flower arrangements for things like casket sprays

15. You have left a lasting mark on our lives and we will carry you with us.

If you are writing a message on behalf of the whole family, use one such as this to communicate how each member of the family feels about your significant other.

16. You may be gone but you will never be forgotten my friend, my love.

Even though someone may no longer be with us, his or her memory lives on in our hearts and minds.

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Funeral Wreath Messages for a Friend

Coming up with a message for a friend, a close neighbor, or the death of a coworker can be difficult. If you were particularly close to the person, your message can contain more sentiment than if you were only distant acquaintances.

No matter what you choose, decide on a phrase or saying that conveys your heartfelt sorrow for the loss of this person in your life. 

17. Thank you for bringing light, laughter, and love to our lives.

Remembering how a friend contributed to your life is an important part of the grieving process. By writing a message like this, you’ll also help other people acknowledge the special place your friend had in their lives. This message is especially appropriate if you and two or more people are going in on a wreath together and need a message that reflects everyone’s sentiment.

18. To a wonderful friend and fantastic person: You will be missed.

This is a simple but heartfelt message that recognizes the person’s influence in your life and the hole that person left that cannot be filled by anyone else.

19. Thank you for teaching everyone you knew to embrace life.

If you have a friend that was full of zest and encouraged those around her to live life to the fullest, use a message like this to memorialize how that person impacted you.

20. I cherish every memory we shared together and hold your memory close.

Some friends come into your life and make it better in every way. A message like this is perfect if you and your friend were particularly close and you shared the ups and downs of life together.

21. Time may ease the hurt but nothing will take your memory away from my heart.

Grieving over a close friend who is no longer there to encourage you or talk to you is a difficult process. Time does help heal but it never diminishes the memory of how wonderful that person was and how much you treasured that friendship.

22. You were the best friend anyone could ask for. Thank you for being you.

This message is simple and to the point and is perfect for that special person who knew you so well that you could read each other’s minds.

23. Thank you for being an example of a wonderful friend. 

Are you one of the lucky few to have a friend who never hesitated to drop what he was doing to “be there” for you, help you out, come to your rescue, or simply provide a shoulder to cry on when you needed it? If so, this message is perfect.

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Funeral Wreath Messages for Another Close Family Member

You might find yourself needing to write a message on a wreath for a close family member for yourself or on behalf of your family. No matter how close or distant a relative may have been, there are numerous ways to pay tribute with a loving message on the funeral wreath.

24. To the best [family member title] there is, thank you for investing in my life.

This simple message can be used for any family member who was particularly close to you and had a significant role in your life.

25. You brought sunshine into the lives of everyone who knew you.

Every family has that one person who lights up every room they walk into. Whether this person was your grandparent, aunt, uncle, or even a cousin, this message pays tribute to that sunshiny personality.

26. Forever in our hearts, always in our thoughts.

This message is ideal for those who need something simple and straightforward that works well on behalf of multiple people.

27. You will be loved, remembered, and cherished forever.

Simply state what is true — that the person will never truly leave your memories or your heart.

28. We will treasure each memory, the laughter, and the good times shared.

Use this message for a relative you were particularly close to and shared life with.

29. Friend, adventurer, counselor. [Title of relative].

Use one- or two-word descriptions to share the most important things that made your relative special.

30. [Title of relative], thank you for inspiring all people around you to accomplish their dreams.

Share a short message of thanks for the way they specifically impacted your life and encouraged their family.

Loving Tributes and Messages

Writing a funeral wreath tribute in just a few short words or a few sentences can feel like a daunting task. Just remember that you don’t have to write a speech. Simply communicate how the person makes you feel, what you’re thankful for, and the fact that your loved one will never be forgotten even once gone.

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