Create a free online tribute for your loved one in just a few minutes.

  • Post their obituary online
  • Share funeral information with friends and family
  • Collect memories, tributes, and condolences
Create a free online tribute
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After a loss, you're not alone

Create community with an online tribute

Custom dashboard

Online obituary

Tell your loved one's story. Share their obituary to help preserve their legacy.

Secure, GDPR & HIPAA compliant

Memorial event details

Keep friends and family in the loop by sharing funeral event details on your memorial page.


Funeral fundraisers

Easily direct your community to fundraising pages to help pay for funeral costs.

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Condolences and tributes

Friends and family can easily share memories, condolences, and tributes.

Ease of use

Charity donations

Encourage donations to charities that were important to your loved one.

Metric tracking

Easy sharing

Easily share a link to the online memorial website so others can participate and stay up-to-date.