21 Short Words of Appreciation & Messages to Share


It’s universally accepted that a thank-you note is a polite gesture. In fact, gratitude overall can be a beautiful thing. We all have people in our lives who have enriched us in some way.

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It’s important to let them know that you appreciate what they have brought into your life. Here, we share some heartfelt messages you can share with a loved one to say, “I appreciate you.”

Words of Appreciation to Send a Friend

Good friends can help us through all kinds of challenging times. They understand us in ways that even our family might not. Let them know how much you appreciate them with a simple message. 

1. “Through the years, you’ve been there for me more than anyone else. I know I can always count on you. Thanks for being there for me.”

If you have a longtime friend, let them know that you appreciate their steadfast presence in your life. 

2. “Even though you and I are so different, there’s something about you that I can always relate with. Thanks for always giving me a new perspective.”

Sometimes friends can help us see things in a new light. Thank them for challenging you. The gift of a new perspective is invaluable. 

3. “When my mom died, I was a mess. Thank you for supporting me during the most difficult time in my life.”

Some friends show up for you when you face challenges. Let them know how much you appreciate their care. 

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Words of Appreciation to Send Family

Our family members are often the people we can reliably count on through all stages of our lives. But it’s easy to take them for granted. Make an effort to show how thankful you are to have them in your life. 

4. “When I was a kid, you always let me explore my interests wherever they went. I think it’s because of you that I’m still an inquisitive and creative person. I appreciate the way you let me have independence.”

If your parents did a great job raising you, thanking them is a real kindness. 

5. “A lot of my friends don’t get along with their siblings. I feel so lucky that my brother is also my best friend. Thanks for being such a great person.”

If your sibling is also your support system, thank them for their unfailing support. 

6. “You’ve always been there for me, Grandma. When I was young, I always knew that I could come to you with my problems. You always had a hug and a plate of homemade cookies for me. Thanks for being my safe space.”

Grandparents are special people. They’re often the people we turn to for care and nurturing in times of need. Let them know how much you appreciate their care. 

Words of Appreciation to Send Teachers

Teachers have an incredibly difficult job. They’re largely responsible for molding the minds of future generations. They may often work for low pay and often in very difficult circumstances.

Many people buy gifts for teachers at the end of the year. But if you can’t afford to do so, a heartfelt message of appreciation is also acceptable.  

7. “My daughter hasn’t always liked going to school. But thanks to you, she was actually excited to come in every day this year. Thank you for igniting a spark in her that made her see learning in a new way.”

A lot of kids don’t like going to school until they find a teacher that really understands them. If a teacher has helped your child, they’ll appreciate hearing that. 

8. “I have struggled with math for my entire life. You’re the first teacher who has really helped me understand the concepts I was struggling with. Thank you for having so much patience with me.”

Sometimes kids don’t like school because they have a hard time learning. A teacher who takes the initiative to help you is worthy of thanks. 

9. “In every English class I’ve ever had, we’ve read the same authors over and over again. I was so excited to see how diverse your reading list is. Thank you for helping us expand our horizons.”

When a teacher goes above and beyond in designing their curriculum, thank them for championing unheard voices. 

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Words of Appreciation to Send Students 

One of the challenges teachers can face is dealing with students who are rebellious or unmotivated. But most teachers do have students who work hard and participate in class. Efforts like this deserve some appreciation.

10. “I really admire the way you engage with your classmates. Thank you for being such a conscientious friend to so many people.”

School can be a hard place for kids that aren’t well-liked. If a student reaches out to those kids, let them know that you see and appreciate their efforts.  

11. “I know you faced a lot of challenges at home this year. I wanted to thank you for continuing to put in a lot of effort at school. You did a really great job this year.”

Every year, a teacher will have to deal with students in crisis. Let them know you appreciate their efforts in the face of adversity. 

12. “I have been really impressed by you in class this year. You have a lot of knowledge and a clear passion for learning. Thank you for being a bright spot in my class.”

Part of what keeps teachers coming back every year is getting to teach kids who are enthusiastic about living. Thank those kids for keeping your love for teaching alive. 

Words of Appreciation for Coworkers, Bosses, or Employees

We spend a third of our lives at work and may spend more time with our coworkers, bosses, or employees than we do with our friends and family members. A good workplace is so beneficial. If the people you work with make work a great place to be, show them some gratitude.  

13. “Thank you for your hard work on this project. You have been invaluable. We all noticed and appreciate your efforts.” 

Showing gratitude is a great way to boost morale in employees. 

14. “Thank you for being so patient with me while I’ve dealt with family issues. I really appreciate your flexibility and compassion.” 

If your boss gives you leeway because of personal issues, be sure to thank them.

15. “I’m so glad we work together. It can be a stressful environment here, but it’s nice to have a co-worker who is also a friend.”

Even if your workplace isn’t always great, there are bound to be some bright spots. Thank them for making the workday a little better.  

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Words of Appreciation for Birthday Wishes

It may seem strange to express appreciation for birthday wishes. After all, the day is all about you, right? But when someone wishes you a happy birthday, it’s nice to return their effort with a message of thanks.

16. “I spent the day offline yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to log in today to a flood of birthday wishes. It’s gratifying that so many people took the time to write a message. Thank you so much!” 

Some social media platforms will send a reminder when it’s a friend’s birthday. If people took the time to write a quick birthday message for you, post a message of thanks. You don’t have to respond to them all individually - one post should cover it.  

17. “You made me feel so special on my birthday. Thank you for picking out such a thoughtful and personal gift.”

It’s common etiquette to write a thank-you note when you receive a gift. Try to make it as personal as the gift you received.

18. “Thank you so much for throwing me a surprise party. I was blown away by having my friends and family show up for me.”

If someone puts in effort for a birthday surprise, be sure to show your appreciation. 

Words of Appreciation for a Partner or Spouse

A spouse or romantic partner is your teammate in life. Their support and care help bolster you as an individual and make your partnership any better. The same is true in reverse. Gratitude is also an important part of the equation. Showing appreciation for your partner can also strengthen your partnership. 

19. “You have been such a rock for me to lean on. Thank you for always supporting me when I needed it.”

When you face struggles, a partner can help hold you up. Let them know you appreciate their support. 

20. “I’m so lucky to have you in my life. I’m happy we get to spend every day on this adventure together.”

Finding the right partner can make your life immeasurably better. Let your partner know that you realize you’re fortunate to have found them. 

21. “You are such a great parent. I love seeing how much you support our kids.”

If you want to have children, you usually choose a partner that you think would be a good parent. If your spouse is an excellent parent, thank them for it. 

Showing Gratitude Through Simple Words of Appreciation

There are many ways to show gratitude. But sometimes the simplest and most direct methods are the best. Saying or writing a heartfelt message of appreciation is a great way to show someone you care.

Ultimately though, the words don’t matter as much as the sincerity of your message. If you speak from the heart, your message of gratitude will be appreciated in turn.  

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