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Feel close to
your departed.

Transform their ashes into beautiful solidified remains you can hold and share with the whole family.

Order solidified remains

What are solidified remains?

Recieve 100% of the remains as 40-60 "stones" and give your family a healing sense of connection.

Each collection of stones has its own color and texture that's as unique as your loved one.

Order solidified remains

It’s more sentimental to have an object than it is to have ashes. In the stone form, it’s an easier way to carry somebody with you without so much weight and stigma.

Trevor Bahnson

How it works

  1. Step 1 - Collection Kit

    We send you a collection kit to get your ashes shipped safely to our lab in Sante Fe, New Mexico.

  2. Step 2 - Purification

    We remove foreign contaminants like staples, screws, and implants from the cremated remains.

  3. Step 3 - Forming

    The ash is turned into a clay-like material, a small amount of binder is added, and the solids are formed.

  4. Step 4 - Solidification

    The solids are heated in a kiln giving the solidified remains their hardness and permanence.

  5. Step 5 - Return Home

    Finished solidified remains are cleaned, polished, and returned home ready to be shared with family and friends.