Editorial process

We share death with every living thing on Earth. At Cake, we believe in embracing the end of our lives just as we embrace the beginning.

Our library provides many tools, guides, and resources to help our readers tackle the complex tasks, emotions, and experiences that can cause fear and anxiety about death. 

Our Mission

We strive to make conversations about death comfortable, approachable, and — above all else — normal. 

We don’t treat death as a taboo subject. Within our library, you’ll find resources that address nearly any question you might have. 

The principles that guide us in this mission include: 

  • Creating a safe place to explore our mortality (and that of our loved ones)
  • Providing practical and useful resources that help us make sense of death in the context of our everyday lives
  • Honoring the unique ways that people around the world observe death and dying
  • Fostering a sense of comfort around the topic of death and end-of-life planning

Our Contributors and Editorial Team

We know it’s important to answer sensitive questions with accurate, useful information. That’s why we work with subject matter experts in all areas we cover. 

Our team includes professionals with years in the legal, financial, and healthcare fields and a wealth of knowledge regarding death and end-of-life planning.  

In addition to working professionals, our team of writers and editors includes those passionate about improving the end-of-life process for everyone. 

Our experienced editorial team works hard to make complicated information and emotional topics comfortable, comprehensive, and easy to understand.

Content Review

We only publish 100% accurate and applicable content. 

Whenever we create an article containing sensitive legal, financial, or health-related information, our experts thoroughly review the article before publishing. 


Our team takes the time to perform in-depth research on any subject we cover. We prioritize primary sources such as government websites, academic journals, and professional organizations. 

Content Updates

The world of end-of-life care and planning constantly changes. We regularly comb through our database to make sure we provide the most relevant, up-to-date information possible. 

This includes rewriting pieces when necessary, adding new content, and removing any nonapplicable content. 

We also pay attention to feedback from our readers and strive to answer any questions we may have left unaddressed. 

Celebrating Every Stage of Life

Unfortunately, the stigma and taboo of death continue to keep people from discussing it. At Cake, we want to normalize talking about death. 

We can achieve that goal if we work together to plan for the inevitable, open up about complex emotions, and support each other through end-of-life processes.