25+ Sympathy Messages for a Jehovah’s Witness


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Jehovah’s Witnesses have a slightly different belief system than what you might be used to. Understanding their views on life and death can be especially helpful should you wish to send condolences to someone who recently experienced the loss of a loved one.

Gifts and Cards to Pair with Your Message

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As with any culture or belief system, understanding how Jehovah’s Witnesses approach loss and death will provide you with guidance for sending messages or sympathy gifts. Keep reading for helpful tips and information before you put your pen to paper and write a card.

What to Consider Before You Send a Sympathy Message to a Jehovah’s Witness

If you attend a Jehovah’s Witness funeral, you might notice that it’s different than you’re used to. Those attending might appear more stoic and less moved by the loss of their loved one than other funerals you’ve attended. This is because Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that there will be an ultimate resurrection one day, during which they and their loved ones will be reunited.

Given this belief, their views on death and sorrow are somewhat tamer than many other people’s. But just because they believe in a future resurrection doesn’t mean they aren’t experiencing the pain of loss after a loved one passes away.

Sending or sharing sympathy messages is a perfectly acceptable thing to do whether you’re in-person or sending a card to a friend or loved one. 

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Sympathy Messages for a Jehovah’s Witness Who Lost a Parent

Losing a parent can be especially difficult if the parent and adult child were close. Here are several messages you can offer.

1. Everyone in the office looked up to your dad. We’ll all miss his encouraging words and attitude.

Are you speaking on behalf of coworkers or the entire workplace? Share a message that everyone can get behind.

2. I’m so sorry for your loss. Your mom was a wonderful woman who will be greatly missed.

Saying sorry for your loss is perfectly acceptable since they are experiencing the loss of a loved one in this life. Just keep in mind that they may respond with hope citing their beliefs in a future resurrection.

3. Your mom taught me so much as my business mentor all of these years. She was a force to be reckoned with and will be so missed.

Did the person’s parent mentor you or teach you something special? Mention this part of their legacy in your message.

4. Your father was one of the kindest men I’ve ever known. I’m so sorry I’ll no longer get to see him each weekend at church.

Not sure what to write or say? Consider sharing an attribute that you’ll remember the person by. 

5. Your mom was a wonderful person. I’m so glad I got to know her.

Sometimes a simple message such as this is plenty to communicate your understanding of their loss.

Sympathy Messages for a Jehovah’s Witness Who Lost a Grandparent

Grandparents are often the glue that holds a family together. Consider crafting a message like these to communicate your sorrow over the loss of someone’s grandparent.

6. Your grandma made the best pineapple upside-down cake. I can still taste the one she brought over when we just moved into town.

Did you have a special interaction with your friend’s grandmother or grandfather? Mention that in a card you send their way.

7. I’m so sorry to hear of your grandfather’s passing. He was a wonderful member of our bingo club and everyone loved him.

Mentioning specific ways you knew the grandparent can help bring a smile to their loved one’s face.

8. I never got to meet your grandfather, but he must have been a wonderful man to have a granddaughter like you.

If you didn’t know the grandparent, you can talk about what you did know about them through your relationship with their grandchild.

9. I’m so sorry for the loss of your grandmother. She will be remembered fondly by all of us at the gardening club.

Though Jehovah’s Witnesses tend to cut ties with the deceased, it’s okay to say that their loved one will be remembered by those who knew her.

10. Please accept our deepest condolences. From all of us at Hagen and Hagen Law Offices.

If you need something simple and short to send to a client or employee from the office, use a message like this.

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Sympathy Messages for a Jehovah’s Witness Who Lost a Sibling

Even if you didn’t know the sibling who passed away, you can send condolences to the person who is grieving.

11. I’m so sorry to hear of your sister’s passing. Please know I’m here for you.

Send a message letting the person know they’re not alone.

12. Your brother was a wonderful teacher. My son admired him greatly and learned a lot.

If you knew the sibling because they were your child’s teacher, include that in your message.

13. I’m glad I got to know your sister during our first year at university. She was such a joy to get to know.

Sharing how you knew the person can help a grieving loved one feel less alone in their pain.

14. Kaylin, please know how sorry I am to hear about your loss. Sending hugs your way.

A short message like this communicates sympathy and sorrow over a person’s loss.

Sympathy Messages for a Jehovah’s Witness Who Lost a Child

The loss of a child is an incredibly difficult thing to experience. Help your friend or loved one know they’re not alone by sharing a sympathy message.

15. Bob and Cindy, Brittany was such a bright light! Her radiant smile and natural enthusiasm were a joy to experience. I’m so thankful we got to know her.

If you knew the child, consider including a few things that made them special to you such as a defining aspect of their personality.

16. To the Jones family, Kayla was a wonderful student and a joy to have in class. She will be deeply missed by myself and all of her classmates.

Send a message like this if you were the child’s teacher and had them in class.

17. Dottie, your daughter loved you and her siblings so much. When she came into children’s church, she always talked about the fun you all had during the week. She was a wonderful little girl.

Do you remember something special about the person’s child? Share that with them.

18. Melinda, my family and I are so sorry to hear about your daughter’s passing. She fought such a good fight and was always so courageous in her battle against cancer.

If the child passed away after battling a terminal illness, consider a message like this that honors their fighting personality.

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Sympathy Messages for a Jehovah’s Witness Who Lost a Spouse or Partner

Share a message like one of these to communicate your sorrow over the loss of someone’s spouse or partner.

19. Jenny, I’m so sorry to hear of Bob’s passing. He was an inspiration to all of us at Woodford HIgh, and we’ll miss his cheerful greeting each morning in the staff room. 

Send a message like this in a sympathy card to share how you knew the person who passed away.

20. Dave, Kathy was a wonderful woman, and I’m so glad I got to know her teaching the children during children’s church time. She was an inspiration to me.

Cite specific instances where you interacted with the person who passed away to make your sympathy message more personal.

21. Doug, I know Carol was a strong believer, and she’d want you to remember that you’ll see each other again. Hold onto that hope.

Only use a message like this if the recipient and their spouse were dedicated Jehovah’s Witnesses and this would bring them comfort.

22. Paul, all of us at The Little Clinic want to express our deepest sympathy for your loss. Lynda was a wonderful person.

Use a message like this when you need to send a card from the whole office.

Sympathy Messages for a Jehovah’s Witness Who Lost a Friend

It’s okay to send a sympathy message even if you don’t know the person that passed away. Use these messages to gather inspiration when sharing your own.

23. I’m so sorry to hear about Lily’s passing. I know she was a wonderful friend to you and did a lot of good in this world.

Feel free to reference the person’s good qualities and contributions they made to the world.

24. Diana, our family is here for you if you need anything at all during this time. We love you.

If you’re close with the person who lost a friend, use a sympathy message to tell them that they have support available.

25. Paul, Gary always spoke very highly of you. Though I never met you, I was always glad my son had you as a friend.

Did you lose a child and you’re also looking to comfort someone who was their friend? Use a message like this.

26. John, you were a great friend to Donny. Thank you for demonstrating what it looked like to be a good friend to someone in need.

Use a message like this to point out attributes about the friendship that inspired you.

Sharing a Message of Sympathy

Though the beliefs of Jehovah’s Witnesses might be different from what you’re used to, it doesn’t have to stop you from sending a heartfelt message of sympathy. They may hold onto the ultimate hope of seeing their loved ones again, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t feel the loss. Simply write from the heart, and your message will be received with gratitude and appreciation.

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