What People Say About Cake

Those who love us plan for our beginning. Those we love need a plan for our ending. CAKE turns something painful and scary into something meaningful and life giving. It's inviting, thought provoking, easy to use, and real. Thanks, CAKE. You're brilliant!

April Koontz MSW, Chief Operating Officer, Silver Compassion

This is ideal for a person like me, to help me plan ahead for something that no one is actually talking about. I lost my best friend at a young age... it was tough. I want to have it all set, to have it all set up so that my friends can know what I want.

Charlie, 55, Massachusetts

While I'm hopeful that my death is many years away, I know that it isn't something I can predict. When I think about the end of my life, I automatically find myself drawn to the present as well, thinking about how I want to live now, how I want to make my days matter, and what values I want to guide my time on earth. I think that reflection on my own life and death, as well as sharing my preferences with loved ones and talking to them about their own desires, is one of the most important things I can do--for myself and for those I love. It can feel scary and overwhelming, but death is perhaps the most universal thing about being human, and by having the courage to talk about it now, hopefully my loved ones and I can not only die well, but live more fully in the days and years we are given.

Kristen, 20s, Illinois

This is a wonderful idea to help people with a subject they don't often talk about. It's great to talk to someone about this and have concrete suggestions on things I can do. I feel like I am moving forward.

Madeline, 61, Massachusetts

I would want this for my parents.

Justin Sanders, MD, Palliative Care Physician, Massachusetts

I found it extremely helpful to figure out what to think about to help my children. When the time comes, I don't want to leave them with a mess.

Jean, 60s, Ohio