Give employees peace of mind and build loyalty

Cake helps employees prepare for the future.

Everyone should receive care that aligns with their values.

Advance care planning is the only way to ensure this happens.
Yet, fewer than 1 in 4 have put their preferences in writing.

Cake helps employees navigate important end-of-life decisions.



Discover and share advance care preferences.

Legal and financial

Legal & Financial

Ensure assets, documents, and other affairs are in order.



Communicate funeral, burial, and memorial preferences.



Honor and remember life in unique and personalized ways.

Engage and understand your employees

Our employee-facing portal can be customized to help your company:

Bolster employee loyalty and focus

Show you care about the long-term well-being of your employees and their families. Improve employee performance by reducing anxiety around end-of-life planning.

Boost current benefit utilization

Our customizable platform prompts can lend context to the value of often underutilized benefits like employee assistance programs (EAPs) and legal services.

Understand what your employees want

Population-level data reporting on employee healthcare preferences can inform decisions on future benefit offerings.

Cake can improve how employees perceive your organization.

"I love that [my employer] is so forward-thinking."

Cake User
pie chart

2/5 of users felt more positively about their employer when offered Cake. (The rest were neutral).

Why Cake?

private and secure
Private & secure

We are HIPAA compliant and protect all data with bank-level encryption.


Tailor content and user flows to meet the needs of your organization.

population data
Population Data

Gain insight into patient preparedness and preferences.

easy implementation
Easy Implementation

Intuitive onboarding process involves minimal training.


More guidance with Cake Concierge

Cake Concierge lets patients book a phone call with an end-of-life planning expert for additional guidance. These sessions can be staffed by your organization, or with our existing team of certified clinical social workers. Insights from each session are stored directly in a user's Cake profile.

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