Your frequently asked questions

Is this site for me?

Yes. Whether you are 21 or 51 or 101, the fact remains the same; none of us will live forever. Although this can be really tough to think about, it is not something that we can change, so we might as well prepare for it, and use it to motivate ourselves to live our lives as best as we can!
We want each and every one of us to have control about how we live our lives, from beginning to end (and even beyond). Make sure you let your loved ones know what you would want while gifting them them with the resources you want to be remembered by.
Even if you only take 5 minutes to complete some Cake cards, that is far better than your loved ones having no guidance at all. Every little bit counts.

I don't want to think about death. Why should I sign up for this?

Thinking about death is actually just a way to think about life, which is not something that goes on and on forever. We believe you can use this constraint on life- - the finite nature of it all - -as a motivating factor to do what you want now. In your limited time here, what do you want to accomplish or experience? What are some ways to make sure that your loved ones have great lives even after you’re gone? Whether that means financial support or simply providing them ways to remember you by, it is something that you actually do have some control over. Thinking about death doesn't have to be so hard. You know yourself. You know what you want. Unburden your loved ones by letting them know too.

How did you come up with the cards?

The Cake team has spent hundreds of hours consulting with experts in a variety of fields, from palliative care physicians to wealth managers to estate attorneys to funeral planners. We have synthesized our research and curated the initial set of Cake cards especially for you. We have many more Cake cards that we will release on a regular basis.

I find death unpleasant and/or scary. Why should I sign up for this?

The only way to make death easier to accept is to prepare for it. None of us can control when or how it will happen, but we do have some control over how we want to live, we can have a say in shaping our lasting legacy, and we do have the power to make sure that our loved ones are not burdened with making difficult decisions on our behalf.

I don't care what happens after I die. I'll be dead. Why should I sign up for this?

Even if you truly don’t care what happens, this is something that is very important to communicate to the people you care about so that they are unburdened from the stress of wondering about the decisions they are making for you. “I don’t care” is a valid choice--just make sure your loved ones know!

Can I change my preferences?

Of course, you can change what you want at any time. Your wishes are something that will evolve as your life evolves. It’s not too early to get started, and nothing is set in stone.

I already have a will. What does Cake offer that a will does not?

Even if you already have a will and/or living will, there are so many aspects of end of life planning that fall through the cracks that a will does not address. How do you want to be remembered? What food would you want served at your funeral? Cake helps you think through the personal, human preferences that traditional end of life planning neglects. Additionally, medical preferences are very difficult to think through. Cake helps uncover your values so you can be clearer on your preferences, and so that your loved ones can be clear on them too.
In more formal terms, Cake can serve as your Letter of Information.
It is far easier for your loved ones to be able to access your Cake profile online as opposed to finding or keep track of a piece of paper. It is also far simpler to update.

How is this better than just writing something down in a notebook?

It is great if you have your end of life wishes written down somewhere! However, you will have to tell your family where that precious notebook is located, and frankly, it is safer and easier to store it securely in the cloud here, where they can easily access it from their phone, tablet, or computer, wherever they may live. Also, you may not know where to start--Cake gives you easy prompts that can help you formulate your preferences and uncover your values.
Furthermore, we hope that we provide inspiration with numerous extraordinary ways to celebrate and memorialize life, while making it easy to store the ideas that you like. You don’t have to carry your precious Life Notebook around--as long as you have internet access, you can access your Cake profile.

Is my profile private?

Your profile and answers are completely private to you and only you by default. We of course recommend that you share your profile with at least one (and ideally a few more) people in your life.
Additionally, if you share one of your responses to Facebook, that post will be visible according to your Facebook privacy settings.

Is my profile secure?

The Cake team takes your security very seriously. We have bank-level security and data encryption.

Does this cost money?

The Cake app is completely free to use.
If you would like to speak to a Cake expert 1-on-1, please book an appointment here. Click here for more information on consultation pricing.

Will you add more Cake cards?

We will add more cards every week.

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