20+ Encouraging Words for a Husband Who's Feeling Down


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We all have bad days from time to time. When we’re feeling down, it helps to hear kind words from those we love the most. If your husband is feeling down, you can help him get out of his funk. 

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Whether your husband lost his job or is experiencing grief, make sure he knows you’re always thinking of him. These messages are perfect for when he needs someone to pick him up from his lows. 

Good days and bad days are a natural part of both life and marriage. It’s how you respond that makes all the difference. Here are 20+ encouraging words for your husband when he’s feeling down, no matter the situation. 

Encouraging Words for a Husband Who’s Sick

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There are few things worse than helping a spouse through sickness. If your husband feels under the weather, let him know you’re there in “sickness and in health.” When paired with encouraging gifts, he’ll feel his best in no time. 

1. “Love is stronger than any virus or bacteria!”

This get well soon message is as romantic as it is funny. It’s true that love conquers all, so let him know your love for him will survive anything—even a little bit of sickness!

2. “I hope you feel better soon. I’ll be here every step of the way.”

Helping the ones we love to feel better is one of the many ways to show support in a marriage. Have tissues and tea on standby to help him rest and recover. By being there for all the hard moments of sickness, you truly devote yourself to your husband. 

3. “You being unwell makes me feel down too. We’ll get through this together.” 

When you’re sick, it’s easy to feel isolated and alone. Let your husband know that you’ll work through this sickness together, as a team. 

4. “Hugs and kisses are the best medicine!”

Soothe away his aches and pains with affection. The doctor might have said an apple a day keeps sickness away, but we think affection has a similar effect. 

5. “You’re the strongest person I know. You’ll feel better in no time!”

Remind your husband of his strength in his time of need. If he’s feeling down, let him know that he’s always overcome every challenge. This will be no exception. 

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Encouraging Words for a Husband Who Lost Their Job

Losing a job can be an unexpected blow to one’s confidence. Not only does this raise financial challenges, but it also can put a strain on your marriage if you’re not careful. Keep your loved one in high spirits with these encouraging words. 

6. “What can I do to help?”

Losing a job is often devastating. Your partner might actually experience some grief, especially if this was unexpected. Offer to help, whether you help with his resume or cook his favorite meal. 

7. “You’re so strong. I will always believe in you.” 

When you lose your job, it’s also damaging to one’s ego. If this is a career he’s built for years, he might feel really down about his prospects. Remind your husband that you still believe in him and what the future has in store. 

8. “I know how much effort you put into this job. I’m so sorry.” 

It’s important that you make sure your husband feels heard. This is an isolating experience, even if you’ve both gone through a job loss before. Instead of giving advice, allow him the time he needs to mourn. 

9. “I’m always here for you. Do you want to talk about it?”

As his partner, you’re always there to be a shoulder to cry on. While your husband might need time to process his feelings, he also might want someone to just listen to how he feels. 

10. “We’re going to get through this.”

Understandably, the most common worry is how you’ll get by financially after losing your job. Let your husband know that you’re going to get through this together. He’s not alone, and it’s going to be okay. 

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Encouraging Words for a Husband After a Death

Encouraging words for a husband after a death

If your husband experienced a death in his family or personal circle, let him know you’re sorry for this loss. Grief takes many forms. Be patient with him as he comes to terms with these feelings on his own.

Whether you want to help a spouse who lost their father or a beloved pet, these encouraging words are the best fit. 

11. “I wish I had the right words. Just know I’m here for you.”

Sometimes there are no right words. In times like these, it’s okay to say that you’re not sure the right thing to say. You can still be there for him when he needs it most. 

12. “What do you need me to do?”

Your husband likely has a lot on his plate. He might be planning a funeral, making final arrangements, or any other number of tasks. Offer to handle some of these for him so he can focus on his grief. 

13. “When you’re ready to talk, I’d love to hear more about X.” 

After a loss, it often feels like the deceased person is gone forever. Talking about their memories brings their legacy to life, and it can help with ongoing grief. 

14. “I can’t understand how you feel, but I’m with you.” 

Many people mistakenly assume all grief is the same. No matter who you’ve lost in the past, avoid comparing your pain to your husband’s feelings. Instead, remind him that you’re always going to be there. 

15. Say nothing.

Lastly, it’s okay to say nothing at all. Just be there with him and do what he needs to help him through this dark time. 

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Encouraging Words for a Husband During Other Hard Times

Finally, some hard times don’t follow any particular rhyme or reason. They strike when we least expect them, and you just need the right thinking of you messages. These encouraging words are best for all occasions. 

16. “I’m so proud of you.”

While it’s likely true, you probably don’t say it enough. People love to hear positive affirmations. Even if they know it’s true, they still like to hear it.

17. “I’m here to listen.” 

Listening is a key part of effective communication in any marriage. If your husband has something on his mind that’s bothering him, offer to be that listening ear he needs. Learn how to listen without giving advice or interrupting. 

18. “I appreciate everything you do.” 

Let your husband know that you recognize him and all of his hard work. You appreciate his effort to be there for you and your family. You need him in your life, and you aren’t afraid to admit it. It’s often hard to speak about these feelings candidly, but they can do wonders for how he feels. 

19. “Don’t forget to take care of yourself first.” 

If your husband is the type to put everyone else first, make sure he takes the time to prioritize himself. Help him find things he can do to relax, and treat him to some special time for himself. 

20. “Sometimes you have to go through the bad days to find the good.”

Bad days often feel like they go on forever. Remind him that these times are temporary. He’s survived 100% of life’s challenges up until now, and he’ll survive this too. Brighter days are closer than he thinks. 

Be There for Your Husband

Your husband is your life partner. As you said in your vows, you’ll be there for the good and the bad. Whether he’s feeling under the weather, just lost his job, or life’s got him down, you can still be there for him in a number of ways. 

While grand gestures are always romantic, they aren’t always practical. These encouraging words above are perfect for reminding him daily that you’re always on his side. You don’t have to do anything crazy to show him you care. In fact, these small steps are what really counts. 

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