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"This app will help you sort through your views on dying."

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Self-discovery made easy

Cake Cards are an easy way to discover your values and preferences. As you go through them, we build out your Cake profile for you.

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"Create an online handbook of posthumous preferences and wishes for loved ones, doctors, and lawyers to carry out."


Your life, secured, in one place

All of your preferences, people, and documents securely in one place. Your Cake profile is a guide for you and your loved ones to refer to anytime, anywhere.

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"I decided that my proxy shouldn't scrub my online presence, because I like the idea of my great-great-great grandchildren flipping through my old Facebook photos or checking out my most-played Spotify songs."

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Your personal expert

Cake Concierge connects you to your own end-of-life planning expert and a network of resources. Your Concierge will guide and support you throughout your planning journey.

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"Want to create a will and do some end-of-life planning? There’s an app for that."

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"The [Cake] platform asks users a series of questions to help them determine their preferences. Their answers are used to populate their Cake profile, to which they can add notes and instructions to family members or friends."

The New York Times

Why Cake?

Cake is a symbol for celebrating life moments and milestones, and that's what end-of-life planning is all about:
helping you and your loved ones know is not morbid at all. It's a gift to the people you care about.